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  1. You have now @ 2:00. This is not one of Mr. Blacks best instruction videos, but if you enter James Black on the search bar within Tiger Junior's YouTube channel there are 3 additional videos- they all look the same as they were recorded on the same day- which are top shelf material. Mr. Black also has a 38 minute clinic on a different YouTube channel which is very good also if you feel like searching.
  2. James Black, an old time pro, likes to say- "golf is a stretching exercise."
  3. A posture just a little more upright might encourage seeking more right tilt.
  4. When around borrows from down compression is found.
  5. Leaving early and arriving late is no way to treat a blind date.
  6. Yes, try to keep them all under but balls today are range rocks so the difficulty is there, but so is the benefit. You may find that the task's requirements will seep into all aspects: how you stand, where weight is and where it turns to, how you grip, everything, all at once. Don't question if what you believe needs to be done to address the task is not found in the latest issue of Golf Tips magazine, just do it. Feel free to kick the string up to around 30 inches above the ground. Then sense the differences between your posted swings, and what you sensed trying to compl
  7. Lane is correct about the back move, all reasonable options are open because impact and beyond intention dynamics will affect everything else, and can even work its way back into finding a new grip. If you ever get tired of performing in front of machines and radars trying to straighten out a crooked game, or just need a sanity break do this. Take 2 alignment sticks and attach a 24" sting between them. Stick them into the ground about 5 feet in front of you toward the target. When finished the 24" wide string is also 24" above the ground. Hit your irons full
  8. Looks like a solid product and although I have no need for one at the moment how you have interacted and followed up within this thread is impressive and I'm confident those qualities are found in Max Swing Speed. I will suggest it to friends.
  9. /thread for me. One cannot do what they cannot do but what others can do, and are successful with it, should not be confused with something one shouldn't do if that's their natural motion. It's a wide open playing field. Jay Hebert tipped the teapot backward and had a successful career without resorting to army golf or theory, just like the OverHand video attempted to show. It wasn't the best video- had some off the ball crap while maintaining flexion- but Hebert used the same manner shallowing to win 10 pieces of silver with a major to boot.
  10. Someone totally new isn't going to flush anything. And those type hypotheticals do actually happen on a lesson tee.
  11. That makes absolutely makes no sense to me. I said someone totally new, meaning never picked up a club before, and if they naturally leaned toward Trevino characteristics, or was totally uncoordinated, it would not be difficult to teach Trevino's motion to them and it would not affect their back one iota, and it's as natural as any other motion, it's just motion. Your stuck on swings, and intra moves, having to fit into some sort of box to be recognized as good- not a good place for players to be.
  12. Another wide brush. "EVERY SINGLE PERSON"? Really? Not even close. If someone totally new came for lessons and said my dad wants me to learn Trevino's swing it would be a piece of cake whether or not there were some natural tendencies already present, or limited athletic coordination, and would have nothing to do with their back. Where do you guys get these unfounded ideas. Trevino didn't have many shots in the bag...lol
  13. Just participating in the discussion as best I can so perhaps ignoring is not a bad idea for you since I have no idea why you think trolling is involved.
  14. It's not theory, it's not a disaster, it's not army golf, as I said before it's one of many valid ways to shallow, agreed a little unknown, but good pros should know this and work with it, not against it. If a person is not good enough to manage it, fine, find something else, the menu is open. Good enough for 10 wins and a major. https://www.secretgolf.com/videos/vintage-vault/matches/1995-rhubarb-tournament/1995-rhubarb-tournament--hole-5-cypress-creek-at-champions-gc-
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