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  1. Had been yearning for an SC - Phantom X 6 STR, then saw and felt this (soft without having an insert), ordered 33" and arrived today. That being Bettinardi Inovai 6 CTR. Surprised how similar it looks to EVNRoll Er5, but that much nicer.
  2. Hi yes I'm also 9-10 and bought the HMBs about 9 weeks ago; sad that only managed get out in 2 rounds prior to courses being closed in this stage of restrictions, but best scores I've had for years... reason i bought them was the feel + dispersion / consistency and got the results on the course. Reason for my short post above / suggestion was that I've looked at the specs of the them vs the 921 forged and they are very similar. Some say the 921s go further (so that's for you to discover), but can't beat the look of the HMBs. Good luck!
  3. One of the guys in my group (off 16) plays 790s and I went and gave them ago as soon as due for a new set. Found that similar to the Kings, they go a long way, but the dispersion front to back was vast and is a point made by some on this forum (although there's heaps of good reviews and look at where they post on 'top irons'. Then I tried the HMBs and haven't looked back, had to trust the machine on dispersion; yes didn't go as far as the P790s, but 7iron was consistently as far as i want/need with much more height+backspin. First time i had them on the course and set
  4. OK I'll try and judge... The sound of your driver is a massive turn off ? (used to have one and unless they've changed sound like smashing an empty keg with a hammer). Bag and cart suggest your wedges are fake ?
  5. Amazing. What are the key differences that make for 30 yards outside the 1 degree loft?
  6. MP-20 46 TM TP 51, TM MG 56, 60
  7. UPDATE: after posting this, voila - it asks you to re-register and accepts the details (email address) previously used. Done. Same here... went to sign in and my user name and password was prepopulated (since i oped for 'remember me') a while ago... and rejected. Then went to recover password and rejected <We could not find a member account with that email address. Please try again with other information.> But this is the address i used and have many notifications in this email address from previous messages etc. Doubt it's jus
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