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  1. Wait: you are saying they predicted COVID shutdowns back in January 2020 and ordered accordingly? If so, I find that very hard to believe. Nobody knew how bad COVID got until the S*** hit the fan, and you can't exactly say "500 people in northern Italy are dying/day-double our orders for the next 6 months). The time to do anything is far too late. If you knew all of these global supply shutdowns were going to occur, you could have predicted all sorts of other things regarding COVID, and then, why would you even want to run a small-potatoes golf club company? Have the foresight to invest the money in things that would boom during and after COVID and buy an island somewhere. Plenty of assets out there are worth 5X, 10X, even 20X since COVID hit. PXG isn't going to see that, especially if their sales drop once their competitors come back online and they lose market share again.
  2. Just a quick question for all of you who changed shaft weights, particularly from the advanced player level (swing speed of 105+, good ball striking) 1) if you went lighter, how did it impact your game (down to 95-105g). Tempo changes good or bad? 2) if you went heavier (120-130g), same question? Good move? I have been swinging a 120g shaft but am considering a change to something lighter. I am a strong player and can swing a heavier shift, but I wonder if a lighter shaft will help my tempo. I often "pull down" on my hands and get too aggressive; I need to find whatever facilitates a smoooooth swing....think Louis O.
  3. That is my wife! She has a nice swing but plays once every 3 months, meaning she can make great contact and hit the ball very well, or she can basically whiff-shank the ball if she is nervous. She HATES playing with people she doesn't know for this reason, which means she rarely wants to play. I get it! I don't care if someone I am playing with is struggling, as long as we keep pace with the group ahead of us. As long as they are a nice person. I was joined by another single recently who was struggling and was being a jerk as a result; that wasn't pleasant.
  4. I can do 2:45 with nobody in front of me on our 6900 yard course if I walk briskly and play solo. By walking briskly, I mean 13-minute miles. It is about 7 miles around the course. That is 1:31 of walking and 1:14 for hitting shots, which seems about right. Bit less than 1 minute per shot.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. I have left a few rounds early in the past; I had a limited amount of time and realized that I either needed to be on the range or over on the par 30 course, so that I could work on some stuff specifically, hitting multiple balls as that course is usually dead quiet. It didn't have anything to do with my playing partners that day. It wasn't that I was holding them up or anything like that: I suppose that could be a different situation, but still, it isn't your fault if the person is shooting 120 and feels bad about it. I would probably feel bad too!
  6. Good point. A score is just a number and is context dependent. The feeling of a flushed forged CB 4-iron is essentially an endorphin rush.
  7. The other issue with GI or SGI clubs is that if you pure it and you have water beyond the green, watch out! A good strike with my CB 7-iron is around 174 and a complete flush is 180. I was playing around with a GI iron on a monitor and my good strike was 178, but my flush was 192-194. Heck, I saw a few just under 200 yards. I played with GI irons for awhile (definition is something like a 718 AP3 or ZX5) and didn't see any decrease in scores, so I keep going back to my CB
  8. Yep, that is me as well. GI and SGI irons are a lot more "variable", especially when I am not swinging well. I get more feedback from a CB and can at least somewhat analyze what is going wrong. There is just something about the weighting and feel that works.
  9. I don't know too many who jumped from traditional blades to player improvement irons. Blades to player's cavity backs, yes. I have a set of Callaway apex MB and apex Pro combo irons, and have a set of Mizuno MP20 MMC irons. The MB's are a touch less forgiving and shorter in off-center hits, but it is close. Would I feel more comfortable carrying 180 over a pond with no room for error with a 6-iron using the MMC vs the MB? Sure. 9-iron from 150? Not really. I don't think I really gain anything with the MB clubs; the player's cavities are so good and forgiving these days. I haven't found a set of GI irons that I love however. I have been trying like mad to find a GI or SGI 4-iron that would be more forgiving than my MMC MP20 and so far, nothing.
  10. Thanks everyone! That gives me a good starting point; I will play around with it until I get "the feel" dialed. I need to be able to feel the club loading at the top: it is key for my syncing. The reason I am doing this is that I have a ton of success with my 4-wood off the tee in terms of distance, and I hit a Mini 300 driver at 43.75", also with a lot of success last weekend. On the monitor recently, my 4W is only 7mph ball speed lower than my driver, which leads me to think that a shorter driver that I can accurately load and sync will give me the clubhead speed I need due to better mechanics, and with more accuracy (due to better mechanics). I just feel more fluid with a shorter club, and if I am loading and engaging properly, allowing my hips to clear another few degrees by impact due to better timing, it more than offsets any loss of clubhead speed due to the shorter shaft.
