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  1. What do you play for a gap wedge, since the ES21 only start at 54?
  2. Has anyone played both and could provide some feedback? I'm looking for a square and forgiving driver. Tend to hit left, so no draw bias..
  3. Seriously considering buying it... i like playing my irons down to 5, but the G425 just play amazingly, and I currently bag up to 6H...
  4. What do you consider "young"? I'm turning 42 with 15 years of Muay Thai and Freefight in the past (stopped more than 10 years ago though). I am playing very light shafts, Mizuno Platinum MFusion, and feel much more comfortable with these than heavier shafts I tried... but that may be because I chose to start playing golf with light shafts.
  5. The Ping G425 hybrids are causing somewhat of a problem for me - I can't choose what to play. I hit my Mizuno irons down to 5 around the same carry distance as the equivalent G425 hybrids, and I enjoy hitting both... Distance gapping is fine, so I would am looking at secondary numbers. What would be the most important? Landing angle (to hold the green)? Or decide based on height - and wind? Actually, I even have the same problem with choosing between the G425 hybrids and woods, which play fantastic as well. How does everyone choose what kind of club to play? By numbers?
  6. I was wondering what length everyone is using for their woods, since the stock shafts seem to have gotten considerably longer over time. - The "average" length for a 3-wood on older websites is given as 42-43"... today's 3-woods sell at stock lengths of 43"-43.5" ...
  7. Hit them, playing them for a while now (Asia), love them.
  8. My Japanese forwarding service (not to the US though) is still shipping within 1-2 days.
  9. Or JPX 200X for even stronger lofts..
  10. What about the Ping G425 Crossover? Anyone tried it?
  11. Its not as if all woods are open
  12. What are currently the most open hybrids in the market? I.e. the opposite of the Sim Max, which turn my draw into crazy hooks? Ping G425 is more adjustable, but are there any other options?
  13. Mizuno Japan currently has around 6-8 weeks backlog for 921 HMP.
  14. Looking at the two irons, the main difference seems to be the shaft length, with the U510 sold as a #1 iron being 0.75" longer (oddly enough at the same lie angle). Has anyone hit both and can comment on launch angle and spin, as well as swing speed requirement to launch them?
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