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  1. Up for sale is some of the stuff that didn’t make the bag this year Only posted pictures of the sole and face of clubs, so if you’re interested please message me and I can get you more pictures. *All clubs standard length unless noted. Srixon ZX 5 Driver-10.5-RH-Comes with the stock hzrdus black shaft (6.0) -Driver has been used for a handful of rounds and is still in excellent condition. Some light wear on the sole of the club and low on the face. Comes with stock head cover- $400 Srixon ZF85 Fairway Wood-15 (3)-RH-Handcrafted Hzrdus Red sha
  2. I think I might finally have the bag set for this season (highly unlikely), so I’m getting rid of everything else. I tried not to overload the amount of pictures, so if you’re interested in an item message me and I can definitely send more. 1. Wilson Staff Model CB-4-PW -DG s300 (stiff) Standard L/L/L Irons have been used for exactly two rounds and are still in excellent condition bordering on mint. 4 iron hasn’t been used. -$900 2. Srixon ZX7-6-AW -Modus 120 (stiff) Standard L/L/L Same story as the Wilson’s. Used for exactly two rounds and show
  3. All I've heard about the i210 is that they're a long way out? When did you order them?
  4. I literally just got these delivered from Scottsdale Golf and was planning on gaming them for this upcoming season, but in the time it’s taken for them to arrive I’ve really enjoyed gaming my Staff Model CB’s, so I am going to stick with those. Apex TCB 5-P Modus 120 Stiff Standard length, loft and lie Standard size GP Tour Velvet Cord Grips $1050 shipped to Lower 48. Clubs are still the same way they came from Callaway. The club heads are in plastic and everything about them is perfect. I haven’t sold anything on here before, but I
  5. Yea. I’m up here in Seattle, someone had them for sale on the classifieds. I didn’t ask how he/she had them before the release date. I was just happy to get them.
  6. Was able to get out yesterday and play with my new set of Staff Model CB’s. They play very similar to the Staff Model Blades, but as expected the longer irons 4-6 are easier to hit in the Cb’s. I’m using the stock shaft (Dynamic Gold) in stiff flex (same as my model blades) and it’s just a really nice pairing. The conditions yesterday were really soft and my whole round was played in the rain, but I had one of my better ball striking days that I’ve had in a while with these clubs. I can’t compare these to the V6 irons because I never gamed those, but I’ve tried a lot of irons over the past
  7. Sorry to keep harping on this, but do you know if they could make you any head you want, or does it have to be based off a players putter. I would kill for a modern weighted My Day putter (a head ping had released for a while) and am pretty tight with my ping rep. I might have to inquire with him if this is still going on.
  8. I'm in the same boat. If they're anything like the staff blades they're going in my bag. I'd either do a combo set with the blades or get a full set of the cb's for the days where I want a little more forgiveness.
  9. That’s what guys who have hit it say. It’s not an i210 replacement though. That’s coming at some point and although it’s an iblade replacement looks wise it’s more like the blueprint then the iblade.
  10. I The Iblade replacement is not going to be released in January. It’s going to be released in July. As some on here have already speculated it’s going to be called the i59 and from what I’ve been told it’s basically the iron to end all irons. I haven’t seen it. That’s just what I’ve been told.
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