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  1. thanks! I tried 2 hybrids today and couldn't hit either! They were just off for me. I will keep searching. It really comes down to whether I can make a good swing. With a great swing, a "forgiving" club is not needed. I was playing Saturday on a long par 5 and hit my 4-wood 255 into a stiff headwind perfectly: It had tons of height and landed clean on the green, checking up within 15 feet and giving me a decent eagle look. It was literally the most perfect shot I have ever struck. If I could make THAT swing each and every time, I wouldn't need a more forgiving cl
  2. This is really personal preference. If you have one nearby, find a 6 hole pitch-and-putt type course and see what works better. Ours is between 60-105 yards and is perfect for dialing in both a CB and a blade wedge. I found no appreciable difference between the two: it was all about the club feeling smooth and easy in my hands, encouraging good tempo, which I find is much more a swing weight factor. With that said, I have a 54 degree SM7 and a 54 degree Ping Glide 3. wedge. Both are great: my best 18-holes on the pitch and putt have been between 13 and 15 greens made with each c
  3. This! I walked into a PGSTSS last year to randomly hit some clubs. The guy simply "couldn't" believe that I need an X-stiff shaft or that those SGI irons he recommended were going 200 yards for a 7-iron. I was like "dude-even I know enough about golf that my 7-iron shouldn't be going 200 yards. Plus, I played ZZ-lites as a 14-year old 120lb kid. Pretty sure these are feeling a bit whippy". Everyone has their own biases. The key to being a good analyst/consultant/salesperson is recognizing them and back-burnering them so that each situation can be analyzed dispassionately.
  4. I have a 50/54/60. the 50 probably needs to go as it doesn't match the SW of my other clubs and feels out of place. I use the 54 most of the time, including pitches. A nice swing and soft hands means I get 3/4 air 1/4 rollout in distance. the 60, under 50 yards, gets used sometimes, but is a bit more inconsistent in terms of distance I ordered a 58 to try!
  5. Ah, thanks! I need to find a place that will allow me to pay for time on a monitor without trying to sell me a club; if there is something out there, great, but the last time I spent time on a monitor, the guy basically tried to sell me a $370 shaft that was no better than my current shaft (and that I didn't have a refined enough swing to yet be spending money on a shaft-too much rust in my swing).
  6. Yeah, probably more like 215-220 on a full swing but something I can choke up 1" and bring to the 210 mark. My current 3H flies 235-245 and I suddenly find a real need for that 205+ up to the 3H distance, whereas before it almost never was a distance in play, just due to the nature of Par 5s being in the mid 500s and par 4s in the mid 400s; approaches on a Par 5 are always longer, and unless a dogleg layup, always shorter on a par 4.
  7. I was thinking something similar: hybrid with a regular shaft and not something that is "boosted". It is such a forgiving club, but it also seems to be a club that is built for people looking for additional distance as a driver alternative. I mean, my 3/4" short 3-hybrid goes about as far as my driver did back when I was a kid! Tech has come a long way, but still....if you had told me a year ago (before I had picked up a club since the early 90s) that I would have a 3-iron replacement in my bag that would go as far as my old Taylor Made Burner, I wouldn't have believed you.
  8. Great perspective-thanks! I would definitely give up a bit of spin on an SGI to be closer to the pin; a "miss" being 15 yards short on a cavity back vs 8 yards on an SGI is preferable to the "perfect" 4-iron when I attacked the pin with a swing that I can make 1/10 times.
  9. thanks! yeah, I find the same from the back tees. The par 4 that went from 425 to 460 isn't as big of a deal as I will still have 8-iron as an approach if I hit my drive well. But a 4-iron with a mandatory carry, where a slightly short miss puts me in trouble? Definitely intimidating.
  10. Nice! I will check it out. I did figure though that more height equaled better contact: when you see the pros, it seems they have an apex of around 100 to 105 feet.
  11. Here are the specs of the 2 clubs: TS3 8.5 degrees, D3 SW, 45.25, Diamana DF 60TX SIM2 10.5 degrees, D3.5 SW, 44.5, Ventus 7X Black I have been playing the TS3 for quite some time: unless I am just way too in front with my hips (resulting in a block left), my miss with this club is a strong fade. I normally hit it is straight to a mild draw and with tons of height, which was the case today as well. Carry is 260-275 when hit well on the course: 265 today at the range with generic range balls. I hit the SIM2 today and even though it is 2 degrees lower
  12. I saw a guy on TV yesterday, playing some random tournament in Europe near an ocean, who had switched out his 7, 8, and 9 iron for that type of links course after doing some testing. He won, so perhaps he was onto something? He was also smart enough to get into Berkeley (which isn't easy even if on scholarship; back in my day they wouldn't extend an offer to a T&F athlete who didn't score at least 1250 on the SAT) so he probably isn't a total idiot.
  13. Yeah, great to keep in mind! I don't know, perhaps my 5-iron is used in more manageable places whereas my 4-iron gets pulled out when I have that 215 yard par 3 with bunkers or water in front; it could be slightly harder to use but the situation pressure reduces accuracy, making it look like I struggle with it. Then again, I have flushed it for a near perfect shot more than once. It does take a close to perfect swing to get there! that well-struck cavity back 4-iron IS one of the best feelings in the world though... I also have really heavy shafts (S400) which may h
  14. Great call. As it is a no-cost trial, I went ahead and ordered 2 pre-owned clubs from GG. A PXG 4-hybrid w/Smoke 80 1" short and Srizon Z85 5-iron with Tensei hybrid X blue 95g shaft. There is also an HMB for sale for a good price here: I reached out to the seller. It is probably worth trying all 3 to see if it is an improvement.
  15. Actually, the poster above mentioned it; I was playing the ball pretty far up in my stance on those 60 degree swings. That might be contributing. I played 18 holes on a pitch-and-putt last week (average hole 80 yards, but they get as short as 60) with my 54 degree and hit 14 greens (shot 1 over). I know I can make these swings; it may be ball placement or something else that makes the 60 too easy to get under. That lob loft may require some adjustments. I took some wedge swings with my instructor last weekend and he loved where my swing was at, but we were mostly focused on mid irons with
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