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  1. Maybe they actually got BETTER
  2. Driver is .5* open face. 45.25” D3 SW. Elite grip. Absolute bomber. This head was and still is way ahead of its time by using a multi material titanium face forging to maximize COR across the face. It’s deep and compact and low spinning and feels very solid. New this stick was around $1500. Asking $275 shipped USPS priority. There’s some good info on the Epon US site from Jeff Sheets about the tech in this driver. Hybrid has KBS Crazy steel hybrid shaft. Wonderful crisp feel from a forged titanium cup face. Strong launching. This is more of a compact iron type hybrid for the better player. Close to $500 new. $150 shipped USPS priority. Both clubs are in excellent shape. The driver does have a bit of paint fill missing from the bottom which can easily be rectified.
  3. Hollow irons just feel worse on all misses imo. I have a 500U in the bag now, but played a U45 with a SF i95S for ages. Completely different impact feel on good strikes…both good in their own way, but both feel/sound absolutely horrific when missed. I’ve hit most of the big name DI releases over the last handful of years and find them all to have that trait in common. But the U45 is pure butter when flushed…can’t imagine the U85 is wildly different on feel so it makes me wonder if it’s this particular head or maybe you’re striking it a little bit toe side and not realizing it because you’re still get good results.
  4. The other day I found a nitro ultimate distance in the rough on 12 and pocketed it to put in my “hit into the field” collection. 13 is a 196y par three. I teed up my TP5x and toed a 5 iron into the right green side bunker. Distressed, I reached into my pocket, fished out the nitro, and tried again. Flushed it and it sailed the green. As such, my ball search continues.
  5. I normally like your posts but this is just ridiculous. It’s been well laid out why this type of club works great for some.
  6. The Japanese market has relatively late model 380-440cc driver heads. Everything from simple forged titanium glued hosel models to high tech/multi material/adjustable/moveable weight models. Many can be found used at fair prices on yahoo Japan. I have an S Yard t.388 9.5 shafted with a Fubuki 3 wood shaft playing at 43.75” at D2 and it’s a great fairway finder for my narrow parkland course with thousands of trees. The difference for me with the mini drivers (I had great luck with the OO) versus a shortened 460cc driver is being able to tee the ball lower and still hit the middle of the face. With most 460cc drivers the ball needs to be teed higher which seems to subconsciously change the way I swing.
  7. Still regret selling my 11.5 with the hulk shaft
  8. Club Champion has a ton of overhead that has to be passed along to the consumer. They aren’t targeting golfers looking for the best prices, they’re targeting golfers looking for a mountain of fitting options. They’re also usually situated in fairly dense urban areas where they may be the only logical fitting center for residents. My experiences with the Chicagoland CCs haven’t been great but I get why they cost more than Will who operates a small shop and sells to people on the internet.
  9. GBBM


    To North Butte’s point about hindsight, all the balls that I played when I had Kyoei forged blades felt the best to me and I unfairly judge all the new ones against that standard.
  10. I hit the original SIM a fair amount and liked it. Felt great. Played a friends SIM2 Max the other day for a full 18 because my drivers were in my bag up north. I actually hit it well all day but it felt meh and sounded like hollow plastic to me.
  11. The legendary Epon 302 irons have this type of leading edge relief. It’s also available through Mizuno Yoro Craft.
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