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  1. Gotta save something for next release or a premium CNCPT release
  2. How does this compare to your JDM drivers?
  3. I browsed the first several pages and bounced around the thread looking and finally gave up. Can someone please post a photo of the PW at address?
  4. Miura PP9003 Straight Neck. Chip Usher is blowing them out for like half price. Best deal in golf.
  5. Miura Passing Point 9003 SN on blowout from Chip Usher. 45* PW 50* AW. Pure feel good spin easy to hit, best deal in golf right now.
  6. It’s always entertaining when someone on WRX comes to the realization that the role of big golf companies is basically to concoct ever more ludicrous marketing stories around ever more tiny incremental/cosmetic improvements to generate revenue and increase market share. And that no, sorry, a new bag of that equipment isn’t going to magically make you a scratch golfer. I know, it sucks.
  7. I am a steep upright swinger. I have had much better success with irons with leading edge relief regardless of overall sole width particularly from 7i-down to wedges. In my full swing wedge slots I play either the Miura High Bounce wedges or JDM Vokey Forged which have aggressive leading edge relief. Being steep I can struggle with the low point of my swing and in my experience the added bounce provides a substantial improvement on shots hit a bit fat without any penalty for shots hit a bit thin. This effectively widens the bottom point of my swing slightly and also gives me the confi
  8. The pros are completely different athletes than they were 20 years ago. Night and day. Meanwhile most recreational golfers have statistically gotten fatter and less healthy over that same time period.
  9. The Modus 125 iron shafts are like magic for me. So much so that I am curious if using a similar profile in driver could help me tame the big dog. It seems the Modus 125 is a smooth traditional profile. I have a Fubuki Ax in my 3 wood which I also hit very well and I have learned that it’s also a smooth bend profile like a blue board. So I’m going to order a TSI3 soon and want to go with a newer high end shaft that would fall into this category. (I know everyone will tell me to get fit but I’ve wasted tons of time and money with fittings because I don’t swing the s
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