  11. OK, so say I have the heavy duty lead tape (1g per inch). My club is an ST200 driver from Mizuno (lets assume set up to D2 SW stock) Shaft is a CK Pro Orange 70S (72g) but slightly counterbalanced. Grip is a midsize. I want to try it at 43.75", so 1.5" short from stock. Mostly due to the grip (I think), the club is currently at D0. 1) is the midsize grip part of the swingweight calculation, or do I add that back and assume it is really D2? 2) I want to swing it at 43.75", so I need to assume a loss of 6 SW points, right? Therefore, I need 6 strips of 2" lead tape? Plus (if any) to compensate for the grip?
  12. I got a range session with this yesterday. I was working on some things and swinging well; I had a lesson the previous day. My personal keys are staying over the ball (I am inflexible and when I turn, I sometimes move away from the ball; lifting the club as I turn to properly coil over the ball, gathering at the top, and driving off the back foot). The Mini 300 was set to 11.5 (lowest setting on the 13.5) with a stock 65g stiff shaft. I have never had a smoother range session. Something about the lower tee height and shorter shaft (and possibly pogo stiff flex) meant that I had to be smooth and controlled. I was using distance-limited range balls and still carrying 230, rolling out to 250. Something about it just works as a fairway finder, especially as my swing can get steep and the higher typical ball placement on a driver can be problematic. As my "control", I hit my D3 weighted SIM2 w/Ventus 7X. I was also hitting it exceptionally well, but still had some decent misses. Distance was consistently 10-20 yards past the 300. But I had some bigger misses: too quick at the top and not relaxed enough meant I could end up with a big pull or big miss right. I just didn't have the "misses" with my 300. Question though: is this a result of the driver, shorter length, or softer shaft? I can't "go at" the 65S shaft like I can the 7X. 43.75" is a pretty big difference as well compared to 44.75". What was interesting is that my very best swings, even at 11.5" loft, on the Mini 300 matched my "perfect" swings on the SIM2. Overall it was shorter, but I was able to sync up and get something more out of the Mini 300. At a more reasonable loft like 10.5, it may have exceeded the SIM2. what was crazy is how accurate and controlled I felt with this club, given the whippy shaft. I do find it easier to hit the ball at the lower height of the shallower-faced 300. But I also hit a 4 wood plenty far off of the tee, so maybe those smaller faces work for me. It do need to find a 11.5. This 13.5 isn't the right loft for me. I am definitely intrigued at this point. Would I take 15 yards less distance to find the fairway, especially on a tighter course? Definitely! Boy, if I could figure out how to put this in my bag along with a regular distance driver, I would!
  13. Yeah, I found the 785 to be very accurate off of the tee and forgiving on heel-side OTT misses. the 585 for me, was meh. I picked up a 785 off of global golf w/CK Pro Orange 70TX for $185. Great price! It is probably the most accurate driver I have owned at this point; still waiting for a shaft warranty replacement.
  14. Edit, I was hitting this again today with the stock shaft and it is probably too long for your needs. I was getting a lot more launch (even set to 11.5 degrees) with the stock 65 Proto stiff shaft (which is a pogo stick compared to my Ventus 7X black). Great driver though. With that softer shaft, I was forced to be smooth and "feel" the load at the top. It was probably the best range session I have ever had with a driver, accuracy wise. I was only carrying 230 with somewhat range-limited distance balls, rolling out to 250, but still. Jumping back into my SIM2, I was making that same smooth swing and getting the ball out to a carry of 240 with lower trajectory; it is a good training tool! The SIM2 is at 10.5 but the shaft on the Mini is a lot softer, which makes a big difference. I am kinda wondering if it would make sense to just have a 43.5" driver with hotmelt for tighter courses. I don't really know if the Mini 300 is more accurate than a regular driver: it could just be the lower tee and shorter shaft encourage a more controlled 4W type swing. I also teed up my 4W and it was about 15 yards shorter than the Mini, but with a different trajectory. The Mini seemed to get high quick and carry, whereas the 4W stayed low and climbed over time, but dropped with more spin and even on the range, stopped within 10-15 yards.
  15. I bought one to test and this might be a good idea. I had a really spinny shaft and it was too soft (65S) but with a Ventus 7X black, I was hitting it with fairly high loft and straight.
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