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  1. I say the same thing so often I sound like a jerk even to myself...but... I know a lot of people, like you, who started young and scored pretty good, but have swings which are idiosyncratic, which is to say, faulty at their core. They all play “power fades.” My dad played like that. I am not an expert golfer, but I have eyes to see and a mind to register and process what I see. And what I see is a whole lot of people with faulty “pivots” (there really is no actual pivot or rotation around any fixed point) in which they move the left side of their body towards the ba
  2. As suggested above look at one of the videos by AMG on hip movement. Their language is sometimes iffy but the videos of people doing it right speak for themselves. If the right hips does not go back and the body moves towards the ball on the backswing. As to why you cannot get the right hip back, it could be because you set up with it too far back to start with, as suggested here. There’s a theory that hip rotation is really a result of linear motion away from the ball, and if your back end is already as far away far away as it can get, you
  3. As to gapping, when I played a lot before various things happened to me I played clubs with 12 yard gaps from 110 for pw to 194 for 3 iron. I tried what are now called gi clubs and lord knows what would happen. If the shot was 200 yards plus i pulled out a wood. The only time any more distance would really have helped was on really long par 4’s. Not having too much distance tended to keep me from doing stupid things, stupidity being worse than lack of distance by a long shot. I watch a lot of people play and practice. They still mostly turn too shallow, come out of the shot, a
  4. Best driver I ever had was a Taylormade 200 Steel 10.5 with a steel shaft. I could swing with the same controllable swing I used for my irons. Solid contact equaled long drives in the fairways. Current drivers have to be too long to control to get a good feeling swing weight. Adjusting the weight distribution apparently messes with the roll and bulge. Real high MOI means the club is harder to square, so they give you shut faces which screw up your setup.
  5. With the same setup longer clubs play more upright and ball will go left because that is the way the face will point. Thos can lead to swing maladjustments. Choking down is possible by why as another thing to be uncertain and imprecise about.
  6. People can’t hit a 5 iron. Must be all the game improvement stuff has made them harder to hit. Reminds me of the days maybe 25 years ago when my boss used Callaway Heavenwood (7) and Divine Nine (9). At one time I played a Adams Tight Lies with 28 degrees with a shaft that must have been 4 or 5 inches longer than my 5 iron, which at that time was my 150 yards club. Dropped it as my distances increased. If I still played it I would probably never have learned to hit my irons longer, which would be bad since my irons are much more consistent. A club that ca
  7. I have come to believe from recent study of the golf swing that the right hip has to go back (away from the ball) on the backswing, and the left hip back on the downswing. If the right hip does not go back, the body tends to move closer to the ball, and the head follows. Your head makes a decided move down and towards the ball. Your butt never seems to get any further from the ball than at address. On the other hand, you set up with your butt already pretty far from the ball. I humbly suggest you watch this video, which discusses hip turn and setup.
  8. Looks to me that you, like 99% of the people who post videos here, are turning around you right hip as a pivot, so your body swings towards the ball like a gate, instead of pivoting around you sacrum/spine. As a result, your body moves towards the ball in the backswing, then you lift up. See this video: Or this one:
  9. If you didn’t like the prior video that would tell you what to do, look at this one:
  10. You cannot buy clubs better than 845’s. Clubs with less loft, longer shafts, lower cg you can buy. But better? Not.
  11. In an sense it is just supply and demand, except that all prices in an economy in which the money supply is constantly inflated are distorted. Golfers tend to be affluent, and money policy has transferred vast wealth to the already wealthy, so the price of many things from high end cars to Swiss watches to golf clubs to equities have gone up out of proportion to a lot of other things. The entire “tech” thing also appears to me to be something of a scam, so prices are kept high by the many who fall for it. Most people would be just as well off with clubs from circa 2005.
  12. The OP should see this, as should, well, a lot of other people. Seriously, this is a clear video showing how the hips should work. The right hip is not a pivot point (i.e., is not fixed) but it rotates around the sacrum while the left hip rotates around the sacrum in the other direction. It also explains the “moving in two directions at once” aspect of the transition. This is the common set of movements good players go through that allow them the idiosyncrasies of their arm motions, and why Raymond Floyd (laid off) and Tom Watson (across the one) and Nicklaus (steep plane) and H
  13. Since you asked for a reply, I will take the liberty of opining that the ability to swing in front of you depends on your success in getting the body out of your way on the backswing and then the downswing. This in turns depends on moving your right hip back on the downswing and your left hip back on the downswing, while keeping the sacrum centered. See this:
  14. To break 90 should not be your goal, at most it should be a milestone on your way to breaking 80. Doing things poorly you develop bad habits. I’m guessing your 7 has the loft of my 5, say 28 degrees and 38 inches long, which used to a lot of people’s 150 yard club. Most people cannot hit a stronger club effectively, and most will always by worrying about breaking 90. If you are reasonably fit your should be able to learn to hit a 28 degree club, unless somehow all the GI features have ironically made your’s too hard to hit, and should find substitutes for stronger clubs. W
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