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  1. Sad to hear this. Glad I had the opportunity to build a putter with him. Rest In Peace…
  2. Million and one ways to hack it around a course.
  3. Too bad he was still pretty loose with the driver today. Wonder how much it costs him to put the Sim2 back in the bag…
  4. I’ve got about 200 balls off my coppers and 4 rounds and they’re still pristine
  5. The putter I played 8 years of competitive golf with that’s been retired The putter that kicked it out is amazing. Currently putting the best I ever have..
  6. I have two of them and they’re awesome.
  7. Wedges are awesome that’s all I can speak to.
  8. I’ve gone to KBS graphite and doubt I’ll never go back to steel.
  9. Love em. Haven’t always gotten alone with Mizuno wedges but these are awesome
  10. T22 Mizunos in sand and gap Full face rtx cleveland in the lob
  11. Had the heads coated and dropped them off to have them built to my specs and assembled.
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