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  1. No problem so thank you for sharing your thoughts so I can keep an eye on my WTB post then go from there.
  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  3. Thank you for sharing the media guide so I'm curious about whether you have the player's guide as well since I'm not too sure if that is being printed/available as well. In regards to your question, it is the official yardage guides that the players/caddies used earlier this month and am not too sure if ANGC printed a new set of them for this year knowing the previous tournament was just in November with them usually printing a new set of guides every year as well. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  4. Hello, all: I got wondering about if the Masters official yardage guides from last November was the same as what was used earlier this month or something like that with the time constraints in between them knowing that the Masters prints new one for every tournament yearly out of curiosity. That's since I'm trying to find them to add to my collection but haven't had much luck and thought I could try here outside of posting in the WTB forum recently. Thank you in advance if you reply to this post.
  5. Hello, I thought someone already asked what happens to the other 17 pin flags at the Masters or every tournament outside of the winning caddie getting the 18th hole pin flag since I was trying to find it in the forums but can't find it so I thought I could try here. If someone did ask that and got any replies, feel free to share them here. My apologizes in advance if this was brought up already. Thank you if you reply to this.
  6. Hello, all: I got wondering about how it would work with the Masters champion with his green jacket after next month with whether he'll keep it for a year as it usually is with the defending champion every April with hosting the Champion's Dinner. Will he have to give it back in April of 2021 or will it be retroactive to November? I got curious about this with knowing the Tour schedule got mixed up, etc back in the spring. If anybody knows something about this, feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you in advance if you reply to this post.
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