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  1. I’m thinking about putting a Ventus Red 7S in a Ping G425 5 wood, playing at about 42 inches (half an inch short). I know the stock Ping shafts are counterbalanced. Just wondering what I need to be thinking about to keep this from giving me a really odd swingweight. Has anyone else done a similar combo? How did it work? Did you change head weights, etc.?
  2. Yeah the Red launches higher for sure. No problems with RH adapter, just depending on brand you have to inverse the settings, so for example minus-one is actually plus-one. But "standard" is "standard" on pretty much all brands, I think.
  3. I want to caveat all this by saying I'm by no means an expert and don't really know what I'm talking about. But you sound similar to me in that we hover on that regular vs. stiff line in terms of swing speed. What I recall others saying about Ventus is its stability allows you to play down in flex if you want. At the same time, if you read my post a little higher, you'll see I haven't had any trouble with a stiff. In terms of 5R/S vs. 6R, what I've always found is that weight affects my timing more than my speed. I prefer slightly heavier shafts for that reason; too light and I get out of whack. If your current 53g shaft works well for your timing, I'd think you'd be happiest with a 5R/S. And if you're playing a draw-biased driver, playing down in flex might help you turn it over a tiny bit? So, purely a guess, but if I were you I'd think 5R would be a great place to start, but I wouldn't shy away from a 5S either if you see one at a good price. I'm trying a Red 6R in my 3 wood, because I got it for a great deal. Probably gonna end up switching to a 7S though, not because of flex but because of weight (and they don't make a 7R).
  4. Maybe an odd couple of options, but I’m looking into options for medium/high-launching fairway wood shafts. Just wanted to see if anyone has hit both and can compare? Looking at EI profiles, it does seem they’re at least somewhat similar in being much softer toward the tip and somewhat stiffer in the butt. I’ve hit the Ventus Red but not the Oban Purple.
  5. If that works for your gapping and the shot shape you want, I wouldn’t change a thing then! A reliable fairway wood is gold. I just don’t have one that’s been reliable, in part because until I took some lessons this summer I couldn’t hit any of them worth a damn.
  6. I wanted to know what the hype was all about, so I bought a Ventus Blue 6S for my Radspeed XB. It just arrived, and I took it out on the course today for the first time. Driver SS is typically 95ish, though I haven’t checked that in a while. First swing: A 278-yard drive (carry and roll), perfectly straight, the trajectory I want, right down the middle of the fairway. Holy crap. I’d never driven the ball that far in my life. A really good drive for me had been 265 yards. The longest I’d ever measured was 272, and that was wind-assisted on a day the fairways were pretty dry. OK, so one swing with this thing, and I’d already hit the longest drive of my life, and one that was perfectly straight. Next hole was a par 3. Third hole, wind had picked up a little, so I went with my go-to, into-the-wind driver swing: Low fade, aim down the right side of the fairway (I’m a lefty). It did exactly what I wanted and stopped at about 260-265. Next hole, I put a bad swing on it. Should have sliced into the left rough. Nope! Wound up on the left middle of the fairway with room to spare, farther up than I’d ever been on that hole. It went on from there. I love it. Guess my point is, yeah, a Ventus can definitely be the right shaft for a slower/moderate swinger.
  7. What do you want it to do differently? Are you looking for distance or a different length or trajectory or what? That F9 is still a great club if it’s working for you. The Big Tour can be lofted up to 16 and the Tour can be lofted down to 16, FWIW.
  8. A couple mentions of the VA Nemesys in this thread — @liveagua, @MPAndreassi and others, any experience/reviews you can share? It’s such an awesome looking shaft.
  9. Well, I wound up buying both the Big Tour 3W and the Tour 5W. Got RDX Blues in both of them. Took them out for a quick 9 today. The Big Tour 3W, I'm not sure about yet. It's a missile launcher, for sure, but I didn't have a chance to use it much. But that Tour 5W is a gem. It looks great, first of all. Definitely small, but a tall enough head that you could use it off a tee with confidence. I was surprised how high it launched, since it's billed as a low-launching head and I got it with what's billed as a lower-launching shaft. It also has a really nice, somewhat muted sound. I'm still working things out, but the Tour 5W is very likely replacing my Ping G425 7 wood as the third-longest club in my bag. I'd been having gapping issues, with that 7 wood not really going much farther than my 4 hybrid or 4 utility iron. This solves that problem. If I get a chance at some point, I'd like to test the VA Nemesys 75/Four shaft in the Tour 5W, for a very goofy reason: I think it'd look awesome. Joker vibes.
  10. I'd like to, but don't have any of the tools, nor anyplace in the apartment to store them, really.
  11. Chicago folks: I'm looking for someplace that can trim, tip and grip a couple shafts with a short turnaround time and pretty good price. I'm in the near western suburbs. Any recommendations?
  12. Really interested in the Weathermax stand bag. They don't list how much it'll weigh. But the cobalt/navy colorway is clean.
  13. I think the pull idea going up a steep hill is totally right. (And gave OP a laughing emoji reaction on the post for "when push comes to shove.") Additional tip: Drop the handle lower if you can, when pulling up a hill. This exact issue has me carrying more than using my push cart lately. The courses around here don't have huge elevation changes, so it's more wet/soggy days where I hate using the push cart. Then again, this is WRX and I'm an obsessive tinkerer. So I've also been thinking about working out an iron/wedge set with 5/6 degree gaps rather than my current 4 degree. I definitely find it easier to carry for 18 if I only have 11 or 12 clubs, but I don't like dropping clubs I'd otherwise like to have -- I don't want to just like, not carry my lob wedge and 3 wood, even though I'd only use them a few times. Every time I try dropping a couple clubs I know I don't really need for a specific course I've played a lot, I wind up finding a way to get myself into the very rare situations on those courses where I need exactly what I left in the trunk that day. I'd rather have a second set with everything covered by 11 or 12 clubs, if possible.
  14. I'm in the market for a super-lightweight stand bag for carrying. I got a chance to check out a bunch in person a few days ago, and aside from the smallish water bottle pocket, the Ping Craz-E Lite seemed like it might be exactly what I'm looking for. I know there was some chatter last year about these bags being unreliable -- I think that was centered on faulty dividers and stands. I also know Ping repaired or replaced the bags of people who reported those problems to them, and supposedly started selling a version with those issues fixed. However, I haven't seen much talk about these bags since Ping supposedly fixed the Craz-E Lite's problems. So I'm wondering if anyone has bought one since then -- or maybe received a replacement version from Ping if theirs had problems -- and could weigh in on the reliability of the current version? (Also, I apologize if it feels like a separate thread on this topic was unnecessary. I've read through all the recent lightweight stand/carry bag threads on here, but haven't really seen folks address this specific question.)
  15. Interesting, a whole set that's not blended? Would be a departure from what Mizuno's done lately (the "SEL" combo sets), but it's what I'm hoping for.
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