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  1. Bunch of stuff to clean out. Prices include shipping from Montreal Canada. P760 4 to PW. 1/2 inch short, 1 degree flat. Black KBS $ taper 120 stiff shafts. CP2 midsize grips. Heads are in excellent shape, no issues other than some normal and limited use. $850 Callaway Apex CF19 with Elevate Stiff shafts. 5-PW. 5 iron has a random shaft on it after elevate broke. Heads are again in great shape. No issues other than the shaft on the 5 iron. SOLD. Ventus Blue 6s. New decade grip LH TM tip. Plays 45’. Has 10 swings on it. $280 shipped Ventus Blue 7s. No grip. Callaway fairway tip. Plays 43’. Never used. SOLD GD AD DI 6s. New decade grip LH TM tip. Plays 45’. Half a season use, in excellent shape. SOLD PM for more pics and open to offers on the iron sets. Less wiggle room on the Ventus shafts, but willing to listen.
  2. Looking for Apex Pro 21 irons. Ideally 4-GW with a 115 gram stiff shaft but open to anything. Shipping to canada.
  3. @MattM97 what's the head weight on the miura? I'm in montreal.
  4. 2 Velocores for sale. 1) Ventus Blue 7s. Callaway fairway adapter (from epic flash). Never swung. Tipped 0.5'. 3 wood length. $210 2) Ventus Blue HB 8s. Never swung. Tipped 0.5, prepped for 3 hybrid, but never got around to using it. $170 Prices do not include shipping .
  5. mookio

    Champions Choice

    Ok nice. Thats probably a good idea. That's why I originally asked cause I wasn't sure what other sites to look at other than GT
  6. mookio

    Champions Choice

    Ok nice. Was going to ask the rep at my course too. Do all the golftowns get or only certain ones?
  7. Anyone know where/if they'll be available in Canada?
  8. A little mid season cleanup... 1) Epic Flash sub zero 5 wood with Aldila Tour Green shaft (70g stiff). Shaft has been tipped ~1 and there is glue loose in it so there is a rattling. Not broken, but grip will need to be removed to empty it out. Plays ~43' and is in great shape. No headcover. $SOLD 2) Ventus Blue 6s Velocore. LH TM adapter and new decade grip. 10 swings on it. Plays 45' in sim 2 max. Sticking with my DI. $SOLD 3) Gapr mid 4 iron. Plays 39.25'. No headcover. $120 Prices do not include shipping.
  9. Ya that's interesting too. I've definitely thought about it. I believe they're booked for months right now but I might look into it.
  10. I absolutely 100% agree with you. But for me, I find that a smaller head makes me a better striker. Couldnt tell you why. But I think I end up with better results. I think alot of it has to do with a thinner sole too. I wasn't able to hit t100, but I hit P7MC, X forged and ZX7. All felt awesome, I hit P7MC the best, but I know it's not really an option, especially in the longer clubs. ZX7 were the longest and pretty low spin, so would think about weakening them a degree (they're a degree stronger than X forged and 2 degrees stronger than P7MC). I dont think you can go wrong with any of the clubs, but I definitely realized I dont want hollow body clubs. Very valid point, but I would say that, at least for me, feel is less important in the longer clubs. No hybrid or utility is gonna feel as good as the shorter irons anyways, so it was just a though, but I see what you're saying and you're probably right. I think 5-PW in a cavity and then. utility or a hybrid in the 4 slot is what ill end up doing.
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