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  1. Maybe a little late but I found these on another thread, for sale at Costco. For the price seemed like worth a chance. Haven’t received them yet. https://www.costco.com/eddie-bauer-men’s-tech-pant.product.100653334.html
  2. I ordered a set of i210’s from DD last week. Was told 12 weeks. Now it’s a race to get these before a new version comes out
  3. PW, 52, 58. Since I walk 95% of the time, and my home track is hilly at 6000’, weight is an issue. I often have 12 or fewer clubs in the bag.
  4. Played my new Ping wedges yesterday. Ground was frozen but sand was soft. Was almost glad to twice go into a bunker to try them out. other present from my four kids was an Apple Watch - sync’d the Hole 19 app and really enjoyed using it. A lot less cumbersome than my rangefinder imho. Love my family!
  5. Two new Ping forged wedges, 52 and 58, from my wife. Woo hoo!
  6. Just stumbled back on this posting, thank you for the replies. Dead on w my experience since then.
  7. Thats a really good question, since I placed my order for 210’s yesterday and don’t expect them until early spring. Looks like this i59 photo is more oriented to BP or iBlade than 210 to me.
  8. I see this post was sent to the Club Tech sub forum which I didn’t even know existed. I’ll have to spend some time looking around here. Thanks for the helpful replies. It’s a good point that my golf muscle memory and strength wasn’t there for club fitting, which was with a Callaway tech at our range. Since then my ball striking has returned quite a bit. My ball position for say a 7 iron is the same as always and now with some practice I’m compressing it as well as always. It’s possible he put me in the Elevate shaft thinking I’m older now and will be playing much less frequently, but when I commented that many of my friends had gone to regular stiffness shafts he said with my swing speed I should definitely be in stiff ones. I don’t recall any specific numbers mentioned, at the time I was mostly attuned to the club head choices. Now with more wrx education maybe I need to pay more attention to some launch monitor data and to shafts. I’m also starting to understand that a Elevate 105 S may in fact be more flexible than a S300 regular. I’ll poke around here a little more but if anyone has the time, can you add some of the pros and cons to using lighter shafts? I plan to compare as best as I can with my Apex and Eye2’s plus the Titleist blades with DG shafts, but doubt it will give too much feel info with the very different heads. Thanks again. Great forum.
  9. After reading hundreds of different club and shaft threads here I’m no clearer on golf shaft options than before. Please help w advice. I’m a 60 y/o golfer, at best a 1.8 and playing for several years around 2.5 - 3. After a 12 year break for unexpected reasons, I’m slowly finding my swing (although short game still seems lost) and hope to get back to single digits. My 7 iron goes around 165-170 and my tempo is prob moderate w a little more than 3/4 backswing. My current iron sets are my original Eye 2’s with stiff DG’s, and I was fitted for a new set of Apex 19’s this fall with Elevate 105’s. With the pings my ball flight is low to moderate. With the Callaways the flight is high, perhaps too high since our greens are large and soft and I often suck balls off the green w backspin. I occ can really balloon a ball not to mention distance dispersion is much wider w the Apex irons. Up until now, the only shaft I think I’ve ever played is DG, including my Titleist blades which now sit in my office corner to admire. I have no idea why the fitter put me in Elevates, we ran out of time to discuss. It may have been based on numbers from the launch monitor, which I’ve never used before or since. The other question I would appreciate some advice on is shaft weight. The True Temper web site recs DG 105 or 120 for me but I have no idea what a light shaft does vs the heavier shafts I think most pros are still using. thx for any help.
  10. 1+. Same story in the bicycling industry, and just about anything done outside.
  11. Just now watched the DJ interview on the green outside after Butler Cabin ceremony. While the BC showing was better than most, often one of the most cringeworthy things in sports, the outdoor interview was genuine and touching. I’m now a big fan of DJ. Always admired his talent, now see he has a heart. Well done!
  12. Plenty of PGA majors, maybe even some Opens and occ US Opens have been at less than challenging locations or conditions. Still majors.
  13. Didn’t see him among those hanging around to congratulate DJ after the 18th.
  14. So far only two “Sir Nicks”. Should be a drinking game.
  15. Just a riveting interview w DJ right now on Live at the Masters. Riveting.
  16. Nantz calls Faldo, Sir Nick. He’s even got it embroidered on his golf bag. Really? It’s Georgia, not the UK.
  17. Just heard Ancer is an OU boy. Suddenly I’m a fan. Boomer Sooner !
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