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  1. Yeah, my GW is S400 and I like that heavier feel, which is why I thought that perhaps the AMT would be a good solution, at least on the heavier end. I have no trouble with the weights in my long irons: I actually took my 3 hybrid up to D6 as it felt light. For me, a good solution would probably be AMT GW-6 iron, then hard stepped for 5 and 4 iron, but I am not going to pay for a custom club build that really wouldn't change the clubs that much. I tried hitting a Titleist 3-iron hybrid type of iron (T-MB?) with a 105g shaft and it was way too light. Not sure the SW but I didn't like it. My s
  2. Cool! I hate taking old tape off however: it was always a bear after I had glued tubulars for my race bike and had to pull them yearly. Sometimes the tape would pull off of the tire and stay on the rim, or worst case, melt under heavy braking and become one with solvent. I think I spent 3 hours cleaning a rim once (can't use paint thinner as it may break down the resin holding carbon fiber together). other than that, it should be fun!
  3. No sarcasm: isn't it amazing that the eye can coordinate with the body to connect with a 45" long club moving at 170mph to within a few mm in contact point, with a face pointing toward the target?
  4. So weight distribution helps a golfer with "feel" and finding the center of the face? Makes sense. It all happens so fast; It is amazing that the body can coordinate itself and be responsive to such small changes.
  5. Cool! I probably need to order some supplies, a vice, and a clamp. That is all I need, right? I have my wife's hair dryer if necessary the irons look stock and swing weight is about 4 points less than a comparable DG120 X100 Mizuno with standard grip. I can hit a midsize but the jumbo might take some getting used to
  6. Awesome! Now that I am paying attention, I notice that many of my otherwise good swings broke down due to a weak right hand. I am glad it was it pointed out to me yesterday: on video for a well-struck ball, he noted that I am very upgright, but that my plane was right where everyone who has an upright swing is trying to get to (and that most never do). The only way I could hit the ball fat with the shaft and head returning to ideal starting position was lose tension in that right hand and allow it to do the opposite of radial deviation. Just thinking about the right hand not being "floppy"
  7. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a really clean set of 718 AP2 wedges with the AMT X100 shaft. I normally play Mizuno MP20 MMC irons with DG120 x100 shafts. I bought these, not realizing that they had jumbo grips. Getting them fully regripped is going to be expensive: I want to get an idea of what to expect before I do so. I may regrip the 9 iron and 6 iron to compare. Can anyone tell me the differences between these 2 in terms of feel? I know the specs. From what I understand, the 6 iron should be about the same weight in both, but the GW-7iron will be heavier
  8. I never really paid attention to my hands when swinging until today. Sure, grip is good, fine, but that it is. When taking part in a free 10-minute/person clinic however, the instructor noticed that I was occasionally getting random fat shots on otherwise good swings (I am quite upright but am now getting my hips clear and shaft parallel to starting position). Anyways, he said it likely was me allowing the right wrist to be too soft and potential drop or be deflected upon impact. Sure enough, I focused on keeping right hand and wrist tension throughout the bottom of the swing and at impact,
  9. I watched the Michael Newton TS2 vs TS3 fitting video, and something struck me that was interesting: the fitter ended up putting MN into a TS2 head because he got a bit more launch vs the TS3, both at 8.5 degrees. As I understand it, the optimal combo is a higher launch but lower spin these days. Instead of the TS2 at 8.5 degrees, why not a TS3 at 9.5 degrees? It is a slightly lower spinning head, right? Wouldn't it be the same or slightly better? Was it because they didn't have a 9.5 on hand, or something else?
  10. Update for those of you who are in the same boat! Today I was playing 18 with a friend and my driver was OK but nothing to write home about. My buddy had a TS2 9.5 with Diamana DF 60TX. No idea what swing weight he is playing in it. I asked to hit it for a couple of holes, and I kid you not, they were 2 of the 5 best drives I have ever hit. Something about it just encouraged me to get set, loaded, and clear the hips. Now, I have no idea why this particular setup felt this good. It probably wasn't swingweight primarily, as I have played around with SW constantly
  11. Yeah, definitely. I was playing with a friend who is quite good (3 handicap at 16 years old but gave up the sport to pursue other interests). He noted that I looked a lot more fluid with my irons and hybrid; I go from making smooth, powerful swings to making tight, forced swings. Just figuring out the "why" is the next step. I also have a lesson scheduled.
  12. Sure: I checked distances last time I played 18 via rangefinder and had anywhere between 275-320. My buddy is within a few yards of me and said the same. Unfortunatley, that is with rollout on a rock-hard fairway. I have driven the par 3 320 yard hole a couple of times but again, I have 50 yards of rollout at a minimum. It isn't that I am not happy with a 255-260 carry, it just seems short given my other clubs. Maybe not though. Regarding quality of contact; that is what I can't figure out. I can make it with a hybrid and iron. The driver never feels good (or maybe does 1/1
  13. Yeah, I am totally at a loss now. Today I got a "new to me" P400 19 degree at D5 and 39.75". I purchased it here-hit it today. Carry was 225-235 into a pretty stiff crosswind/headwind on the range; you can add 10% easily to that for real-world distance. I was crushing this club (given the conditions). I pull out my driver, and I am carrying an extra 25 yards. That is it. 45.5" shaft, 9.5 degrees of loft, and I get 30 yards. Heck, I get 30 yards from my 9 to 6 iron, which is what, 2" in length and 12 degrees loft? Sure, the driver rolls out further, but still. Ev
  14. I think it used to be the case that "business deals are made on the golf course" but in the western half of the US, the movers and shakers are much more likely to be into lifestyle sports. In silicon valley, a deal is much more likely to be made while sitting in the saddle on a lunchtime 20 miler vs on the golf course. Busy professionals don't have time to play for 5 hours; at least not many that I know. Most of the people who golf around here are retirement age. It sucks, but that is the world today. Golf amongst professionals is going the way of the 3-martini lunch.
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