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  1. I've had great experience at the Hackensack nj location. Jon is a great and not a pushy sales. He told me numerous time that I dont need to change certain clubs because it is a minimal gain.
  2. Hi, I have a G30 10.5 with ADDI S shaft (purchased from Will People last year). The head is in a good shape, note a little pain chip on top left (if you zoom in, you might be able to see it). Plays at 45'. Shaft is 43.5 Combined $220 Shipped US. Shaft- $160 Head - $70 Thank you. Eric
  3. Anyone has any experience with them? over 10K positive review but still want some validation. Thank you.
  4. I have speeder 661 with g series tip. Measures 44.25 and will 45.5 when installed. It has a relatively new gpmc plus grip $105 shipped.
  5. Hi all I got these from mystery box. Just looking to get cost back. 18 each shipped or 33 for both. Looking to trade for alignment stick cover or a 3 wood cover( red or orange) stitch
  6. ABOUT YOU =========================== CITY, STATE: North Brunswick, NJ HANDICAP: 14 ROUNDS PER YEAR: 30-40 HAVE YOU TESTED FOR GOLFWRX BEFORE? No CURRENT DRIVER MODEL================ BRAND: Ping G30 LOFT: 10.5 LAUNCH CONDITIONS=================== SWING SPEED: 96 DISTANCE: 240 BALL FLIGHT========================== LAUNCH EXAMPLES: LOW, LOW/MID, MID, MIG HIGH/ MID CURRENT PREDOMINATE SHOT PATTERN: (Draw / Straight / Fade) - Draw DESIRED PATTERN: (Draw / Straight / Fade): Straight (Below from last fitting in Dec 2015) BALL SPEED: 141 CARRY: 240 LAUNCH ANGLE: 16.8 TOTAL DISTANCE: 260 SPIN:
  7. Ordered mine at 2pm and already charged me but no shipping information yet:(. Just says item located in stock
  8. Hi all, I have a set of KBS Ctaper X Flex 5-PW, these are pulled from brand new set of 850 Forged (.355 i believe according to golfwork). These were pulled by Club Champion in NJ. Length are grip to tip: 37, 36.5, 36, 35.5, 35, 34.5 I am looking to get $75 shipped in the East Coast of the US and add $5 for Midwest. Sorry no Canada. Thanks.
  9. Anyone have any review from this location? I booked a fitting later this month with them.
  10. Hi, ADDI 6S (black or orange) or Speeder VC6. All stiff in flex. Price is below: (shipped in the US) ADDI 6s Black with R1TP tip (44' from tip to grip): $150 ADDI 6s Orange with SLDR tip (44.25' from tip to grip): $150 Speeder VC6 stiff with R1TP tip (plays at 44.5): $95 WILL TRADE FOR ANY 60gish stiff exotic shaft with G30 TIP.
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