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  1. Arn

    Trouble for El Pato

    Could be more to the story considering Argentina’s recent economic collapse. I have a few friends who fled their home country due to the turmoil it’s caused. Edit: Ok, I read the article, all bets are off. I have no clue, but I loved watching him win the Masters
  2. Arn

    Sony open

    Love seeing 265-280 yard carries at sea level.
  3. As soon as I could hit the ball in the air consistently. Moving the ball around has always been the attraction to the game for me, even to the detriment of my score. It’s what makes it fun and rewarding, if I hit it close without picking the shape beforehand it’s just luck.
  4. Maybe Harris English can be an inspiration for Spieth.
  5. What am I missing about Rahm’s fashion? His clothes are clean, nice colours and fit well enough? Why is everyone riding him?
  6. Having that gorgeous golf swing can’t hurt.
  7. The Voldemort treatment for words is ridiculous.
  8. Justin Leonard desperately trying to stir up some drama... get a life.
  9. What is that strap on JT’s left arm, above the bicep? Looks like a training aid.
  10. Arn

    AK in 2021

    I thought AK got an injury settlement and coming back would effect his payout? Am I dreaming?
  11. I thought they’d done really good staying out of current political trends, but the first few broadcasts from the new set have been super disappointing. I like golf, not social/political crap.
  12. Hopefully they master broadcasting live sports in 2021. Pixelated screens and lag are might embarrassing.
  13. What part of he did it because of injuries do people not understand? You all sound like Brandel Chamblee. Also, his Haney swing was his best swing.
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