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  1. Hi guys. As title states looking for a couple things. 1) 13.5 degree 3 wood - prefer head only. Not totally sure what I want just looking to see whats out there. 2) Wedge set. 50-54/55-58/60. 10-12 bounce on all 3. Prefer raw, but not a deal breaker. Ideally SM8 or Zipcore, but open to anything. Shipping to Canada. Thanks.
  2. 1) Epic Flash 5 wood. Graphite design AD DJ 7s shaft. Plays 42.25 inches. Will not separate unless there is a buyer for both. (it's currently being built up, will be ready monday) $275. 2) Epic forged 6 iron. Comes with KBS $taper 120 stiff shaft with midsize golf pride z grip. $60 Prices do not include shipping and are OBO. Shoot me a message with any questions.
  3. I was gonna ask about the 1.75inch tipping
  4. I think I'll end up doing the same. loved the feel of both shafts and I think a little more launch and spin with the SZ head will be good
  5. How do you like the combo? I'm going blue in driver, and deciding between heavier blue or red in epic flash SZ fairway
  6. mookio

    LH Tei3

    Putting out a feeler... anything available? Shipped to Canada
  7. Facebook marketplace (I’m in Montreal Canada) asked $450cad and unfortunately seems like someone bought it
  8. Ok definitely see it looks a little different next to the real deal. Thanks again
  9. What sticks out for you that says fake?
  10. Beauty. I dont buy anything before checking with the experts!! Appreciate it
  11. I know nothing about fake head covers, so just want to make sure. If it's legit, how much is it worth?
  12. I tell him to tone it down all the time lol
  13. Few shafts for sale. Both Ventus' have LH TM tips, I have a RH Callaway and RH TM adapter that I can include with either for free. Just let me know. Ventus 5s red with Velocore, plays 45’, new decade grip, brand new - SOLD Ventus 5s blue with Velocore plays 45’, new decade grip, brand new - SOLD AD DJ, plays 42.25 inches, tipped a half inch - $SOLD Arccos 3rd gen sensors (7 club sensors + putter sensor) - $SOLD Prices are OBO and do not include shipping. PM me with any questions!
  14. Oh absolutely. But he's got stiff shafts in his current wedges, so I guess what I'm asking is what flex is wedge flex?
  15. A buddy of mine picked up the Kirkland wedges from Costco, and then realized the specs might not be great for him. I was curious if anyone with high swing speed has used or tried them? He's around 120 with driver. He thinks with the wedge flex shaft, they might be a little too whippy and not worth it despite the price tag. Anyone have experience?
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