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  1. Like new 2019 Stroke Lab V-Line Center Shaft with upgraded P2 grip. 35” Putter is near pristine-9+/10 condition and only rolled twice on course and in my office on carpet. Comes with the factory white Odyssey head cover. Asking $135 shipped CONUS
  2. Only 16 feet max required with a net too...
  3. If this is as good as advertised it will break the sim world
  4. That looks awesome!! I was thinking of using PVC but don't know if it's strong enough/ will get launched in the wind at the first opportunity.
  5. Did you get the poles yourself, or got the whole complete kit?
  6. Looking for a reliable net to use with my Mevo+ and came across the Cimarron Sports hitting cage. Has anyone used the 10x10x10 with a Mevo+? Any issues with interference? Durability? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. -A
  7. You guys aren't making this any easier for me. I hit the LS blind on course and it was love at first green. Swore I didn't need a new driver and that I'd stop reading reviews about it but... My Epic Flash SZ started rattling lately and it's not any of the screws....
  8. If you have the opportunity to try different shafts with the Titleist head of your choice, do that first. At the very least you'll have an idea of stiffness/ weight and if you want an extension or not. When you're trying different heads, you can adjust accordingly. In my experience the PGA monitors are a bit juiced so take it with a grain of salt, but then again, maybe I'm just indoorBryson
  9. Whoopsies, didn't realize the + was missing. Correct
  10. There is an option to toggle the ball you're using. And, you need to use stickers with a *net* not, indoors vs/ outdoors. As long as the ball can complete it's flight you don't need stickers.
  11. More altitude = thinner air = less air resistance = more spin? Just .02
  12. I went with the Mevo+... a week before they discounted it. Overall very happy with it. Any indoor application for the Kit will be a challenge due to space restrictions.
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