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  1. As others have mentioned, this isn't unique to the golf industry. Who makes the best driver's cars that aren't luxury vehicle class? Mazda. How many people buy a Mazda CX9 over a Toyota Highlander? Not that many. Every auto enthusiast knows that a Miata is the ticket if you don't have the bucks for a Porsche Cayman, but everyone else thinks a Miata is a car for guys of a certain sexual persuasion. Your local autocross will see the best times laid down in a Miata, not a GT3 or other far more expensive car. It is all marketing and brand recognition. Not to mention
  2. Interesting. I have tried the T100, the JPX 921 Tour, Forged, Apex 19, and my MP20 MMC in the past 2 weeks on grass. I didn't really find a difference in forgiveness in any of the clubs oddly enough. My bad swings are really bad and my good ones are really good. The Tour is about the same distance-wise as the MMC, Forged and T100 are +5% distance or so (1/2+ club). I like the feel of the MMC the best and like I said, it isn't any less forgiving. If anything, I have fewer misses with it; on a very tough par 3 at my local course (220 yards over a lake from the back tees) I feel more confide
  3. I played yesterday and hit my 19 degree Srixon hybrid (with Smoke 6.5 80g shaft) twice. That club is nearly like fairway wood in distance and easier to hit off of the deck. Downwind I had a 285 yard drive with it; probably 265 w/o the wind, leaving it only about 15 yards short of the 4 wood in the same conditions (I had a 300 yard downwind drive with the 4-wood on the next hole). It is a weird club: if I force it I can have a really bad miss, but if I am simply relaxed and complete my backswing, it is the easiest club in the bag to hit. If fairway woods aren't your thing, you
  4. Ha! I got stiffed for $20 a couple of weeks back and the guy was supposedly a friend of mine. It was his idea to play for money anyways
  5. I am with you. The first round I ever played, with my grandma in 5th grade, was a lesson etiquette. It had nothing to do with hitting the ball. It was: "where do you stand? When is it your turn? How do you replace a divot? Why you don't walk in someone else's putting path. When is it appropriate to pull the pin? Why you don't move or speak when someone else is hitting." I spent 25 years away and things are shockingly different today. Every day I play, there is usually at least one group of idiots I have to contend with, usually guys on the younger side. Playing multiple bal
  6. Thanks! I started working that into my swing. I am using that right foot as my time piece now; the rhythm of loading and then moving off of it to start the downswing. I had a lesson the other day and we worked on simplifying my takeaway and keeping my hands in a better spot on the takeaway; in essence, I at first felt like my takeaway was throwing the club toward someone standing directly behind me, while then coiling with my torso and hips. It has made a huge difference after a few days of settling. My last 2 rounds have been my only rounds since I started playing without a h
  7. I have a Titleist 917D2 4-wood at 16.5 degrees with a Diamana D+ 70g X shaft. It is stupid easy to hit. I was never a fairway wood player as a kid, but these clubs are a lot easier to hit for some reason. There is one hole in particular at the course I regularly play at: it is a 325 yard par 4 with a hard dogleg right. Push it right and you end up in tall grass behind trees and can't make the green. Draw it too far left and you are playing a penalty stroke. Hit it too long outside of the 40 yard window with a driver with only a slight draw or fade and take a penalty on either side. the
  8. steel shaft, or just shorter 4-hybrid shaft? It it probably 1.5" longer than the 4-iron right now.
  9. Hi everyone, Now that I am striking the ball more consistently, I need some help building a bag for the typical 18-hole long round course. I typically play the back tees and have recently been playing anywhere between a 6 and 15 handicap with very mediocre putting (working on that as well). I need some help to make sure that my yardage is covered and that I am carrying the right clubs. Wedges: Cleveland RTX 58: 90 yards, otherwise around the green Cleveland RTX 54: 110 yards, general all-around sand wedge Cleveland RTX 48: 125-130 yards full swing, eas
  10. Oh yeah, nothing like crushing a 4 or 5 iron from 220 and giving yourself a shot at a low score! My favorite part of golf is the feel of a well struck long-iron, and I don't get that on days when I am struggling. Twice around today I had a 6-iron at 185 into a slight headwind, and struck it so well both times that it carried 195 and was barely on the backside of the green. Amazing feeling, even if a bit too strong of a strike. The pleasure of a good up and down day is different; there is something to be said about not having your A game and still salvaging a good score.
  11. And to my answer and why: I have had both recently; I mostly play a par 60 near my house (rating of 60, slope 118 when the tees are back like today). There are a few fairly easy holes but hazards on all but 3 holes and the 2 long par 3's are quite intimidating. it isn't a gimmie executive course. Last week, I shot a 67. I made 9 of 18 greens, had some bad misses but also scrambled well. No 3-putts; 33 putts on the day. Best score up until today: I had been trending around 69-71 fore the past 2 months. Today I shot a 65. I had a shanked chip, 2 3-putts,
  12. Does your answer depend on the kind of player you are, or is it something else? Do you get more satisfaction from scrambling to save a bunch of pars when your game is not 100%, or one of those days where you barely make a mistake with swings yet can't get a single putt to roll in? I am always happy to get through a round with minimal damage: I like scrambling as it shows I can recover from adversity. I like playing well though and scrambling doesn't give the feeling of "coulda woulda shoulda" that a nearly great round gives me. I suppose I will take the "good but coul
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