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  1. But that pretty much sums up why we’re all here, doesn’t it? That and discussing what the next best blade is for a 13 capper.
  2. The only real issue here, from a Wrx perspective, is whether or not Brooksie will be playing a Srixon driver.
  3. Was at a 1.8 but struggled to play to it at away courses and wanted to get to scratch. Took video golf lessons where they tried to change everything but my grip. Rapidly got worse and began hating golf, and especially the way I sometimes acted (or at least felt like behaving) on the course, and later at home with wife and kids. Couldn’t find my old swing I’d had since starting golf almost 60 yrs ago. So I quit, for 12 years. Now I’m back but with a new, better attitude and enjoying the time outside w my friends.
  4. To be completely clear, several physicians on this and the other threads, including some orthopedists, but no Kroger stockers, have been consistent in saying that his injuries, based on fairly limited real info, were serious enough that his recovery could be longer than the short term others were wishful for. This seems to have been true. None of us, at least any I can remember, ever said he wasn’t coming back. In fact, many of us were hopeful that he does.
  5. Thanks for doing this each week MattyO1984. Well done!
  6. New school! I can’t seem to find my Fortran and Cobol punch cards. Will have to write thesis again.
  7. Ok MattyO, I concede. Day four and we’re still stuck on page two. You win.
  8. Maybe the Tour should refocus that ridiculous PIP money for social media presence into larger purses and keep their fold from straying?
  9. Read his story linked on the first page and celebrate his moment, regardless of the score. I hope he is able to enjoy every second.
  10. Glad to say I’ve never worn a GN shirt, hate his golf course designs, and have a copy of 1996 Masters on VHS (remember those?) when I need even more vicarious satisfaction.
  11. Not currently watching. How was his lie on that second shot. Just asking.
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