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  1. I could talk about my Jays and Vladdy Jr all day long!
  2. Welp, I missed the boat, this is now a baseball thread.
  3. Modern golf = Technology. I’d be in no way surprised if old Tom was more skilled than Bruce or Colin.
  4. Not happening the way he holds the putter. He got his Open on greens that roll what? 10 on the stimpmeter. I still think he’s lost between the ears, not happening at Augusta or the US Open. Circumstance will give his putter a few chances at Opens, don’t see him getting any trophies where the greens are like glass.
  5. Poor is more fitting. Our money doesn’t just look like Monopoly money, it has similar value.
  6. My friend is a wealthy doctor and he fled Argentina, the regime is attacking all wealthy people who don’t bend the knee. No clue what side Cabrera falls on, but Argentina is a failed state.
  7. But why!? I don’t have time to rewatch the X-Files right now.
  8. Is it actually the Open yet? This thread has psyched me out 2 weeks in a row.
  9. Dumb thread. Phil’s a boss. #$&@ the haters.
  10. Because it’s mostly technology driven. No one is swinging that hard at an old small driver head, or an old fashion ball that actually spins.
  11. Arn

    2021 US Open

    Louie got me feeling like a battered wife again...
  12. Arn

    2021 US Open

    Azinger is so terrible.
  13. Arn

    2021 US Open

    Lol, DeChambeau... trying to pick off those guys yelling Bruce.
  14. Arn

    2021 US Open

    Rahmbo is the man, somehow he looked happier to hold his kiddo than he did dropping that clutch bomb.
  15. Arn

    2021 US Open

    All I want is for Oostie to win. Please let this happen.
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