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  1. 4-Pw and Gw Wilson D7 Forged. Original owner. - KBS Tour S+ 125g shafts - +1/2” extended from factory (no extensions). - 2° upright. - MCC +4 Midsize grips. - 8/10 condition, played for less than a year. - Asking $625 shipped.
  2. Yep. I was aware of that, but like @noodle3872 mentioned, I’ve seen sets that have the badge even in the scoring irons. I’m not sure which I like more. Just wanted to make sure that they weren’t counterfeit or a special spec
  3. Haha! It’s etched in there. My best guess is combo set vs full
  4. Just bought a set of Apex pro 21 and noticed that the 8-9-P are missing the “tungsten” badge. In pics I’ve seen it with the badge through the set. What gives?
  5. What ended up staying in the bag? As much as I'd like to, I can't justify having both sets . Coming from the D7F they hollow apex still feel amazing.
  6. I haven't had a chance to try the RTX on course bc I got selected as a reviewer/tester for a JAWS FT 58* and it pushed me to match the SW for my current wedge setup. Looks are SO sharp with the RTX and they were def on the test list. I think dense/powerful is a good way to put it from my recollection of the Zx7. I wish I could find a set to test out on course. Based on the 5-6 shots I hit of my buddy's I liked the VT sole so much more on course than off the mat even though I'm typically a picker. Haven't had a good chance to try the ZStar balls but have found a few here and there. One of them was literally a rock. I'll have to dabble once I run through my stock of TP5. The Zx7 definitely beat out the old T100s irons for me and the TM equivalent. I guess the reason I lean Apex Pro is because they're a touch more techy and forgiving. My mishit is toward the toe and the Apex seem to still give me generous consistency and control. Def need to hit the Srix again with the most recent version of my swing.
  7. I played another two rounds with the Apex PRO 21 and I'm still very much stuck on them. To the point where I've been debating going for a fitting and just pulling the trigger. My irons feel like blunt instruments comparatively. Then the golf Gods decided to throw a curve ball. I had an opportunity to hit the older Z765 (I think) irons this weekend with a few friends and... wow... the feel. The indecision is brutal.
  8. Read my mind. Love the Apex Pro 21s and I've had a hard time not buying a set since I rented them in Florida. I'm curious about the T100s and have hit the Zx7 as well. Too many beautiful clubs to try, not enough time.
  9. 1. City, State? Jericho, New York 2. Handicap? 13.3 3. What is your current putter? Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 and Taylormade Del Monte 1 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? I've rolled them at the PGATSS a few times. 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I really liked the results of the DF when I first tried it, then loved the feel of the B.2 but hoped for something in-between the two. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes, of course.
  10. Huge development! Now if only they could improve the app a little bit and manipulation of the data tables!
  11. I took a total of 40 shots tracked by my Mevo+. One of the target clips snapped under 20 shots with a 7i. I hit about 15 3h afterwards into the net portion and saw substantial fraying on the cords. This combined with the fact that one of the clips for the base came broken = return for me.
  12. My first foray into the backyard scene was rife with panic and put a Rukket Haack Pro out of commission within 60 swings.
  13. I get that all too well. I have issues with height and distance. Love using the MEVO+ at the range but I'm really stuck when it comes to indoors or backyard practice. GC3 may be a future investment.
  14. Odyssey Triple-Track 2-ball Blade 35” with matching headcover. Sensr grip is brand new. Putter is 9/10 condition and has always been babied. $160 plus shipping CONUS Will trade putter + $50 for an Epic Speed 3w (stiff). Thanks!
  15. Is that really the rule? I know you need to finish a hole with the same ball you started with unless it's lost. Never knew the brand was a thing too.
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