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  1. Heading to Scottsdale November 18-21 with the wife. Will only get one round in this trip. Two questions: 1. What is your favorite course if you have 1 2. We-Ko-Pa Saguaro is closed October 10-27 for overseeing. What would it be like on November 18? That is likely the one we would choose, but concerned about the greens and wetness. Thanks for any help!
  2. I ordered peronalized Pro V1xs with Loyalty rewarded (Buy 3 get 1 free). The balls came today and they look TERRIBLE. Some of the letters are faded, but around some of the lettering, the etching actually scuffed up the ball or took off some of the white paint. Is anyone else experiencing this? I would like to exchange, but I fear this won't just be a one time issue. Would love to hear others experiences with the 2021 balls being personalized.
  3. We had more fun at Punchbowl at bandon dunes than at preserve, but it was also pretty foggy. Worth the thought though. Glad you had a great trip! I like the idea of riding 8 so my dad doesn’t wear down, but I do like forecaddies
  4. Is that always true at cradle??? That could be a game changer. I may want to do the putting course instead
  5. Were you alone for any of the 54? with sunlight the way it is, it’s impossible to book 54 holes with the 5 hours they require between. Did you just walk on your last tee time and zip around? Trying to do that one day if possible
  6. This is great insight. Would love thoughts on the trip, especially if anything is changed from covid or conditions since i’m going Friday. What was your favorite thing about your 3 days?
  7. Can you not switch OM and Preserve the first day? This looks like a great lineup
  8. Shorty's and Punchbowl Friday Bandon Trails Saturday (Maybe twice), then preserve Old Mac Sunday morning Sheep Ranch Sunday afternoon Bandon Dunes Monday morning Pacific Dunes Monday afternoon Trying to switch Bandon Dunes and Sheep ranch if possible, but Sheep ranch is so slammed right now. Gotta take what you can get.
  9. This is super helpful. Is this true on all courses? I'm curious the distance you normally play? We tend to play around 6700-7000. Again I know it will be a challenge, but the thought of 6100-6200 feels so short. I don't particularly enjoy hitting driver, 56 into 50% of the par 4s and don't know if that's a true links experience vs having irons in. I know into the wind I will have irons in, so I appreciate the thoughts.
  10. Heading to Bandon Dunes on Friday to play all courses. I am curious what tees everyone plays from and why. I am a 1, but the guys I am playing with are 4, 10, and 12. Driving distance ranges from 260-290 in the group. Any suggestions on tees for different courses? I want to be challenged but also want everyone to enjoy (They prefer playing the same tees). I would prefer to play the same tees and know it can be tough from the greens as well, so curious about other experiences. Thanks for any input!
  11. Thanks for the response! We have considered doing 3 or another on property, but I think we decided on 8 from talking with friends. Will certainly consider though. Also, I did not know cradle is unlimited play. That sounds like an amazing 2 rounds with some beverages to wind down the night. Love it! Why do you think MidPines is better than Pine Needles? I'm hearing that more and more which I thought Pine Needles was the King of that resort. Starting to think otherwise (Although I am sure both are great)
  12. You have up to 7 days before now to cancel so that's what is happening. So many people canceling, but it also leaves more availability as you get closer. I agree on booking the cheapest option and then getting on the waitlist (Or calling once a week honestly). I wait 15-20 minutes when I update our reservation which has happened wayyyyyy to many times
  13. All great insight, thank you! I think we will move TR to Wednesday at 10ish then head to pinehurst and play cradle. Thurs can be No. 2 and number 8. More advice is certainly welcome!
  14. I actually love the idea about flipping 8 and Tobacco road @postfold Then we are closer to pinehurst property for the night for dinner anyways. We also can still play the par 3 and check in before that. Thanks for the response.
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