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  1. This is a great point, but I guess the counter would be that the vast, overwhelming majority of us, and even most your pros have never hit a 48 inch and driver with an extremely low loft, so there’s already a uniqueness to the equipment from what the average golfer tries to hit bombs with
  2. I think a lot on here will ask for more information. Have you looked up the weight of both heads? Differences in head weight could impact how you’re delivering the club. Also, while both shafts are stock stiff shafts, they could still have extremely different properties. Can you let us know what the shafts are in each, as well as their weights? This info will also be helpful also assuming the grip is the same size and you’re gripping both clubs the same way, and also that you’re not doing anything subconscious with your grip to make the face angle appear a certain way which I can be guilty of with a driver that looks (but may not actually be) too closed at address.
  3. I agree with this. I wanted a CBX2 pw replacement and had to go 48 degrees and bend 2 degrees strong to make the bounce more consistent with my irons. Eventually got a Fourteen DJ-4 in a 47, which is the exact size and style you’re describing (between RTX and CBX2) but the bounce is only 3 degrees and that’s almost too aggressive. I haven’t strengthened the loft because of this
  4. I just played 9 holes with them…long off the driver for sure, but felt much better off irons and wedges than the left dash which I also have played. I felt like the compression also led to more distance for me than the AVX and they seemed to spin a bit more on the scoring clubs. If these are the were not limited they would be my ball
  5. Just a fun thought-experiment, but imagine if we allowed long drive to permit equipment without restrictions (other than shaft length and head size) could make it closer to something like F1, where OEM teams could compete and the actual technical developments (not constrained by COR rules etc) would potentially be important in addition to the athletes it would be fun to see how far someone could but a ball without these rules (also would be interesting to see how much of a difference they’re actually making)
  6. Thinking of getting the Pros for a set of CB-1007 Irons, how many wraps do you think you would need to make these more like a midsize? Heard these were a bit bigger than standard so was thinking 2 on top with a third on the bottom to reduce taper?
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