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  1. real question is, will TW use one on tour
  2. Just want to clarify, worn 2 rounds or 2 seasons.....?
  3. great pants indeed. picked them up for $89 though just a few weeks ago
  4. I know you mentioned it's playing 46" with a PXG head, but is the shaft uncut, stock length?
  5. Would be interested in taking those shafts if you can pull them, thanks
  6. if you're doing fitting, take note of much how distance/ball speed you lose on bad & mis-hit shots. when you toe/heel/shank - there is no FEEL about it. If ball speed lost is not much, then go MB. If you lose a lot of ball speed with mis-hits, then go TC/MB Question in my mind would be, can you live with the difference in ball speed from mishitting a MB vs. TC/CB
  7. if there's one downside to Arccos, you can't replace batteries yourself. Not only is it a cost to replace, but it creates waste in the long term
  8. the original box was stupidly big anyway for the contents ? Does anyone know if the Link produces more accurate GPS location over the phone? I'm trying to justify the Link as well, but i don't have an issue with phone in pocket. $99 for just the pin-location button seems a bit much
  9. how much was it to add that logo on the bottom of the bag?
  10. this is an amazing thread. thanks for all the pics & translation. Should include a wiki on how we can purchase it - if we don't live in Japan
  11. "death" is a bit premature - the potential for less hardware to track SG data is definitely there, but it's far from ready for mass consumption. You can't say it's death to Arccos and Shotscope when V1 don't even have the same set of features (e.g. record what clubs were used). With the release of Link, the biggest remaining complain about Arccos is the need for post round edits, and even that is minimal. But V1 not only doesn't resolve that issue, but it actually requires more edits? No thanks. Not yet.
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