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  1. Thanks! I just spent 45 minutes out there this evening, hitting 120 balls with same easy wedge 40 yards; identical tempo and balance. It is becoming repeatable and hopefully something I soon won't have to think about due to muscle memory Unfortunately, the local course has moved to mats 5 days a week due to heavy range use and they have done nothing but hurt my swing.
  2. Cool. I am building out a plan. Areas to work on: 1) 3/4 to full swing. Tempo and weight distribution-load right, transition, move left while staying behind the ball. If I do this correctly and turn well, I won't hit worse than an 8/10 shot. Get more comfortable not swinging "hard" with the driver. Tempo is all I really need. 2) shorter game: consistent shoulder rotation: keep the club moving forward but don't lead with the hands. Soft hands. My short game is starting to save some pars. Keep doing the 30-50 yard pitch and punch shots for rhythm and impact feel. 3)
  3. Thanks! Yeah, the 30-70 yarders are really coming along. I took a lesson today and have never hit my driver so well: I took 12 swings and 9 would have been middle of the fairway, and I was carrying 275 with beat-up range balls. That has been a HUGE liability for me in the past as I spray it everywhere, but if I can work on my tempo and just stay behind the ball, I am in really good shape. I had 10/14 fairways when I shot 76. I played again today and shot an 80; the difference was 7/14 fairways and a penalty ball. I took a lesson afterward and things came together. Bummer I
  4. Actually, the largest improvement was being laid off for 3 weeks due to a joint strain in my back. I took 10 days off and only did 30-40 yard punch shots for the other 10 days (I have a park nearby that has roughly 40 yards of grass tucked in the trees). It really helped with my tempo and face feel. Now I am staying behind the ball and making square contact, with a smoother, easier tempo. When I get tense, I make mistakes, but when I just let my shoulders flow naturally, good things happen!
  5. I have the C-taper S+ and I play the 120 DG X100 in my other irons. The S+ feels a touch stiffer-I like them.
  6. When you were improving, did you improve gradually, or did it come together all at once? What caused your improvements? I had been shooting mid to high 80's at my local course (a slope 131 track but tougher this time of year due to wet fairways and lack of rollout on drives). Heck, I shot 115 back in April when I was struggling with my swing. Yesterday I broke through and went 76, and even on the back 9 after a sluggish start. Honestly, it felt easy. I didn't make any putts I shouldn't have made; I just didn't make a ton of mistakes. I counted 4 "mistakes" in terms of bad putts, duffed
  7. The problem is that you spend $3,000, then you start taking lessons. Suddenly that $3,000 bag doesn't make much sense. Swing speed increases; you are swinging more purely and making better contact. Now you need x-stiff shafts, a different launch angle on your driver, and player's cavity back irons. I bought clubs that "were better than me" last year when I started playing again, but that I could grow into. Now they are awesome!
  8. I built my bag for the following (purchased here) Titleist TS2 driver $210/Diamana Shaft $140 as-new Mizuno MMC MP20 4-PW $725 as-new Cleveland RTX4 wedges 54/58 $150 as-new Mizuno T20 gap $90 Scotty Newport 2 used $250 Titleist 917 D3 4-wood $110 Ping G400 hybrid (custom D5 SW) $120 all-in, $1585 for current (as of last fall), top of the line gear that fit me well, equivalent to a $3,000 bag. I could have gotten a set of 716 AP2 irons for $400 and a older driver/hybrid/4-wood and older wedges, probably still getting top of the
  9. Then sell it after 2 rounds for $1200 and chase another $3,000 that will mythically drop scores by 10 strokes!
  10. Simplicity is often the best solution!
  11. I am going on vacation next month and won't be able to bring a full bag. I can bring a small bag w/7 clubs however. What kind of scores do you typically shoot with fewer clubs vs a full bag? How would you choose which to bring? I will be at 4,000 feet and the ball will travel a bit longer, so I have to keep that in mind. I am thinking the following for club selection (distance adjusted for elevation). Should I drop the 5-iron and bring more scoring clubs? I could do 8/PW/GW/56 or 9/GW/56. I was thinking 5-iron as I that is a normal 540 yard par 5 second shot for
  12. So, I am not necessarily talking about your "hole in one" here: we all know that some are great swings and some are luck. I want to know what is a swing that stuck with you and that you look back on and go "wow, I want to make that swing again-that felt incredible!" Last Thursday, I teed off on a slightly elevated tee needing to carry about 240 to be middle fairway on a dog-leg. I hit my old reliable, a 3-hybrid G400 built to swing weight D5 at 39.75", purchased from someone here. The club is an easy 235 carry for me, so carrying 245 from the elevated tee would be perfect. A
  13. I have the Apex Pro 3i but honestly, I hit my 4-iron well and it makes more sense to just use my 3-hybrid choked up for that distance.
  14. Definitely. I went to the park and was playing around with the Apex MB PW as a cut open-faced wedge this afternoon, hitting it about 80 yards on a full swing. What a confident, easy-to-hit club! I think this club is 1 degree up as ordered by the previous owner, so I will try to get them bent for me (whatever that is). that could be contributing to the inaccuracy side to side.
  15. Shafts: S400 tour issues Quick review: I bought these here as a compliment (and trial) to my Mizuno MMC MP20 irons with X100 DG120 shafts. About me: 5 foot 9, 165lbs. Swing speed I don’t know exactly, but I typically carry my 7-iron 175 and my 3-hybrid 240. Fairly athletic. Currently a 7 handicap but I have had several rounds in low 80s on tough courses with bad chips, hazards, and 40 putts. I have been working hard on my swing recently eliminating early extension, arm movement, and being more patient; the last round I played, I was 3/4 hitting into greens from 180-205 yards out.
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