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  1. I’ve carried a 3h 268 off the ground without wind(one time). It’s doable. Very. Freaking. Hard. But doable. edit—sorry, carried 255y ish for a total of 268y
  2. The zip cores are fun and look great. Very spinny and easily manipulated. Big fan. The ping glides are amazing wedges and very similar to the cbx2. They’re point and shoot with high, easy spin especially on full shots but I suspect they don’t fit your usage/ ability to work the club. Vokey is also a classic but comparable to the zip. Iirc vokey has a bit more heft in a higher stock sw than the zips. For softer touch shots I’d venture towards the zip.
  3. Supposedly there is supposed to be some action May 1
  4. At the risk of reading 31pgs... has anyone taken their Mevo+ to the public range? Is if affected by stalls/ enclosures provided you can get the ball-to-unit distance right?
  5. Sounds like it's in your ballpark, pun intended. It's $25 for 24 balls... I've spent a lot more money on much dumber things.
  6. We shall see. I'm not giving up just yet! I've looked into the Skytrak and MEVO+ extensively and the only thing that really held me back from buying one is the price (obviously), and that I can't use them at home because I lack the ceiling height. I'm not fully committed to building a hitting cage/ shed outside (yet). I also am not too keen on the subscription with the Skytrak to open up the sim/ analysis functionality. The SC 300 was solid but somewhat limited in its application.
  7. Yes, and no. Rapsodo customer support responded that the area is too dark. Yet, clearly the range is lit and the hitting bay is very bright. I’ve seen videos a lot darker than mine register and I’ve had decent results in a lot worse lighting conditions. So I’m not sure what to make of it. Case and point a screen I took today from their Instagram... If my setup posted above is too dark then it completely defeats my purposes of having this LM, and it’s soon going to be found in the bst thread. Unfortunately I work until 6:30 m-f and the closest range down the block close
  8. ...one of these is not like the other.
  9. I’ll get my hands on a box of the LD eventually. For now I need to just run through my stash. I’m starting to occupy too much space with golf related stuff!
  10. Mia is an Aussiedoodle. She will chase a tumbleweed if she can find one. I’ve been trying to teach her to retrieve chips for me with mixed success and save the random balls I find on course/ beat up balls that would go into a practice bucket. She’s allowed those to dabble with.
  11. Until your distance dispersion is super consistent and you’re relying on stock yardages for carry purposes, you won’t notice the loss of yds. Someone who relies on specific features of their game ie: hop and stop, suck back in the short game, playing specific shot shapes for effect, etc., may be more particular and prefer a premium ball but in the budget category you won’t be disappointed. You’ll see a change in windy conditions or with some help from user error. A fade may be a little stronger than you expect vs a premium ball because the KS have a slight propensity to spin more. Y
  12. The thin shot cut in the cover is what I noticed. CSX and LS both caught a nice edge at some point each and my Wilsons really aren’t that sharp. Apparently it was enough to do some damage. They also don’t survive the puppy durability test as well. Mia, my 15lb puppy tends to herd my golf balls and “mouth” them which makes putting very convenient, or difficult at times depending on how cooperative she is with the ball return. Not quite a good chomp, but enough to leave little teeth marks. She’s been working on a Vice for a good week and it still looks decent. Same for the proV1. T
  13. What are the dimple counts for the big hitters? ProV1, TP5, Bridgestone, Chrome Soft X?
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