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  1. This is what WRX has gotten to, guy cheesecake shots?
  2. It’s nice to see Christiaan Bezeudinhout playing well. I enjoyed hearing his story after his two So Africa wins last fall.
  3. I wasn’t around in 1944 but I’ve read every book on D-Day and have visited Normandy twice.
  4. I’ve heard it said many times in interviews and articles of younger golfers, all thanking Tiger for making the game what it now is for them. They all should be thanking Arnold Palmer. #thegolflegend
  5. yeah , part of my medical job involves a lot of tech, but still don’t like it. Thx for all above, learned something today. I’m selling my F150 and going to restore my ‘55 Ford pickup!
  6. I’m getting a negative Big Brother vibe here. Not unlike Siri and Alexa invading my privacy. I understand this was a loaner or rental car, so situation is a bit different. But in our personal cars is this happening? I recall nothing revealed in any recent car or truck purchase. No am I aware of any statute requiring this to be present.
  7. I don’t understand the modern discussion of spin, perhaps a result of all the launch monitors? In my learning days spin was something you wanted with your irons to hold firm greens, and something less desired as side spin off a driver. Now there’s low spin woods and balls. From looking at the Ping chart the less spin the better for distance w a driver. Is there a point when spin can be too low, robbing distance? Maybe causing a ball to fly erratically and fall prematurely from the sky? Sorry to be so uninformed here. I’m sure this has been discussed but I can’t recall
  8. I’ve gamed a set of Eye 2’s since the mid to late 80’s. Memory is a little fuzzy. Bought sets for each of my three boys as they came into golf, and they still play them. After a golf hiatus, and making the mistake of reading the equipment threads on this forum, I succumbed to some new shiny metal sirens and bought a set of Apex 19’s. Now I’m not so sure and have been recently cleaning the Eye 2’s....
  9. I guess I would draw the line at plus fours, spats, and tam o’shanters. I mean, too much is too much, right?
  10. That’s pretty good Soloman. I’ll own up to some hypocrisy.
  11. And the arch villain, Mr Personality, goes into the lead. Cmon Tony. Or Rory.
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