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  1. Man, those Scratch iron heads look amazing! wish I had seen this sooner! congrats on the quick sale!
  2. Links at Greystone, Walworth, NY First time playing here in 6-7 years, forgot how much I like this track. Coming back here once the leaves start changing this fall.
  3. Pound Ridge Golf Club, Pound Ridge NY Pics are in no particular order...
  4. As a guy formally from Rochester, NY I want this thing so bad. But I can't understand the suit/tie insignia and it just throws me completely off...
  5. Gamble Sands - Brewster WA A gem in the middle of no-where. My guess is they are going to try to make it a Bandon like destination. They are growing in the short course now, and I believe will be starting on the second course next year (depending on how COVID has effected the budget). Spectacular views of the Columbia River Basin and a really fun course to play.
  6. Chambers Bay - Tacoma, WA Pics are from two different rounds, one last year, one this year. The new greens they put in are spectacular and, if they decide to bring it back, will provide for a fantastic US Open.
  7. Yeah, both were fantastic. Mystic is, in my opinion, the tougher track. That said, super' at Shepards must have been in a sh!tty mood the day we played. Every hole except for 17 and 18 were cut within 6 feet of the edge. ?
  8. Currently playing TM Rocketbladez tour. THAAAAAT said... Just got the email today from Hogan that my new PTxPro's are on their way. Really looking forward to getting those in the bag. Also have a set of Fourteen TC770s that just arrived that I am going to use for a Sunday/Short Course Bag.
  9. Great view! This is why I love playing up north in the fall. Nothing like it.
  10. All of LI and Downstate courses mentioned are amazing golf , but the best overall golf experience, IMHO, in NY is the early to mid fall in the northern regions while the leaves change. Courses like Saratoga National, Oak Hill (East is the Championship Course, but the West is nothing to shake a stick at), all of the courses at Turning Stone, Leatherstocking GC, Hiawatha Landing, The Sagamore, and Greystone all come to mind.
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