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  1. Look's legit to me. I'm guessing ebay? If the seller is established the chances of buying a fake are pretty low...
  2. I've been playing the XS for this whole season after 15 years with a prov1. XS feels better off putters / wedges on chips. I can hit nipper chips easier with the XS with less force versus the prov1. The only gripe I have is the cover durability on the XS , one full hard gap wedge or sand wedge and the covers fish gilled. I have overspun a few shots as well with the XS which i don't mind as long as it's not on a 7 iron. Typically from 3i-7i it's a one hop and stop and from 8i-pw it will back up about 3-5 feet. I just have to be careful with how much I pinch my wedges so i
  3. Phabs

    Scotty 009m

    Looks like they tried to dup the Byron tuna milling
  4. Brother putted with my DH89 and had to have one so I scored this one tonight on eBay. I’ll stick a stability shaft in it and let him have it. Unless I really like it then I may end up keeping it for myself....haha
  5. I sold mine after a love hate affair. I took my old mizuno's out and shot my lowest round of the year so that was the nail in the coffin for the cobras. I'm hunting a set of mizuno 919 tours now.
  6. I was eyeing these as well. Congrats on the score. I like Olson’s work..
  7. Phabs

    Putter Shafts

    If you want to add swing weight, buy the standard stability. If you want the same swing weight as steel, buy the tour. I have 3 standards in heads that I wanted a little more weight and one tour in the putter that felt balanced with a steel shaft to me.
  8. My current girlfriend. In the process of finding another dh89
  9. Probably true on most players not noticing. It only took me one session on the putting green with a putter I’ve rolled about 18 years of putts with and I was pulling the shaft. I noticed it immediately on long putts where you have to really put a hard stoke on it.
  10. Phabs

    Putter Shafts

    I’ve played the stability, lagolf l, kbs ct tour and the ust frequency filtered. The lagolf is overpriced for what it is. It’s the most traditional looking as far as shape. I can’t justify dropping 400 dollars on a putter shaft that didn’t outperform the 160 dollar stability. The kbs is the best cheap option. 40 bucks on eBay in whatever finish you like. I’m anxious to see what kbs does with their knockoff of the stability which is due out soon I believe. I have the standard ct tour putter shaft in my Newport 2.6. The stability is what I chose. I have 4 of
  11. Looking to pick up another DH89 preferably around 350-360g head weight. I’m going to reshaft so length doesn’t matter. Would prefer a naked head or sight dot with standard tuna milling.
  12. I played 4 years in college and that humbled me real quick. I played the #2 on the team and hovered around +1 to scratch depending on the day. I played with kids that were lights out all the time in tournaments, you think you're game is good until you see someone go out and stroll through a 63 like it's nothing while your grinding out a high 60 low 70 round. I play with 3 ex-college baseball players 2-3 times a month whom are my best friends. All great athletes but have baseball swings to a t with a golf club. I enjoy helping them and seeing them progress when we practice to
  13. If you choose to reshaft try the .355 taper tip KBS putter shaft in matte steel , it would look really nice in that head. Color would match up almost perfectly unless you're on the colored shaft kick and want their white/green/black options. I have the KBS in my newport 2.6 and I like it.
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