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  1. +4 should be in the ballpark depending on shaft balance point and grip of course
  2. I recently got my a** kicked by a guy playing noodles
  3. Must have been holding it upside down. I know I always quadruple check the settings on Surefit hosels I have had over the years.
  4. Too lazy to look but I vaguely recall someone saying 8g stock but a variety of options available
  5. GBBM

    Softer golf balls

    Softer balls are usually slightly slower off the driver but they also tend to spin less which often negates the loss of ball speed. Golfers also tend to find they pick up yardage with their irons with the softer balls. I agree there is something confidence inspiring about a softer feeling ball. The only real big advantage of the firmest balls are the highest levels of spin around the green and with partial wedge shots and if you don’t need that then there’s not much reason to play them.
  6. One quiggle in this is that smaller traditional shaped heads tend to be more open by design because they’re targeted at better players, and also have shorter gravity angles that will reduce dynamic loft and face closure during the impact sequence when compared to deep CG 460 cc drivers. But yet I think it’s easier to consistently square a smaller headed club. The look just suits my eye and swing. And I think moving so much mass away from the shaft axis like we see in modern drivers looks good in a computer model or a robot test, but can actually make it more difficult to “feel” the c
  7. https://local.theonion.com/old-man-remembers-when-things-cost-roughly-the-same-as-1845358781?utm_source=TheOnion_Daily_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2020-10-13
  8. GPS seems unlikely due to being able to have the ability to communicate with satellites or whatever. I’d think maybe a small RFID that can be picked up within 20-30 feet by a smartphone or a stand alone device might allow the same ball performance with tracking ability. https://thefutureofthings.com/3221-hitachi-develops-worlds-smallest-rfid-chip/
  9. Will probably snag a bunch of the prior Gen this winter unless there’s something new and wonderful with these
  10. Have Modus 125S in mine and couldn’t be happier. Shaft just works for me but I’m more in the 85-87 range with 6-7i. Pure butter and perfect ball flight. Anything I’ve played these shafts in have been last straight they just hold their line, playing partners even comment on it
  11. Same here. Having it teed way up makes me want to flip at it which invites all kinds of disasters.
  12. I think I remember the Epon 380 and 420 getting a lot of love many years ago. Yonex 380. I’ll throw out one that was a great head that’s long been forgotten: the Kamui Pro KPX. If you really want that muted type sound you can always pick out any head you really like and have it foamed.
  13. I am up in the middle of the night on the commode because I ate a pile of hot wings for supper last night, and here I am.
  14. Take any 3 wood out there and rotate the face a little closed. Put a good swing on it. Voila.
  15. I agree the TS4 def just looked round with a flat face. Not the pear shape I would expect especially having been playing sub JDM drivers for years.
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