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  1. I've been trying the MTB Black and the MTB-X. I really like them both, but have found that for me, the MTB-X has a little more spin around the greens -- which I need. I'll keep using my 12-pack of MTB Black until I run out of them, then after that, the MTB-X is definitely my new gamer ball.
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic, helpful response. Your response about the MCs is a little disappointing because, as you note, it looks so great. Focusing on off-center hits -- if I'm reading your comments right, it seems like in your experience there might not be a huge disparity between the type of player who could game the P770s and who could play the JPX Tours, is that fair? I was surprised to see that the Tours didn't punish off-center hits more. Have you tested the JPX Forged, by the way? If so, any thoughts on how big the differences are between
  3. Has anyone had a chance to test the TaylorMade P7MC and the Mizuno JPX 921 Tour? I'm specifically wondering: How would you compare the forgiveness of each of them? (Knowing of course that they're not designed to be particularly forgiving irons.) Feel-wise, how do they compare? Are there any particularly noteworthy design differences in terms of length or offset? I'm considering combo sets -- P770s and P7MCs vs. JPX 921 Forged 4/5 and Tour 6-PW (I'm a lefty, so that's the only option Mizuno offers there) -- and want to get some thoughts and compariso
  4. eric61

    Sub 70 Clubs

    A Sub 70 person told me today they “fully expect” more left-handed offerings in 2021. I know news along these lines has been mentioned already; just sharing as an additional data point in case it’s of interest.
  5. eric61


    Interested in this as well. The YouTuber Ali Taylor found that the P7MCs were a little more forgiving than Mizuno JPX 921 Tours, which surprised me — I thought they’d be roughly the same (although it’s impossible to say his test was perfectly controlled). I wondered if anyone could make a comparison with the JPX Forged?
  6. Yeah if I can find a used set with PX LZ 6.0 shafts, I'll be all over them. (I missed a set of JPX 900 Forged with PX LZ 5.5s in the lefty swap shop on here earlier today -- saw them like two hours after they sold. Bummer.) Thanks, that's a really good list. I've already hit the P770s and really liked them -- just want to make sure I try as many options as possible before making a decision. For me, distance isn't that much of a worry. Forged is my preference -- though really, anything with enough feel that I can tell you where I hit it before seeing the ball flight works; I'm taki
  7. Totally agree, it's frustrating. They don't really offer anything for lefties between their SGI Hot Metals and their MP-20 SEL (3/4 in HMB, 5-PW in blades) and JPX 921 SEL (4/5 in Forged, 6-PW in Tour). There's a big middle ground there that other companies seem happy to serve but Mizuno -- which makes irons I'd love to buy; they all look fantastic -- doesn't, for some reason. I'd love to be able to compare the HMBs to the P770s, for example, but can't.
  8. Interesting! This is good to know -- my miss is rarely heel or toe; it's typically a little fat or a little thin. So the i500 definitely belongs on my list to try.
  9. Thanks, and great point on the Srixons -- the Z785 seems to have a lot of fans here.
  10. I'm shopping for new irons. Spent a couple hours at a fitter last week and really liked the P770s ... but I still haven't found anything I like better than a set of JPX 900 Forged that I recently got to borrow for a while. I'd be ready to order a set of JPX 921 Forged with my preferred shaft (Project X LZ 6.0) today. But, unfortunately, Mizuno decided not to offer the 921 Forged for lefties. Instead, lefties can only get the "921 SEL" set -- a 4/5 in the Forged and 6-PW in the Tour. I haven't had an opportunity to hit the Tour yet (don't worry, I intend to!), but my understanding
  11. Good question. An iron fitting there typically costs $100, and they refund half the price back if you place an order. A full-bag fitting is $200, with the same deal. But he didn't charge me anything, in part because he'd encouraged me to come back and hit my top options one more time before making a decision. I think it was a combination of two things: One, it was a slow day there; he had a couple guys come in to pick up their orders, but otherwise I was the only one in the store. And two, I think I struck him as a serious buyer. He said he was sure I'd be back in and that he'd ju
  12. I will be soon! Posted a separate thread about my fitting a little earlier if you're interested.
  13. This is so interesting, and fully explains something weird I experienced today. I'm a very high handicapper -- like breaking 100 is a good day for me -- so I'm far from what anyone would consider a good ball-striker. I fairly recently got back into golf and started taking lessons, and I've been using my 20+ year old PowerBilt irons I got when I was 12. After a few nudges, I went into the fitter at the course where I'm taking lessons today. I went into a fitting today expecting that "super game improvement" irons with maybe a regular-flex shaft would be ideal for me. I asked to tes
  14. I'm a high handicapper (it's a good day if I break 100 right now) getting back into golf and taking lessons again after about 15 years away from it. I've been playing with my 20+ year old set of PowerBilt irons that I bought when I was like 12 -- whippy graphite shafts, likely too short for me. I'd hit some clubs at a Golf Galaxy recently, but walked out instead of buying because they seemed determined to sell me something off the rack rather than talking about and testing different shafts, and I just didn't feel like I had enough info to decide yet. Popped into the well-reviewed f
  15. Good to know on Sub 70 that at least it’s a consideration. I have a demo set of the 699 6 and 9 irons on the way right now — looking forward to getting them in hand. I emailed Caley after seeing a James Robinson YouTube video (tbh I haven’t watched the video yet, but have it in my “watch later” list) to see if they were considering lefty offerings — no response yet, but I’ll update if/when they get back to me.
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