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  1. The company who actually made is called innovative resigns they now make all the golf works stuff... as @dlow206 stated the 460 you will have no issues, but another option is the DP810 if you don’t need the 460 strength
  2. Any release date info? I’ve been teased to long by i59 not to buy them day 1
  3. Yah the glide forged I heard is getting an update, and it was made of 8620 so it lasted much longer than the t20... there are some other small dtc brands that have forged wedges like Ben hogan and Edison.... not sure what else got left out besides epon and some other JDM styles
  4. Ping has the glide forged and so does PXG and I would think the Miruas are forged as well
  5. This is a great seller. I bought a shaft from him and he got it to me very quickly. Gave me his cell so if I had any questions I could follow up. If I was looking for a SIM I would have already bought this!
  6. Up for sale are some great items I have. Please reach out if you have any questions, but shipping via USPS is included in the price for each item, but I am willing to ship other methods depending on the price we might agree on. I am looking to sell all of these, but if you have something you might want to trade, I will listen to your offer. All pictures will be after I list everything up for grabs and please ask if you need more pictures. Up first is a new tour issued TaylorMade Sim 10.5 driver with an Accra tour Z RPG 472 M5+. I do not have the CT sticker for it, but it plays 45.5” and the shaft has not been tipped. Victory cord standard golf pride grip. Asking $OLD .$OLD OBO for the club. If you want just the head or shaft, I will do that. Head is $475 ...$OLD OBO and shaft is $275.... $OLD OBO. Second, is a new TSi2 10 driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana ZF-60TX. Head is brand new in the wrapper and does not have a headcover. The shaft has not been tipped and will play 44.75” with a BCT cord standard grip. Head is $435 ....$415 OBO and shaft is $OLD. Only the new TSi2 10* head is left... Asking $OLD Next, is a new TSi2 9 driver that is brand new in the wrapper and does not have a headcover. I am happy to swap over the Diamana ZF from the other head if you are interested. Head is $OLD OBO Also, up for grabs is a minty TS2 11.5 driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana D+ limited 80TX (Shaft Tiger games) The head is in great shape and plays 44” and the shaft has not been tipped. Asking $300 .... $275 for the club or $175.... $150 for either the head or shaft Last of the Titleist is TS3 hybrid with a Ventus black HB 9TX. It is in great shape minus the ding near the toe of the club and has the headcover. It plays 40.5” and the shaft has not been tipped. Asking $280.... $250 for the club or $165 ... $150 for either the head or the ventus shaft. Switching to Ping, up for sale is the new G425 SFT 3 & 5 woods. These have some marks on the face typical of a ping after it has seen a few months of use. The 3 wood has a tour issued KKDC 70TX and the 5 wood has a ($OLD) HC project X evenflow blue 85g 6.5. The KKDC has been tipped 1” and the evenflow 1.5”. both shafts play over 43” in the clubs. Asking $OLD for the 3w with choice of shaft or $OLD for the head. If you want the shaft either will cost $125. OBO on any of them that are left! 3&5 wood head is $old Only the shafts are left..... Tour issued KKDC $125 OBO & Project X Hand Crafted Evenflow Blue 85g 6.5 $110 OBO. Both have a G425 adapter but can be pulled if needed... Also up is a stand alone Ventus Blue w/velocore 6X driver shaft that has a G410/425 adapter on it. It came from a G425 driver and will play 45” in one. No tipping on the shaft and It has a Lamkin ST+2 calibrate grip. Asking $OLD OBO for it. I also have different adapters if needed. The last two items up are 2 tour issued Callaway epic flash drivers. Both drivers were built for the same player except the longer one has a little extra hot melt to account for the extra ½” in length. Both are shafted with tour issued Tensei Pro Orange 60TX shafts and have the tour issued Callaway Red dot adapters that allow the club to play flatter. The minty one with the headcover plays 45.5” and the other with the ball imprint on the crown plays 45” Asking $450 OBO for the minty one and $375 OBO for the other. This is the only items I would prefer not to split up. Willing to split them up now before throwing them on eBay.
  7. He bought it from me. We did a virtual fit and I built at BGT HQ
  8. @willpeoples payment sent for the Like New Graphite Design XC 70 TX Flex w/ Ping G410 Adapter 42.25”
  9. Also what is the playing length? How much was the shaft tipped before install?
  10. @grebeson if someone is interested in the head only I would become interested in the shaft only... let me know or if you want I can send an offer for the shaft only?
  11. What is the hybrid shaft in the pic? That for sale?
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