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  1. Got some more goodies up for sale. Let me know if you have any questions 1. PXG 0211 St-5-Gap-Standard L/LL- Elevate Tour (Stiff). Irons have been used for exactly one round and no range time. Some of the faces look like they haven’t even hit a ball. A couple of the irons have some light scratches on the sole, but other then that these are mint. The set also comes with a 4 iron from the original 0211’s and it’s been adjusted 1 degree weak so that it matches up with the lofts from the ST’s. The 4 iron has an Elevate 95 stiff shaft in it instead of Elevate Tours. $750 2. Ping Glide Stealth 2.0 56/60degree wedges. Standard L/L/L. The 56 is a standard sole and the 60 degree is the eye sole. Both clubs were purchased new and have been used for about 7 rounds. The 60 was used more then the 56, so that’s showing more wear, but both of them have a ton of life left. Both have standard awt shafts in them. $220 3. Taylor Made Sim DHY (3)-19 Degree- Standard Length-Graphite Design AD-DI 85 Hybrid (Stiff)-Purchased this club in mint condition and have used it for a handful of rounds. Face is really clean and there’s some light wear on the sole. Really great club to take of the tee and it doesn’t hook like most hybrids want to. $215 4. Odyssey Two Ball Ten Triple Track S-RH-34”-Stroke Lab Shaft-Putter has been used once and is in mint condition. Unless you look at it very very closely you can’t even tell it’s been used. Comes with stock head cover. $200 5. Odyssey White Hot OG 7 Putter-RH-34”-Chrome Shaft-Same story as the two ball. Used once. Looks new. Comes with stock head cover. $215
  2. Got some more goodies from the revolving door that is my bag. 1. Scotty Cameron Champions Choice-RH-34”. Used for exactly two rounds. Some very very light scratches on the sole, but basically mint. Comes with OEM head cover. Stock grip. $old 2. Ping Prime Tyne 4 PLD-RH-34”-Used for about a half a season. Head/shaft is in great condition with only minimal wear present. For some reason the top of the grip is starting to tear. I don’t know why. It doesn’t affect play right now, but at some point it may have to be replaced, but not for a while. Comes with OEM head cover. $old 3. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 (2021)-RH-34”-Used for two rounds. Mint. Light light light wear on the sole and that’s it. Comes with OEM head cover. $old 4. Fujikura Ventus Red (Velocore) 6S driver shaft- Has a Ping G410/425 tip. Plays at 45.25 when installed. No wear whatsoever on the shaft itself. $old 5. Taylor Made P770/7MC Heads Only- 4-7 (P770) 8-P (7MC). Got these off the BST and put shafts in them. Used them for one round and they aren’t for me. Clubs were only used for one a few rounds before I got them, so they’re in excellent condition. It looks like 7 iron was used at the range or something because that shows a little more wear then the rest of the set. $old 6. Callaway X Forged CB 21- 4-AW-RH- Project X IO (6.0)- Got this set of BST and never used them once. Clubs are in awesome shape. A little bit of wear on each club face and some light light bag chatter, but still in really really good shape. Doesn’t look like they were used much. $old 7. Taylor Made Milled Grind 2 Wedge Set (50, 56, 60)-RH-Modus 130 (stiff)- Used for one round with the irons listed above. These are the wedges that are raw just on the club face. Wedges are in mint condition, but the 56 is already starting to show a nice patina. Don’t really want to split set up. $old 8. Ping Glide Forged Wedge- 50 Degree-RH- Modus 115 Wedge Shaft- Wedge is in excellent condition and has only been used for a handful of rounds. Only a little bit of wear on the club face. $120
  3. Mine is scheduled to be delivered today. Ordered the day they were announced. I live very close to puetz headquarters, so that may have something to do with it.
  4. You know the deal. Too many clubs. Not enough room. Prices are shipped to the lower 48. Ping G425 Max Driver (9) w/ Ventus Red 6 (Stiff)-Bought this off the classifieds about a month ago and I just can't get along with it. Plays at 45.25". In excellent condition as you can tell from the pictures. Not really looking to split up the head and shaft unless I get buyers for both-$600 Taylor Made Sim 2 Driver (10.5) w/ Stock Tensei AV Raw (Stiff)- Used this for a couple of rounds. Pretty much mint condition. Plays at 45.75- $old Ping G425 Crossover (4) w Tour 85 (Stiff)- I think I've only hit about 10 balls with this club. I like this, but my current set has a 4 iron, so I don't need it. Standard length and loft (black dot)-$200 Mizuno HMB Utility Iron (4) w UST Recoil 95 (Stiff)- Brand new in packaging. Gotta stop buying things that I don't end up using. Standard length and loft-$160 Wilson Staff Model CB (Combo Set)- 5 (D7 forged) 6-P (Model CB) 50* (Model Wedge)- Dynamic Gold 120 (Stiff)- Standard length and lie, Lofts are blended to match up and are as follows…5 iron-26*, 6 iron-29*, 7 iron-33*,8 iron-37*,9 iron-41*,PW-45*, 50-50*. Clubs have been used for a half of a season, 20 rounds or so and are still in great condition. Some light bag chatter, but still very clean faces. You'll love playing these irons. I promise you-$500 Ping TR 1966 Anser-35"- Red Dot- Got this locally and I have to say it's one of the more unique Ansers I've seen in a while. It's got the famed Ping star shot finish instead of the usual bronze finish that Ping used for these. It also has a sound slot and an alignment line. All the work was custom done by Ping. I also put in a stability tour shaft. I don't want to part with this, but I was able to grab a new button back, so this has to go-$old Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5- 34”- Used this for two rounds. Clean face, some very light scratches on the sole-$360
  5. Callaway Epic Speed Driver-10.5-RH-MMT 60 (Stiff)-Used for a handful of rounds, still in really great shape. Face is very clean and only some light marks on the sole. Plays at 45.5” and comes with stock head cover and wrench- $old Callaway Rogue 3 wood-15 degree-RH-Aldila Synergy 60 (Stiff)-Got this off of CPO and used it for only a few rounds. Some light marks on face and some, but that’s it. Plays at 43” and comes with stock head cover- $old Callaway Steehead XR-4 Wood-16.5 Degrees-RH-Tensei CK Blue 65 (Stiff)-Same story as rogue. Got this off CPO in like new condition and only used it a couple of times. Very very light marks on face and sole and that’s it. Plays at 42.5” and comes with stock head cover- $old Callaway Super Hybrid-3 (20 Degree)-RH-Evenflow Blue 85Hy 6.0 (Stiff)- Yup you guessed it. Another CPO purchase. Same as the other two this is has been used only a couple of times and shows virtually no wear. Plays at 41” and comes with generic Callaway head cover- $200 Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro (Blue) 60 (Stiff)-RH-Callaway Optifit 2 Tip. Used for a little bit in the Epic Speed, but in excellent shape. There’s a little bit of wear on the T and E in the word tensei, but nothing that affects performance. Will play at 45.5” when installed. $150 Titleist U500 Utility- 4 (23 Degrees)-RH-Hzrdus Smoke 90Hy 6.0 (Stiff). Played for about a season. Still in great shape with some light wear on the face and hardly any wear on the sole. Standard length- $old Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5-RH-34”-Standard specs-Only used for one round. In mint condition. Comes with stock head cover- $old
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