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  1. I’m wondering why the shortage almost everywhere of the TP5x Pix 2.0 balls. They just came out this year so wondering why such a shortage in a lot of stores and with Taylormade themselves. They’ve been sold out for a while even before the current sale.
  2. Yep and some were the outer prongs and a few center prongs. At first we all thought a isolated issue then it seemed to happen to all of us. Loved and it and concept just didn’t work for us.
  3. I hope that you have better luck with these than myself and playing group does. We basically all have gone through 2 of these each before giving up on them and going back to Scotty pivots.
  4. I see what you did there! Well done sir!! LOL!
  5. My experience is with Taylormade warranty is they will estimate a ways out but always come in WAY under the estimate. I would let them work, you may be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!!
  6. I’m high on my TM MG2 50*. When the raw face rusts to its full potential it really unlocks the power to the club. Pretty crazy.
  7. WOW! Those black vokey wedges are AWESOME!! Nice score!
  8. What makes me chuckle a bit is how Nike put the TW71 Fast Fit back up “on sale” at $119, those have been in Burlington’s and Ross stores for $20 like crazy last year!!
  9. Seeing if anyone is looking to sell a swag putter at a good price. These are interesting to me and rather than pay full price from SWAG for something that may not work out, looking to see if there is a deal to be had. Send me what you got with pictures. Thanks!
  10. That’s awesome! I wish I had a Nike Clearance store anywhere near me. I have two outlet stores and they are terrible for golf stuff!
  11. sorry I don’t have any 270’s yet. I only have a few pairs of the Zoom Infinity Tours right now.
  12. A frogger brush works great too! I clean my 0211s and the rest with bucket of hot soap and water after every round. I also use neoprene iron covers, clubs look FANTASTIC with only wear on the face and sole, would never be able tell the amount of rounds on them and zero bag chatter.
  13. So I tried a couple Gen 1 PXG putters, the Mini Gunboat, Brandon and Bat Attack, I found each one to be “tingy” when hitting them but I really wanted to love them! Are these Gen 2 putters they same way sound wise?
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