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  1. Just to add, as much as I love this hybrid it feels like a lot of work to play. Any side hill, downhill, or questionable lie I don’t like hitter with it. Great tee club and I use it a lot off the tee but only once every few rounds any other time. To your point it really only is a secondary tee club.
  2. I use my hybrid a lot off the tee. Depending on the course it’s some combination of driver, hybrid and 3 iron. Course I play the most it’s about 6 drivers, 6 hybrids, 2 3 irons.
  3. I am looking to replace my 3wood in my bag and I'm lost on what to put in. As you can see with my current configuration I don't need the latest or greatest but am open to anything. I hit the ball on the longish side, and have realized in the last 15ish rounds I've used my 3 wood only 3 times all on recovery 2nd shots on par 5s. I don't have a problem with my 3wood, it'st another club that I have and love. A callaway hybrid x2 hot pro 16 degree that I hit a mile with a ATX75H-3.0-x shaft , I carry it 245-250 but with little or no spin it runs out just as far as my 3 wood (275ish). I hit thi
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