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  1. Its quite a bit lighter and softer flex. https://clubping.jp/product/product2020_g425_f.html シャフト名 ALTA J CB SLATE PING TOUR 173-55 PING TOUR 173-65 PING TOUR 173-75 ALTA DISTANZA Speeder EVOLUTION VII TENSEI CK Pro Orange TENSEI Pro White 1K 素材 カーボン カーボン カーボン カーボン カーボン カーボン カーボン カーボン フレックス R SR
  2. Is the CB-57 the same as the CB-1007 or CB-1007 Y-Grind?
  3. They do In Japan... I have 50, 55, 60...
  4. I have tried both and play the ES21s... maybe its because I am more of a picker, but I do much better with them.
  5. Different clubs I think. https://www.mizuno.jp/golf/jpx/jpx200x/ https://www.mizunoshop.net/f/pn-5KJGS57204?disp=prodtransflg2 FP seems to refer to face progression... Quote: Face progression is defined as the position of the leading edge of the clubface in relation to the centerline of the hosel. The higher the number (3.5mm ~ 4.5mm) the more face progression the club has. 0 face progression would mean the leading edge of the clubface is in the same vertical plane as the hosel's centerline (which we would normally refer to as an offset position).
  6. You´re right, that is odd... Any JDM-fan here who can explain that?
  7. I think Mizuno JPX200 still has less (if my metric-conversion is correct).
  8. Lucky you.. I have not been able to get back to Japan since February 2020... had I known how long Covid will restrict travel, I would have stayed longer last year
  9. Mizuno ES21 60/6 works well for me.
  10. I prefer a mix. ES21 50/10 Gap Wedge that works well with my irons, ES21 56/14 wide sole Sand Wedge for soft bunkers and ES21 60/06 Lob Wedge for tricky shots that I don't want to thin.
  11. Are there really that many 7-Woods on tour???
  12. Which of the two models (#2) will do better as a driving iron off the tee?
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