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  1. Just now looking at these I sometimes wish our country’s colors had another palate. And the striped formal dinner pants with camo shirt are particularly egregious.
  2. Great. Just like getting on the cover of Sports Illustrated right before the Super Bowl. We’re even more toast.
  3. There is no shirt in the world worth $895, or even half that.
  4. Nope. I’ve been saying it even before the final picks. And now that the Evil Duo are confirmed, it’s even more likely. I may throw my TV out the window before I have to watch Poulter or Garcia dancing on Wisconsin greens. Just about the only acceptable result, to ease the pain of previous years, would be for Poulter to go 0-5 and miss the putt on Sunday to give us the cup.
  5. As a Sooner fan I love it that you posted this pic!
  6. Is anyone else confused which of the 3+ Ryder Cup threads we should be to focusing on? I choose this one since Matty started it and first posted the Euro team picks ( before I could even find them on Google).
  7. All of a sudden Cantlay, often accused of being boring, has become entertaining
  8. Lots of talk about US winning in a walk in several different threads and forums. I’m not so sure. The Europeans manage to bring their A games and putt like fiends every 2 years then drop down between years in the world rankings and finish in the pack at many PGA events (other than Rahm this year). But there’s a lot of firepower and match experience with those already in; Rahm, Hovland, Hatton, McIlroy, Casey, Fleetwood, Westwood, Lowry, and Fitzpatrick. Among those left in the running, Garcia, Poulter, Rose, Stenson, et al, some of those names should strike fear in any US fan regardless of where they’ve finished recently. I wouldn’t be too surprised if those a******* Poulter and Garcia get picked, each go 3-1 and dance all over our greens again.
  9. One of the best tournament courses, or just courses, in the world. Can’t believe Rory is skipping this one.
  10. So you’re saying it’s a guaranteed win?…..
  11. I can see where this is going since GolfWrx is clearly the influencer in any new nicknames.
  12. This is the first post I found commenting on the interaction with the fan while walking off the green. So BC I’m not calling you out, just referencing the incident. I can’t imagine what I would do if I’d repeatedly heard similar chants after a stressful and disappointing finish in front of thousands of fans. Particularly in the context of similar endless ones for many weeks now. And knowing that his main fan group, GolfWrx, was turning on him. My guess is that I, and many others here, would also lash out. Human nature, even if you’re a pro. I’m not a BAD fan, he’s everything I dislike in a golfer, but the real loser here is the game I love and have played almost 60 years. I know it’s a new world and I can’t seem to let go of the old one, but if fans can’t show better respect to the game if not the player then they should go back to last year with none of them.
  13. Furr’s and Luby’s looked packed too.
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