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  1. Thanks Alpha - SIM is SOLD and will be shipping in a few hours
  2. Hey fellow lefties - more items to offer. All prices include priority mail shipping in the CONUS. The items speak for them selves, but please ask if you have any questionsSIM, 9*, Very Good Condition, Tensei CK White 70-X, 44.5", like new golf pride tour wrap +1 wrap, with headcover $SOLD2016 M2 head, 9.5*, very good condition considering how long I used it. 196 grams $OLD Vokey SM6 50.12 KBS Tour 120 Shaft. This was the black finish, but I dipped it in vinegar and stripped it to a raw finish. $50 (46 degree is $OLD) Ventus Red 5-A Senior Flex, 46.75" TM Tip shaft $90 $75
  3. Raleigh, NCCallaway MD5Firm turf, soft bunker sandSpin retention over timeI do. I do. Oh, and I'm left handed.
  4. Raleigh, NC0.5SIM Max, 10.5, KuroKage 70SBetter spin optimization, and a 60g shaft I likeWhite 60 Stiff, but open to suggestionsYes, gladly
  5. Has anyone been on business travel, sabbatical, or general time off been able to procure a 1 or 2 month membership at a private club? I am possibly facing this situation, and would like to find a way to play a great course for a (somewhat) affordable cost. Obviously, being temporary, I am not looking for a full membership, but it would be great to have a place to play daily, with some assurance of access which is why I'm thinking private club. Right now my club is not part of a wider network. I'm in the southeast US, and am likely to stay in this area, but curious to hear stories from anywhere
  6. One deal fell through due to international relations. Taking offers through Monday, then these will go off to the Bay. have a great weekend.
  7. At quickly, not sure I really want to let these go, but my current putter is hot.... Prices include priority mail to CONUS, add $50 for Canada Scotty Cameron GOLO 5, 34", red pistol dancing Cameron grip, 2 15 gram weights, head cover, very good condition, soft feel (which means a few minor dents from normal use). $190 Odyssey Stroke Lab 10 w/Triple Track, excellent condition, 34", face balanced, head cover, new SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour grip in matching colors. $205
  8. Headed to the 'bay soon, make me a decent offer.....you never know
  9. My experiment didn’t work out, your gain. great condition Spider X Chalk single bend lefty, 34” with a superstroke Traxion tour pistol grip just installed. Headcover included $250 $225 takes it, shipped priority in the US, and get it by the end of the week if you hustle. might trade for a SIM or SIM Max 9 degree but that’s it.
  10. Clearing out what I'm not using. All prices include priority mail shipping to continental US. Offers considered for bulk purchases. Ready to move these to a new home.... KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype, 85 S, clean pull, 38.5" including 1-1/8" tip prep $125Diamana S+ 60X, TM LH Tip (slight dent), 43.5" $OLDDiamana B 70X flowerband TM RH Tip 44-1/8" $OLD KuroKage Silver Ti-Ni 70 X TM RH Tip 43.5" $60 Fuji Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 7.2 S 43.75" $75
  11. For those of you who have made the switch from an older TM model to the SIM, are you playing the same shaft you had before? I am considering picking up a SIM Max head in the same loft as my old v1 M2 that had really good fitting numbers. Wondeirng how "optimized" this shaft will be in the new SIM. If you switch, and got fitted, was there a big change int he shaft that worked best, or was it all pretty minor?
  12. I think I heard shotgun start mention that one of the original designers had left PXG
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