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  1. I picked up a Sim Max 4 hybrid last year with a Fujikura Ventus Blue 7S hybrid shaft at a great used price, and it was an absolute game-changer for me. Every shot just seemed to go where I wanted it to go -- I've never seen my dispersion anywhere near that tight before in my longer clubs. I'm continuing to see the same thing early this year: That 4H is just head and shoulders above my other longer clubs in terms of dispersion. I'm definitely going to get that shaft into my 3 hybrid. But I'm also wondering ... typically, is there much correlation between the hybrid shafts and the d
  2. I'm gaming Project X LZ 5.5 iron shafts. I've found that I tested even better with LZ 6.0s, but the difference wasn't big enough to upgrade at the time. I've found in the past that going in for fittings, it helps to have a few ideas of what, specifically, I'd like to try. What are some iron shafts with somewhat similar profiles to the PX LZs that could be on my list to test?
  3. Oh wow, that looks absolutely beautiful, and is an incredible price. It's definitely going on my list. Great tip.
  4. Oh for sure, that trip's definitely in the cards at some point -- I'm thinking February 2022.
  5. Great news, I'll be placing an order. Seems like there's a ton of interest in the yellow MTB-X balls -- hopefully production challenges improve enough to ramp up the supply of them in the months ahead!
  6. I have a ton of paid time off available that expires at the end of next year's first quarter, and I'd like to use it on a long winter golf trip. We have some major purchases coming up, so the goal is make this as long as possible while staying cheap (I don't want to set a super-specific budget because I am flexible; just want to be reasonable). I have tons of airline and rental car points, so flight costs don't need to be a factor -- all I'd really need to pay for are hotels, golf and food. I'd likely be going solo for all or most of this trip, so I don't mind staying in cheap hot
  7. Couple weekends ago I had a pitch off a really nasty lie front left of the green, with a creek back right. I hit it the way I'd wanted but the ball came out of that lie WAY hotter than I expected -- it was definitely headed into the water. But it hit the top of the flagpole and bounced straight down, landed maybe 6 or 8 feet from the hole. Made the putt for par when I should've been looking at a disaster.
  8. I'd respectfully disagree with this, and think high handicappers can definitely benefit around the green. Personally, I've found that with a "premium" ball I can hit more confident chips and pitches knowing they'll consistently check up. With a ball that spins less around the green, I had a tendency to roll them way past the hole or to try to overcorrect by that problem and winding up duffing or being way short. I believe switching balls helped me improve by a few strokes per round.
  9. High handicapper checking in here -- I can't tell much of a difference from the tee or longer irons, but I can definitely tell a clear difference in shorter irons and wedges into greens and on chips. I get more backspin with premium balls and it affects how I'd play those shots. When I strike the ball well (which, again, high handicapper, so I definitely don't do that anywhere close to 100% of the time) I'm able to stick anything from 150 yards or so in where it lands or on one bounce with an MTB-X, and get chips to check up the way I want. That just wasn't the case with the balls I'd been usi
  10. Sorry to resurrect an older thread but I'm wondering if anyone has found joggers with belt loops on the market this fall. I'm hefty and have shortish legs, so it's next to impossible for me to find golf pants that fit -- I have to get everything hemmed and tapered. Joggers are really my best option, and I'd love to find a pair with belt loops so I can dress them up enough to get by on just about any course. I'm also wondering if anyone who owns the Lululemon ABC joggers could weigh in on whether you could get by with them on the golf course, assuming you're wearing a
  11. Thanks, I appreciate this answer -- iron distance is a good point and I've seen some of the tests (Today's Golfer on YouTube for example) did find that the softer balls traveled further with their 7-iron tests. Personally even as a high handicapper, I've found that I benefit tremendously from the higher spin around the green of the MTB-X and other "tour" balls, and can't say I'm bothered at all by their feel. But obviously that's just my anecdotal experience and it's great to hear yours, as well.
  12. Yeah this is exactly what I'm getting at -- "why buy an inferior similar priced ball." I've been wondering if there was something I might be missing, some performance-related aspect of something like a Tour Speed/Tour Soft or Tour Response or ERC Soft, etc., that might be better than the Snell MTB Black or MTB-X, depending on your preference, or Vice Pro/Pro Plus. Just doesn't seem like it.
  13. I addressed this a bit in my previous post, but yeah, I totally see why someone would buy Q-Star Tours. I have six or seven sleeves in the closet from a previous BOGO. I think the examples I'm trying to get at are situations where balls cost the same or more than the DTCs like the MTB-X. So, for example, the Titleist Tour Speeds are $40/dozen vs. $29-$33 a dozen for the MTB-X. The TaylorMade Tour Response and Titleist Tour Soft are $35/dozen. I can absolutely see someone going with a cheaper option than the DTC premium balls. Just trying to understand why anyone would
  14. Yeah, that seems to be a pretty unanimous view so far. So I guess there's no performance-related reason a golfer should buy a Titleist Tour Speed or TaylorMade Tour Response, for example? They exist to compete price-wise with the DTC brands but -- while maybe they're close -- they don't actually match them performance-wise. (I do agree with Ger21 on the Q-Star Tours, by the way. Because you can get them cheaper than the DTCs like Snell, and again you're probably not sacrificing much in terms of performance, especially if you don't need the stopping power, there are people for whom
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