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  1. Oh, and if it's any help, here's a DTL video. Slightly different swing from about a week ago. Either 6i or 7i, can't remember. Clearly way, way too long of a swing, but I can't self-diagnose much beyond that.
  2. I couldn't post the link in the OP, but here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHadl8qAMbw.
  3. I've played for almost a couple years and my after sitting around 30 for far too long, this year I've dropped my handicap into the teens. I was seeing a local pro for lessons but I found them to be hit and miss and while he worked out a few major issues, I felt that the quality of the lessons decreased. I've always been a fan of @MonteScheinblum and bought the Efficient Swing about a year ago. After having a total short game meltdown recently which the local pro couldn't really help, I bought Use the Bounce 2.0 and have been working on the techniques from that which is slowly improving my shor
  4. It used to be guitars and guitar gear, but after buying a new set of Mavrik Pro irons, golf is starting to come close (and possibly become number 1).
  5. Not quite that extreme, but I'll often have 10-stroke differences between rounds from day to day. My iron game tends to stay consistently mediocre but my tee shots and short game will come and go, and whether it's there or not will often lead to extreme variation in scoring!
  6. Nice! +10 going into 18 is a very good sign too. Tidy up a couple things and avoid a huge weather event on 18 again and the 70s won't be far away at all.
  7. Reddit.com/r/golf isn't too bad. A lot of memes. Otherwise, Instagram. A lot of great golf content on there, particularly Channing Benjamin Photography.
  8. Currently an 18 hdcp, dropped from around 32 at the start of the year. I've played for almost two years and would love to get closer to single figures by this time next year. Hopefully this site can be conducive to that goal! Would love to get some swing tips. Thanks!
  9. In the summer, I use my 60* for the majority of shots around the green. It has 7 degrees of bounce but it's a lot easier to control on the greens and my one is pretty old so it doesn't spin too much, which I almost find helpful. In the winter when the turf gets a lot muddier I'll use my 56* which has 16 degrees of bounce. Doesn't get caught up in the mud as much, plus since the greens are slower I don't need as much stop. I'll occasionally use a 52* for longer chips or pitches with more run. And then every once in a while I'll pull PW or 9i if I have a lot of green to work with, but since I ne
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