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  1. Most of the courses near me sell balls by sleeve. Might be easier to do that than buying online.
  2. Just a little update. Been driving the ball like crap lately so I went back to cc in Hackensack nj for a fitting last week since I still have a free fitting. I was ready to buy a new driver and 3w ( not bought from cc). Jon assured me that I don’t need new clubs and said doesn’t make sense to drop $1k and maybe I will gain a little. He just said I stood too close to the ball and once he said that everything was good lol. Still highly recommend that location.
  3. I've had great experience at the Hackensack nj location. Jon is a great and not a pushy sales. He told me numerous time that I dont need to change certain clubs because it is a minimal gain.
  4. Hi, I have a G30 10.5 with ADDI S shaft (purchased from Will People last year). The head is in a good shape, note a little pain chip on top left (if you zoom in, you might be able to see it). Plays at 45'. Shaft is 43.5 Combined $220 Shipped US. Shaft- $160 Head - $70 Thank you. Eric
  5. Anyone has any experience with them? over 10K positive review but still want some validation. Thank you.
  6. I have speeder 661 with g series tip. Measures 44.25 and will 45.5 when installed. It has a relatively new gpmc plus grip $105 shipped.
  7. Hi all I got these from mystery box. Just looking to get cost back. 18 each shipped or 33 for both. Looking to trade for alignment stick cover or a 3 wood cover( red or orange) stitch
  8. ABOUT YOU =========================== CITY, STATE: North Brunswick, NJ HANDICAP: 14 ROUNDS PER YEAR: 30-40 HAVE YOU TESTED FOR GOLFWRX BEFORE? No CURRENT DRIVER MODEL================ BRAND: Ping G30 LOFT: 10.5 LAUNCH CONDITIONS=================== SWING SPEED: 96 DISTANCE: 240 BALL FLIGHT========================== LAUNCH EXAMPLES: LOW, LOW/MID, MID, MIG HIGH/ MID CURRENT PREDOMINATE SHOT PATTERN: (Draw / Straight / Fade) - Draw DESIRED PATTERN: (Draw / Straight / Fade): Straight (Below from last fitting in Dec 2015) BALL SPEED: 141 CARRY: 240 LAUNCH ANGLE: 16.8 TOTAL DISTANCE: 260 SPIN: 2380 SHAFT================================ MODEL: Fujikura Speeder 661 WEIGHT: 60 SPECS================================ FLEX: S LENGTH: 45
  9. Ordered mine at 2pm and already charged me but no shipping information yet:(. Just says item located in stock
  10. Hi all, I have a set of KBS Ctaper X Flex 5-PW, these are pulled from brand new set of 850 Forged (.355 i believe according to golfwork). These were pulled by Club Champion in NJ. Length are grip to tip: 37, 36.5, 36, 35.5, 35, 34.5 I am looking to get $75 shipped in the East Coast of the US and add $5 for Midwest. Sorry no Canada. Thanks.
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