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  1. Lol! Everyone on tour is wrapped in slaver logos like Ralph Lauren and Nike. You think they give a crap? They want the $$$$$$$ no matter where it comes from.
  2. Do you know your distances? I’d buy a range finder and really establish how far each iron goes.
  3. The Ladies last night and the Seniors today are both more interesting/exciting than the Valspar. I’ve also been forced yet again to Google Bradley’s height, some how he isn’t even 6’2”.
  4. I spend 4-6 months a year in Florida at my condo. Florida is flat, deal with it.
  5. Have you ever left Florida or seen mountains? Let me tell you, that’s flat.
  6. You lost me at playing golf. Golfs been outlawed up here in Canada for a while.
  7. Florida golf. Dead flat, clear sunny skies, barely any wind.
  8. These audio difficulties are fantastic! Just golf sounds, no announcers.
  9. I love that Golf Channel is showing this, college events and other amateur events. So good to watch!
  10. We all know where this is going. So who’s starting the, Can Ricky Fowler beat Tony Romo thread????
  11. He’s in enough commercials I’d of assumed he was there even if he wasn’t. I’m sure it’ll be a magical two days for him.
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