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  1. Is there a specific reason to go up with the weight, or is it "tradition" because of shaft weight availability?
  2. If I take the woods as an example - since shafts get shorter, weight goes down if you use the same shaft and trim it. Do you intentionally increase weight to address this? (And how do you fit light-weight iron shafts below 60g into that table )
  3. I am basically trying to get an idea what people found to work best for them. For example, there seems to be a common assumption that wedge shafts can be a bit heavier than the irons. This also seems to be reflected in available products, since there don't seem to be a lot of light-weight shaft options for wedges (other than iron-set shafts). Looking at the flex, many people seem to prefer a softer flex for their wedges (but then some prefer a stiffer flex). Similarly, the shaft options seem to get heavier from driver to fairways to hybrids (even within the same "family" of shafts)
  4. That's understood. My question is, whether people prefer the same swing weight for all clubs in the bag (irrespective of club weight).
  5. Since the search function did not show anything comprehensive (if I missed it, please post a link), I was wondering how your club setup is built in terms of swing weight, club weight and flex. While there seems to be a pattern as to weight- and flex changes, there also seem to be differing opinions? Particularly, do you follow any specific system how to "build up" the set? - Do you have the same swing weight for irons, wedges, hybrids and woods? - Are your shafts getting proportionally heavier from driver - fairway - hybrids - irons - wedges? - Do you in/decrease fle
  6. I'm looking at ultra-light options for moderate swing speed, not only for driver, but also fairway and hybrids. Grand Bassara Beta comes to mind, but there must be some other options as well? Does anyone know more about the Mizuno Platinum MFusion shafts? They seem to be very light. Or can anyone recommend a website with comparisons of the different options in the market?
  7. Did anyone try them yet and can comment on them?
  8. Did anyone try these yet? Look like a T400 version from Mizuno? Any comments on the forgiveness?
  9. Bringing back an old thread. I'm a beginner and have been playing the Cleveland HB Turbo irons for a while for their forgiveness, but recently got to hit the T400 7 iron, which I seemed to hit better than any other club I've tried so far. - Which I find particularly odd, since I usually have difficulties getting the ball up in the air, and would have thought the T400's loft would cause me more trouble than benefit... I'm trying to figure out why I would hit this club better, since I unfortunately can't find a shop here that has a full set to test. Am I mis
  10. I am looking for forged wedges and was thinking of Miura, but then came across Fourteen C036. Has anyone tried these?
  11. How would Seven irons compare to Miura? I understand that they are also “forged”, but then milled from a single block. Can the “feel” of the irons be compared? And in this respect, are their models (eg the CB) more forgiving than Miuras?
  12. Shouldn't a "traditional" hybrid with its higher loft be easier to play and get airborne than the irons? # HB Turbo Sim Max Rescue 4 20° 22° 5 23° 25° 6 26.5° 28°
  13. Thank you everyone. Just to clarify - this set does not exist (apart from the HB Turbo set 5-PW, a Cleveland Smart Sole 3 SW and a Spider putter, which I do own and use in my lessons). It is a thought-play what to buy next based on reviews online (living at the a** of the world, I have no possibility to have a proper fitting with this Covid - crap prohibiting air-travel, and very limited access to ebay). I'm surprised about the comments on Taylormade Sim Max, since they seem to receive a lot of praise as beginner-friendly ... and am a bit astonished that I missed Ping!
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