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  1. Not on the Taylormade site, maybe through other vendors though it is still going on.
  2. I have the following items for sale. Prices are shipped to the US and not looking for any trades at this time. Thanks! 1). PXG 0341X 3 WOOD GEN2, 15* head. Excellent condition and includes the head cover with the magnet built in. $175 shipped 2). PXG 0317X HYBRID GEN2, 19* head. Excellent condition and includes the head cover with the magnet built in. $150 shipped 3). SUPERSTROKE TRAXION Counter Core FLATSO 2.0 putter grip. Brand new and sealed. Moved onto the EVNROLL Gravity Grip. I have 1 of these grips left WITHOUT THE WEIGHT but can accept a co
  3. Removable, yes, should it have ever been there in the first place, NO! I’ll let the “DUMB” comment slide and not bite on that!
  4. Light years better than last years kiltie, but the fearless was definitely nice though!!
  5. I noticed that. Kinda surprised actually as this is one of the better releases I can remember! WAAAYY better than the corduroy kiltie crap last year. Guess the flippers won’t have a lot of success.
  6. Got my ZITs in. Just wondering if I should order a 14 as well JUST in case these issue of 13s are different. I wear 13s in the other color ways.
  7. Bad thing is less than 3 weeks ago they sent out the by 3 get 1 free personalized good till 4/15/21, however went to order and they don’t have that option anymore. Got in contact with them and they said it was “while supplies last”!!?? Sucks! Thought I had time to order from them as I have rewards to use.
  8. Thanks for your first post, BUT suggest you talk to them and find out exactly what’s going on rather then fuming about it. My 0211s were delivered super fast in 2019 when I ordered them and then last month my 0311 GEN 2’s were delivered in a little over a week. They are a very quality company with great products.
  9. when I had my Tour Premieres before they blew out this is what I put in them and they worked great!
  10. Dang where at and what size are the Zoom Infinity Tours? That’s a nice pick up there!!
  11. 2 Burlingtons and 2 Ross stores here in Va and NOT A THING! There wasn't much of any shoes let alone golf shoes!
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