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  1. If I’m playing in a tournament I’ll only take my dh89 or my tiger rep. Otherwise if I’m just playing for fun I take whichever of the 6 I want to look at for the day.
  2. Phabs

    Putter fitting

    Knowing the face angle is correct to prevent skid. Lie is correct for my hand position and that as long as my tempo stays the same on every putt I have a better chance at making them. Those were the big take always for me
  3. Double bogey should be max score if your handicaps above a 25. Watching guys chop lettuce to the tune of double digit scores is mind numbing hole after hole. Guys that complain after every single shot no matter the result are the worst breed of golfer outside of the 6 am tee time alcoholic. If you’re playing balls so expensive you feel the need to search for 30 minutes every time you spray one out into the junk, you should consider a cheaper option.
  4. If you can’t anchor then they should be banned. Bracing a club against your forearm is assistance..
  5. Yep. Sold a Velocore on there and got shafted... literally. No more eBay for me, I’ll buy on there but no more selling.
  6. Would prefer standard length/loft/lie with ctaper 120’s.
  7. This ones a family heirloom... no idea what it’s worth. Probably nothing but it doesn’t matter. Sent it back to Ping to be refinished and cleaned up
  8. Thanks for the insight. Good to know I can shift the weight on the front to the full draw setting and neutralize it.
  9. Awesome info... thanks. My miss is typically an over draw so who knows, it may work out. I just hope I can turn it over right to left on a normal swing.
  10. I’ve seen a few issues with the sim track cracking out I’ll have to keep an eye on it. I hover around scratch handicap and I’ll take the sim to a monitor once I get it and try to get it dialed in. I picked up a sim head for 270 and had a sim2 head available for around a hundred bucks more. Figured the sim was worth a shot. I was a fan of the moveable weights on the M3 and used them often for testing which scared me a little on the sim2 head.
  11. Coming from an M3 that I loved and played for years I’ve decided it’s probably time to upgrade. Just looking for peoples thoughts who’ve owned both. My only concern with the original sim is the fade bias that seems to exist for some with that head. I play a draw 90% of my tee shots.
  12. If anyone’s interested I have a gym red/ black/white sport lite and a gym red/white and black air sport bag that I’m ready to possibly sell.
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