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  1. SM8 56 14F (S400 Shaft) Asking $90 shipped OBO Still plenty of life left
  2. SM8 56 14F (S400 Shaft) Asking $100 shipped OBO Still plenty of life left Phantom X5 (with SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0) Asking $350 shipped OBO I paid 430 after taxes a few months ago. I can also include counterweights for the grip 25g / 50g
  3. Seeking sleeves or perhaps a box
  4. Ventus Blue 7S Driver (Shaft or Head/Shaft)
  5. I purchased the Nikon Stabilized Pro II and am returning it because the image shakes. Is that a known problem? Is the Stablized I better for that issue?
  6. Project X 6.0 7 4-PW (7-pieces) w/ Black/White MCC Grips (USED) - $110 OBO DG S400 Tour Issue Black Onyx Wedge Shaft (NEW) - $old
  7. I've recently been testing various SM8 wedges (bounce, grind, finishes etc). I hear a lot about the benefits of raw wedges (I.e., more spin, and longer lifespan) but I recently noticed something in my comparison and I was hoping to get advice / thoughts. I recently borrowed a raw wedge (52 08F) from a friend and loved it (even though I'm a steep-swinging player who prefers the look of the Chrome). So when I purchased my own, I bought a 50 12F (higher bounce) in Chrome... AND the feel completely changed on me... I felt like I was hitting a rock, not nearly as soft as the raw wedge finish. Am I crazy to think that Raw wedges are softer off the face especially for full swings? Thanks in advance for the help / guidance
  8. I'm super curious to try the 14* and see if i can open the face at all
  9. I actually tried the 60L and hated it - i am more concerned that i just purchased a 54 10S and should have considered the 12D or 14F
  10. Do the high bounce grinds prevent you from hitting big divots? Because I don't mind the size of the divot, I just am looking for better contact / control / spin.
  11. Hey guys - hoping to get some advice / help. I'm a 2-handicap & steep swinger with a lot of lag / little release (tend to take very large divots especially with my wedges). My goal for picking a grind / bounce does not center around sand play (as I'm pretty confident from the bunker). I would like to have the versatility to hit 3/4 - full shots for SW and LW while being able to open the face for chips and flops around the greens. I've been reading everywhere that "bounce is your friend" and have been debating the S, M, and D grind for SW and LW. Appreciate any help / guidance you guys are willing to give
  12. TaylorMade P760 Irons (4-PW) Project X 6.5 X-Stiff *Great Condition* Standard Length, 1* upright Brand new 360 grips Asking $650 Shipped OBO **TRADES ACCEPTED** 3 SM8 Vokeys (52, 56, 60) Wedge Flex $SOLD Standard length, standard lie Asking $Sold 2 Raw (52 / 08F, 60 / 04L) 1 Black (56 / 08M) - more pics upon request pin 9/26
  13. What about JPX 919 Tour vs Z785? I currently play the 919 tour and love the thin top line / blade like feel. Is this club way way closer to the launch characteristics of the 919 forged?
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