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  1. Thank you very much. That actually makes perfect sense to me. I’ve been looking at all of the staff guys that use the method blade style putters. For the most part it looks like all the tour players were rolling this milled blade with the black insert like mine has. Thank you again
  2. I was hoping someone there could help me identify this Nike putter that I picked up at a used golf club shop in my home town of Memphis. I know the Nike line well and am also familiar with the method putter line and that some of the “prototypes” came out of what was the Oven (Nike factory). This particular Nike method putter that I am attaching pics of looks like none of the putter I can find on line. Mainly the bottom of the putter and the Origin graphic is like no other Nike origin putter that I’ve seen. Do you guys know what this is ? Was it a prototype or something made off of a tour van p
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