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  1. Pretty sure it’s similar to the puttview projection system from what little I’ve read. Seems like a shady start up
  2. Market dictates the price... it was up for sale for 2 months.
  3. I sold one with a little more wear for 160 about two months ago.
  4. How’s the stability? Apparently decent if you’ve had your lowest avg 3 putts...
  5. This will be making into my rotation as the #2 behind my DH89. Nothing but good things to say about the attention to detail on it.
  6. Price drop. Just ordered my new one so this one needs to go. Won’t be going any lower on price unless you want the head only. I paid a whole lot more than what I’m asking.
  7. Looks like I’ll be ordering a bladed head from him with in the next month. I’m really impressed with his putter.
  8. Unfortunately I’ve got my eye on something and this one lost the Tiger style putter showdown. Will include the black alligator head cover. 500 shipped... will sell head only for slightly less if someone prefers their own shaft. Specs are as follows: German Stainless Steel head 350g head 71* lie 3* loft UST Frequency filtered shaft 34” length Iomic absolute x grip
  9. I’d post to the adjustment sheet from my 919 tours that would make your skin crawl. Even if they’re brand new, do yourself a favor and have them double checked by a competent club builder. I walked in to pick my clubs up and my guy asked if I pieced the set together one by one off eBay the specs were so far off. Do your due diligence, no one to blame but yourself if you don’t.
  10. After rolling roughly 200 putts last night I can say without a doubt it’s as nice of a feeling head as any other. Roll is pure and feed back is spot on. I’m scared to put a stability shaft in it for fear of changing the feel
  11. I’ve apparently developed a underlying sight dot addiction. I had them out for cleaning and noticed my problem.
  12. Just received mine and I’m headed to the indoor practice facility to roll a few. Putters fit and finish is a 10/10. Milling marks on the head are super uniform throughout, weld esthetics are great. I’m hands on in a manufacturing plant that produces stainless and aluminum welded parts for high end race cars on a daily basis and the weld is uniform as they come. Putter is a bargain for what he charges. I’ll be buying the bladed head soon to accompany this one once another covid stim check hits . If you’re on the fence about ordering from compass don’t be... he produces a qual
  13. Believe I got the light fly milling option in stainless.
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