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  1. OP here thanks for all the comments. I am a 16 handicap so I was somewhat limited in the clubs I could look at, I ended up purchasing a set of slightly used Cleveland UHX irons these I believe will do everything I need. I will also keep the launcher halos. Thanks again everyone fairways and greens.
  2. This summer I bought a set of Cleveland Halo Launcher irons. I was playing in North Carolina off lush fairways and they worked great, very happy for the most part. I am now down in Florida playing on some real tight fairways Launchers aren't working so well. I think I need to pick up a set of irons that will suit me better in these conditions. Any suggestions? appreciate it in advance.
  3. Looking to replace my regular Ping shaft with a upgrade senior shaft Any suggestions?
  4. Heading to Nags Head the middle of August 2 couples want to play at least one day. Anyone play the Links course? If not any surrounding course you have played? Thanks in advance
  5. I have a set of Ping eye 2's red dot 3-LW dynamic gold regular shafts the LW has a different serial number I no longer want to keep around is Ebay the best place to get them sold?
  6. Should have mentioned which shaft it is the Alta CB After thinking about it perhaps the Epic Max head is a little lighter I don't really want to buy another driver if I can get the job done with a shaft change.
  7. I have been gaming the Ping 425 Max driver with the stock regular shaft. I like the looks of the driver but it dosen't seem to have the pop off the tee I have been looking for. Today I tried a Epic Max demo we had in our Pro shop It had a regular Hzardus smoke shaft in it, same loft as my Ping 10.5 but I noticed two things easier to work both ways and a bit more pop off the tee. Wondering if I found a Hzardus regular shaft and put it in the Ping would I get similar results? Thanks in advance
  8. I started wearing presciption sunglasses in my 50's just the lens that I could see well for distance. When I did this I could see the ball landing 200 plus yards out. Now I am in my 70's and I have no trouble seeing the ball land hit from the driver sunglasses or not
  9. I want to change the stock shaft in my 410 Ping 3 wood. I need a regular shaft I have slow swing speed around 90 mph but have a quick transition and my tempo is rather quick, any suggestions?
  10. I love the 7 wood but not so much in the wind. Playing in Florida the winds are 8 to 16 MPH just about everyday ( close to the gulf) I prefer Hybrids there can hit them low and running also can get up when needed. I play in North Carolina in the summer and the wind factor is very low that when the 7 wood comes out and is very effective. Agree 4-7 is a great combo in the right place.
  11. I have hit some of my longest drives and solid iron shots using this method, the drawback has been pull shots and very little fade. I am sure it has to do with the club head not being open enough but not sure. I am a lefty playing right handed do that move feels very powerful to me,
  12. Does any other manufacturer beside Nike make that style of shirt with that style collar? really like it but don't buy Nike stuff.
  13. I have a set of 710's with the distanza shaft. I just put them down to my local golf store to sell I found the shafts too light for me and ruined the feel of the club using a set of F9 Cobras now we will see.
  14. Was on the range today struggling with my irons. I have F9's with a senior recoil shaft. My buddy came over and asked me to hit his irons which are XX10's with regular shaft, wow what a difference I am wondering if there is another iron produced which produces that high ball flight XX10's are kind off hard to find used here and they have a pretty heavy price tag. Your thoughts?
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