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  1. Just placed an order for some Srixon ZX irons. I'm going: ZX4 -- 5 iron (23*) ZX5 -- 6, 7 irons (27*, 31*) ZX7 -- 8, 9, PW (36*, 41*, 46*) I was afraid of the bunching up at the long end with ZX5s and want as much forgiveness as possible in my 5 iron, so I went with 4 degree gaps between the 5/6 and 6/7 and 5 degrees between the 7/8, 8/9 and 9/PW. Hoping that gapping works out relatively well. Then I'll stick with D/4W/7W and a 22 degree 4H before getting into my irons, and go 51/56/60 after the PW. Should give me plenty of forgiveness and launch
  2. 47/52/56/60 The 56 and 60 have different bounces and grinds. Those differences — rather than the different lofts — are why I keep them both instead of just going with a 58.
  3. I don't know if this helps but I might have a tiny bit of useful experience for you. I tested the P770s and a bunch of other stuff, and wound up with the P7MCs. You hear some pretty drastically different takes on how forgiving the P7MCs are -- some people say they're not forgiving at all; others say they were pleasantly surprised. Count me in the pleasantly surprised camp: My misses are typically a groove or two low or a little heel-side. The weight is concentrated in a way that does provide me with some help there, and I don't lose much distance at all and seem to retain spin pret
  4. I'm looking for Mizuno JPX 919 Forged irons, ideally in 4 or 5 iron through PW or GW, and ideally with Project X LZ 5.5 or 6.0 shafts -- although heads only would be fine. Hoping for standard length, loft and lie, although I can always get those adjusted. The JPX 921 lineup only offers lefties the Tour option in 6-GW, so I'm hoping to find the more forgiving Forged versions of the previous model!
  5. Has anyone hit and compared the ZX7s to Mizuno JPX 921 Tours (or, more specifically for me, the JPX 921 SEL, which is the lefty option of the Forged 4/5 and Tour 6-GW)? I’d imagine this thread would lean hard in the direction of Srixon, but I’d love to hear some experiences and observations. Especially interested in spin and turf interaction for those who are on the steeper side. Also looking for a touch of forgiveness, and wondering if either clearly stands out there. (I’d likely be going Forged through the 6 or 7 irons if Mizuno offered that option for lefties...) I’d be using Proj
  6. Yeah dude, the comma as a decimal separator (which Americans don’t do) is throwing folks off. You’re about 5 feet, 5 inches tall.
  7. I was one of the first people off at Ravisloe this morning — my first time ever playing the course. It’s a really nice course. Generally well-kept, and as a walker I really appreciated the super-short and thoughtful routes from greens to tee boxes. The Donald Ross design makes you think, and requires a variety of different types of shots, sometimes on the same hole. You don’t want to spend time in the greenside bunkers, but the greens themselves were receptive, and were rolling slow early this morning after the rain last night. Pin placements were at times challenging but fair — wh
  8. To me, about 3:30-3:45 feels ideal for walking 18. It's fast enough that you're moving, generally playing ready golf, not slowed down a ton by people in front of you, but slow enough that you never feel rushed, you have plenty of time to stop and clean your balls and refill your water bottle and zap the flag with your rangefinder and so on. My wife would like a round to last about three hours. Me? If it was solely up to me -- no work, no family, no responsibilities, nothing to worry about or consider -- I'd be at the course from sunrise to sunset and play as many holes as I possib
  9. I got a pair of ZG21s. Personally think they're more comfortable than CodeChaos, but that's probably because they're a lighter material and a slightly roomier fit. I was pleasantly surprised how lightweight these are. Comfort-wise, for golf shoes, these are really good. The boost in the heel is nice, and as others have said, transitioning out of boost toward whatever the other midsole material is remains comfortable. I have wide feet. Normally wear an 11.5 in Adidas shoes, but an 11 wide would have worked just fine in these. Still glad I went with the 11.5 wide, though -- these ru
  10. Totally. A couple of people have pointed this out, and it's a good point. I do have the P7MCs in the 4-PW right now (and I swap at least the 5 into my set instead of the hybrid sometimes), so I'd have that full set to sell or trade in. Realistically the JPX 921 Forged 4 and 5 and the P770 6 wouldn't really have any value, though.
  11. I'm left-handed, and Mizuno doesn't offer the 6I in Forged. We can only get the JPX 921 SEL set, which is Forged in the 4/5 and Tour in the 6-GW. Otherwise this is definitely what I'd do.
  12. I’m considering sort of an odd combo set, and want to know if anyone’s tried something similar and/or if there are any pitfalls to this idea that you all see. Here's what I have in mind: 4/5 irons: JPX 921 Forged 6 iron: P770 7-PW: P7MC I'd use KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts in all of them, and to get everything to match, I would need the Mizunos bent 1 degree upright and would need the P770 1 degree weak. I'm a lefty, so the JPX 921s would be from their SEL set and therefore 22 degrees and 26 degrees -- exactly what I need them to be to get my gaps right. I
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