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  1. Spin increases everywhere with the shaft change…
  2. Headweight is 400??? Jesus that’s a sledgehammer. Think my M3 is 198
  3. I’ll ask the same question… how’s the putter well? Smoosh the headcover a bunch or does it fit decently? I like the green seeing it outside a catalog or website.
  4. More than likely the bounce working better for you.. able to compress the ball rather than bounce and slide. 15 yards is a ton.
  5. Sounds like you’re throughly overthinking it.
  6. Play a full face zipcore 58 and mizuno coppers in my 54/50.
  7. Just ordered my second set of 7.0 blackout 8 iron rifles for my mizunos. I’ve played a set with this shaft set up for two years in my old set of wedges that I retired this year but am keeping as backups.
  8. Year four on my M3. Still blows by everything I hit in a sim.
  9. Hzrdus yellows are 500 dollar shafts? Damn. I took a loss at about 50 bucks for mine…
  10. Hzrdus yellow or RDX would be my recommendations. Both can be had super cheap as experiments
  11. The weights in the wall thickness and diameter of the shaft…. I’ve installed three of the 105’s and probably 10-15 of the 135’s. Mostly in plumbers necks and short slant hosel cups. They all swing weighted between D5 and D6… I don’t think the 30 grams makes a ton of difference to be honest with how LAGP distributed the weight full length.
  12. Either blast them or rust them… I wouldn’t want to look down at that glare.
  13. Believe Tigers is 326g headweight. I’m sure headweight is personal to every pro, just like swing weight on irons. Speiths is a 350g if I remember right and I think Rory’s was high 340’s as well. All based off feel, you can putt with a heavy head on fast greens, no one says you can’t or it doesn’t work.
  14. They work perfectly fine in all head weights.
  15. I’m pretty sold on the tan color way. Maybe I’ll buy one and return it
  16. Shot 6 under my last round this year using 11 year old irons..Age doesn’t matter.
  17. Last I heard they do not.
  18. The ones you vacuum often… never had a grooving problem as long as you keep them broomed or vacuumed
  19. Welcome to putter fitting info…pretty eye opening for most.
  20. I’m a 45* toe hang guy. I did have a studio stainless Newport 2 in college and it was ok, didn’t last long. Being a blade putter there’s not a ton of forgiveness, not really a high moi head shape or weight at only 352 grams in the Artisan. The artisan feels better than any Cameron I’ve ever rolled including the super rat gss insert I just sold.
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