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  1. Beautiful. Went from AP2s to Srixon ZX7s and I'm secure but damn do these look tempting
  2. Can proudly say a set of US Kids Golf 6-7 year old selections
  3. I would think of your time at the PGA Store as more of a demo session than a fitting. You're not likely to get detailed look into a bunch of shafts and whatnot. There's a high chance a store employee will just grab various 7 irons off the rack with stock stiff shafts and have you swing away. There's nothing necessarily wrong with demoing different OEMs but if you want an actual fitting, I suggest searching for fitters in your area. Maybe find one or two OEMs that you liked from your PGA Store session and then bring that knowledge to get fitted
  4. Srixon ZX5s are extremely forgiving with a forged feel
  5. Where is it $324? Saw it for $460 today on Amazon
  6. Don't know if its that unpopular (I don't have my finger on the pulse of opinions) but I think handicap is the worst metric for a fitting. I've seen so many players with a pure swing score ridiculously high for various reasons, and I've also seen players who hit 100 yard ground rockets and get lucky enough on the greens to score a lot better than their swing indicates. It irks me when someone gets a fitting and their handicap is the first question. It should rarely matter
  7. TSi3 hands down the best driver I've ever played. Aesthetically I love the face and shape, I love the classic sounds (hate the carbon fiber 2 by 4 sound). I've cut my spin rate to about 2100 and consistently get massive roll outs. Low launch and spin monster
  8. There are no sound issues though? Hit the ball solid and you wont hear a weird sound. It's as simple as that
  9. These automatically stink because they don't make them for lefties. I'll stick with the Vokey's for now
  10. For the gap and sand I use 50.08 and 54.10 SM8s in the F and S grind respectively. The lob is a 60 degree PM Grind that I exclusively use for flops or to rip the ball back. Do you suggest still testing out the 46* Vokey or not even worth my time? I wouldn't be opposed to flipping it if it's just not the right fit in my bag
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