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  1. I experienced that as well, but somehow I was able to get a message to them. I can't seem to replicate the steps I used to get a message to them. If I figure it out how I did it, I will post here.
  2. They responded back finally and said that the length is for 6 iron. New message from: globalgolf (545,958) Hello, The length is for the 6 iron. Thank you JM
  3. The confusion and ambiguity is why without confirmation I won't buy that set. In my mind, the 5 iron length is typically quoted and historically has been at 38" as standard. Also, in all the shops in my area the 7 iron is the typical demo club.
  4. I have messaged them twice. I have pretty much decided to pass on this anyway. I could probably save some money and get them immediately. However, the piece of mind in ordering the irons exactly to my specifications is probably worth the extra money for me. Thanks for the input.
  5. I am looking at some irons on the Global Golf Ebay store and they have the Length listed as 37.5". The 7 iron in this set measures 37" and the 5 iron measures 38". I am not sure which iron they measure to get the published length. Of course, there is no way to communicate with them to figure out what iron they use to get the measurement. My hope is that they are measuring the 7 iron and it is .5" over standard length. Does anyone have any experience with buying used and know which iron is measured?
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