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  1. Is it a problem that the clubhead is not visible all the time when Shooting vertical? I saw most guys submit vertical footage
  2. Just so you guys know. When i take a normal speed video with my tablet or Phone, i cannot slow it down by scrubbing since the motion blur is so dominant that you hardly see the hands. It only works in 240fps. I just wanted to make sure i do it correctly
  3. Thanks I thought it is difficult to evaluate wrist conditions and stuff like that?
  4. Do I have to upload a 240fps slow motion video or real time 30fps when booking an online lesson?
  5. Thanks a lot! Helped a ton. The total weight includes the adapter, correct? 208+62shaft +50grip All in gramm ,ofc
  6. Do you think the adjustable weights are included in this measurement? Seems a bit light. Maybe somebody here has the club and can measure it?
  7. Hi How much does the cobra f 7 (2017) driver weigh in total? I do not find that piece of information on the Internet. Grip and shaft are around 110g but what about the crown ? I know that 16g changeable weights come with it.
  8. foam balls are great since they show sidespin and clearly tell you hook or slice. They ,ofc, do not really show trajectory ,though. Valuable information for a beginner. That said, you need to see them fly for some time :). Like liquid said ,it would be better if you could hit those balls in the backyard, park or area of your house where you see their limited ballflight, so that you can deduct some information. Better than spending copious amounts on rangeballs.
  9. we have had 108 degree regularly over the past years in Europe and I also think you should not play sports if it is that hot. Used to do it in my teens but noe I feel like I am walking against a wall
  10. Hi Can a swingyde be used for such purposes? I wondered if you can come down steep and still keep it touching the forearm?
  11. my major riddle is this: the left arm closes the face and steepens the club. Right arm shallows the club and opens the face. I cannot omit the steepening part of the left arm,if I want to reach impact with the clubface at least a bit "not open".
  12. when I consciously bow the wrist the whole time in the DS the steepness becomes better. I am a bit afraid that this costs me clubhead speed considerably. Leading with the right elbow does not help me,either. Although it should shallow the shaft.
  13. a push slice. Not shank. Laws dictate push slice means in to out path and open clubface. I do not bash my strategically placed headcover across the range, which is irrenconcilable with an out to in path. I thought this is OTT: Hands outside of wher they were in BS.?
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