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  1. Callaway's website just started taking orders for their new driver. The TR is an option -- although it's weirdly labeled the "Fujikura Speeder TR." In addition to the TR and the Red, Blue and Black, all at $350 upcharges, they also have a no-upcharge Ventus listed. Not sure if that's a made-for like TM's or just a glitch around the product launch.
  2. Man ... this putter makes a lefty want to learn to putt right-handed. Gorgeous putter. Good luck with the sale and congratulations to whoever buys it.
  3. I find myself sticking with Mizuno irons and Bettinardi putters. It’s newer but I also think the 19* Apex UW will stay in my bag for a LONG time. Like, to the point that I might end up ordering extras to keep on ice well beyond the point that they stop selling them.
  4. I've been interested in how consistently pretty low reviewers have found spin to be in the Rogue ST Max. I'd been thinking I'd likely end up with the Max LS -- I played the Epic Max LS last year and loved it. But if you can get reasonably low spin and comparable distance out of the most forgiving model ... why give up that forgiveness?
  5. OK, a separate question for folks: How would ZF compare to GD AD UB?
  6. Does that include Topgolf, TravisMathew, Ogio, Jack Wolfskin, Five Iron Golf, etc.? Again, none of this has anything to do with which driver is *best* this year. But lots of industry experts and golf media types have said they expect TaylorMade to lead the way in driver sales this year and I haven't really seen anybody suggest Callaway will keep pace. I don't really get why that's a controversial statement.
  7. How dramatic is the feel difference? I assume the TB feels like it kicks harder.
  8. This is awesome. Is the forgiveness on par with the Epic Max LS, even though the head doesn't look quite as long front to back? I loved the Epic Max LS -- best driver of last year for me by far -- and frankly would upgrade just for the matte finish, which was my only major cosmetic complaint. I don't mind giving up the sliding weight, since I always kept it pretty central anyway. That said ... the reviews of the standard Rogue ST Max model have shown higher-speed players keeping the spin really low and playable, so I'm not ruling that one out either.
  9. There are plenty of early indications of which company is likely to sell more drivers this year. (To be clear, this does NOT mean the top-selling driver is the “best” driver.) — Social media gives us at least a very basic glimpse at how much interest there is in golf products. Rick Shiels posted reviews of the Rogue ST Max and the Stealth on the same day. The Stealth review has 1 million views; the Rogue ST Max review has 435K. — 2nd Swing’s “Swing Report”: 21K viewers for the Stealth video; 11K for the Rogue ST video. — A quote straight from Michael Newton’s video that posted today: “Since the embargoes have lifted, everybody who’s coming in — everybody’s asking about the TaylorMade. Nobody’s asking about Callaway. Very, very few, indeed.” — Two quotes from *that other site’s* recent article with a series of staff predictions for 2022. First: “Young believes Stealth will prove to be a milestone in TaylorMade history. It’s an easy lock for the No. 1 position in the retail market; the only question is by how much.” And second: “Nickel thinks the company will eclipse a 50-percent share of the metalwood/carbonwood market. Covey believes that may be unrealistic given supply chain issues but the impact of Stealth could force competitors into early discounts—something that seemed unfathomable just a few weeks ago.” — TXG didn’t post on the same day, so it’s somewhat apples to oranges, but their views show more interest in the Stealth so far. 103K to date have watched their initial review of the Stealth and 72K watched their Stealth fitting video; 21K watched their livestream with Callaway reps on launch day and 44K have watched their Triple Diamond LS vs. Max LS video. None of this stuff is a perfect indicator. But it’s not nothing, either. Listen, I’m going to order a Rogue ST tomorrow. I think it looks incredible — they’ve addressed my only major cosmetic complaints with recent models, and the reviews are great. I’m especially impressed with how higher-speed reviewers have kept spin down with the forgiving Max models. I think it’s gonna be a great series of drivers for Callaway. I think Cobra’s look super impressive too, for what it’s worth. But expecting other companies to keep up with TaylorMade this year does not seem realistic.
  10. Curious about this and would throw Diamana TB into the mix as well, if anyone can compare. These would launch too high for me in a driver but I love the profile for a fairway wood.
  11. To me, Ventus Blue feels like it has a high kick point and AD HD more mid/mid-low. How about the UB, even though as you all said it doesn't kick as much? That high kick point is my biggest issue with Ventus Blue.
  12. Tried the new 360s today and did not like them. In my normal adidas size (11.5 US), I found the toe box very restrictive. The Boost is nice, but I didn't like much else about them. Definitely prefer the ZG21s.
  13. Seems like the embargo lifted at 9 p.m. Central. James Robinson, Rick Shiels and TXG all posted their videos within a couple minutes of each other right after 9.
  14. I was about to post the same thought. The shiny blue … well, to each their own, but I’m not a fan. I think the matte black with orange accents is much, much better looking.
  15. Club Champion's video is up. Nobody else is up yet ... @Club Champion did y'all slip in before the embargo officially lifted? Haha. I'm sure others will be up very shortly.
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