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  1. I'd go with the cooler course. You can plan when you go around traffic (feature of living in Met area). You will get more enjoyment out of a serious and architecturally significant layout.
  2. BR is the cheapest deal around, but, to me, had more of a public or semi-private course vibe. Although there were a few good holes and conditions generally better than a public course, there are so many members without much camraderie and the restaurant/clubhouse is open to the public. What are your expectations of joining somewhere? BR might fit the bill if you just want to play somewhere regularly. For a few thousand more, I think there are options that would provide more of a traditional private club vibe. The best thing is that you are young and you have a few years to try out a few different places and still get discounted junior membership dues.
  3. Anyone suffer from a poor transition sequence (not letting the rotation happen from the ground up with the hands and club last to move), resulting in lower body rotation shutting down and just slapping at the ball with no face control? Ideas how to improve? TIA.
  4. Any thoughts on how to play better in tournaments and serious competitive situations? Been struggling to level up. Bad swings and decisions cropping up more often in tournament play. Everything seems to speed up and feel rushed. I am trying to remember how I got better in tournament situations when I was younger; have taken the last 10 years off from playing. Thanks in advance.
  5. There is a great review of it on Golf Club Atlas - can't say enough good things about it, it doesn't get enough love
  6. Cape Arundel in Kennebunkport is unbelievable - you will have a blast. Make time to eat lobster rolls and drink good beer. Maine in the summer and early fall is amazing.
  7. More common than you think clubs selling off part of their course for housing development. 36 to 27 or 18.
  8. If you are anywhere near a Rodger Dunn head there, particularly the Santa Ana superstore. They will get you squared away. Agree on finding an OEM and then getting last year's or the year before's model. More or less will have the same DNA and you will save a bundle.
  9. Agree that you will need a car otherwise it will be such a hassle. I know of some clubs where your budget might work if you are in a junior category. Just be aware that 5-10k in dues may be closer to 10-20k all in, depending on the club and how much you use it.
  10. $380 is steep, but its a great design and its in Maui. Views are awesome. How often do you get to Maui? Maybe splurge if you don't get there that often
  11. It has been great to have this shaft in my collection. For sale: Taylor Made SLDR 460cc 9.5 head with Matrix Ozik TP7HD X flex shaft at 44.5" (came from tour van). Great setup, particularly this shaft - smooth, buttery, stable, and lively all at once. Head is in great shape. Asking $450 shipped
  12. I think first and foremost support your club/shop/HP as much as possible. Participate in events, bring guests out, buy stuff in the shop. Eat and drink regularly. Be nice and affable.
  13. Good to hear! Let us know your thoughts on Decade and progress
  14. 1. Know carry distances. Make a chart/list and consult it. 2. Try to only have one swing/shot. Golf is hard enough to do one shot very well, let alone a fade, a draw, a change up, a fast ball. Whatever the number is, pick the closest club you got and swing your normal shot. You can't really try to make birdies/knock it stiff - you will be better served letting the birdies come to you. 3. Check out Decade by Scott Fawcett. Big fan and really insightful content on how to play this game. He says the paradox of golf is that it is so hard that you have to play it correctly, which in turns makes it easy.
  15. What a situation - curious what Rancho could even do about it if they were so inclined
  16. Hacienda is on another level course wise. Price wise is it even comparable to Alta Vista or Yorba or others?
  17. What is your routine with it? How do you use it? Got the app last week. Been playing around with the different tones at home and at the course, with and without balls. Think I like using the voice versions better than the beeps. Only could find a few specific drills on the website to work with the app and get the ratios integrated into your swings.
  18. My club does first come first serve. Price is steep and so is the three day commitment. Ok at this point missing out. Agree on not needing a pair of shoes I don't pick out myself.
  19. Adding support for the club glove, especially if you want to put other stuff in with your clubs. I found the hard cases much heavier and don't leave room for extra stuff - I throw shoes etc. in the clubs. Had the same club glove last bag since college maybe mid 2000s, still going strong.
  20. Atlanta is very nice. Austin too. I'd recommend New Orleans, but the golf leaves something to be desired.
  21. Actual footage of the course looks better than I imagined - seems just like the drawings/renderings. So cool. Look forward to playing it on my next PB trip.
  22. Prefer a little quirk - most of the golden age courses have something unconventional going
  23. Hacienda just looks amazing in the photos I've seen. Read on here or somewhere that new membership inquiries are going unanswered. Good on your friend getting in there. Has some significant golf architectural pedigree/bones too.
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