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  1. I’ll never sell my mp5’s , MP15’s or my Hogan Apex plus. I’ll still blow the dust off my MP15’s and MP5’s once or twice a year.
  2. Ive always liked the KBS colors. The brushed finish on the ctapers and the matte black with the red on the X flex TD wood shafts look nice.
  3. I’ve played the HMB mizuno, New Level NLU and the Titleist. The New Level won out with ease, easiest to launch , easiest to flight, easiest to hit both ways and the most forgiving. Not to mention it’s also the cheapest of the three.
  4. Set of Tigers Nike blades would be my dream. I could never hit the things but they’d look nice hanging on a wall.
  5. Mizuno HMB 2 iron 16* Project X 6.0 shaft Used for one range session and couldn’t beat out my new level 2 iron. Plays standard length / loft / lie Asking $160 shipped Scotty Cameron 2021 Club Cameron Kit everything but the cash bag Asking SOLD I’d consider a trade towards a .370 tipped KBS Prototype hybrid shaft in x flex (95 or 110g).
  6. Thats really pretty. I had a JAT in college but I stupidly sold it when i was clearing out some Cameron inventory.
  7. I pulled my 3 iron in favor of a new level 2 iron and it’s helped my game. I hit the 2 iron on any par 4 between 400-430 to leave me a really comfortable wedge yardage in.
  8. My driver distance average this year is 327 per my app.. my M3 HL 4 wood set at 15* is 295 average.
  9. I’ll be looking for a Newport. Wish I had an idea as to what they’ll retail for
  10. I play as a single often and I rarely share my life story. I’m there to play golf not make 3 new friends and figure out the life details of someone I’m never going to see again. I do have a friend that’s like you and freaks out every time we get a random in our group. Which is stupid. If you really want to assure yourself you play with your group only, pay for the 4th spot. Course won’t care either way.
  11. Compass golf. I have 3 from him… does amazing work.
  12. It’s anchoring, no way about it. Instead of being anchored to the chest it’s to the forearm.
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