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  1. Tried the new 360s today and did not like them. In my normal adidas size (11.5 US), I found the toe box very restrictive. The Boost is nice, but I didn't like much else about them. Definitely prefer the ZG21s.
  2. Seems like the embargo lifted at 9 p.m. Central. James Robinson, Rick Shiels and TXG all posted their videos within a couple minutes of each other right after 9.
  3. I was about to post the same thought. The shiny blue … well, to each their own, but I’m not a fan. I think the matte black with orange accents is much, much better looking.
  4. Club Champion's video is up. Nobody else is up yet ... @Club Champion did y'all slip in before the embargo officially lifted? Haha. I'm sure others will be up very shortly.
  5. Good stuff! I've got the link pulled up to check out. Thank you. And just to clarify, on my OG Premiums and OG Feels -- I got them during the Black Friday sale, and they were delivered in late December. It's winter here in Chicago, so I definitely won't be able to walk 18 in them for the first time for a few more months. I suppose I could wear them on the treadmill, though. I can also see where the flexible sole is going to take a little adjusting on my follow-through -- keeping balance while my back foot is toe-down might be an adjustment. All in all, though, these shoes are so far ahead of any of their competitors in terms of comfort that I'm going to try really hard to make them work.
  6. Thanks, this is super, super helpful. I swing slower than you -- 105ish on a Trackman. But we have similar AoA, and my spin is right in the same range with the HD. I love the super-strong kick I get out of the HD, but do want to get it under control and get the spin down more. I'm super interested in the Ventus TR as well. I think the TR and the UB are two that I really need to test in the near future -- both seem like they'd be in the direction of what I'm looking for. I think I also might need to revisit the RDX Blue in a stiffer flex.
  7. I hope you'll post your thoughts even without including the E.I. profile. (I know the archived version is available so folks can refer to it if they need to, and I saved a screenshot just for personal reference that I won't post ... I think E.I. profiles are really helpful in terms of understanding shafts, but understand where @Fujikura Golf is coming from.)
  8. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with both the Ventus Blue and the Graphite Design Tour AD UB, and could share a comparison in terms of feel, as well as launch and spin? I'm well aware that there is no industry standard or consistency between manufacturers, but Fuji's "firm/stiff/ultra-stiff" and GD's "medium+/medium+/stiff+" seem to describe similar profiles. I've been playing the Ventus Blue and AD HD over the last year, and am basically looking for something right in between them. Wondering if the AD UB might be it, but last time I was in a fitter's, they didn't have AD UB available. I'm definitely open to hearing about other shafts that might fit right in between a Ventus Blue and AD HD, too!
  9. Can you give us any hints on which OEMs will have it? Or, let me put it a more direct way: I'm a club ho in true WRX fashion, and I'm probably gonna be buying the Callaway and Cobra drivers when they release this week. Which one should I wait until February 1 to order?
  10. Thank you so much for this post -- this is all incredibly helpful. I've read it closely a couple times already. I'm arriving at these shoes in a bit of a different way than you did. I have an extremely wide midfoot. Look down at your right foot, and imagine it's shaped like a D -- where the middle is the widest part. That's me. It's just my bone shape, always has been. It's not too hard to find wider toe boxes, but it's exceptionally difficult for me to find golf shoes that can accommodate my wide midfoot. (For example, my New Balance shoe size is 10 6E, which is about the widest anybody makes, and I'd still like a little bit more room in the midfoot. I often wear Ultraboosts, just because the knit is so stretchy that my foot can kind of hang over the side comfortably.) I'd heard True Linkswear was wide, and so far I'm finding that to be basically true. During the Black Friday sale I got a pair of OG Feels and OG Premiums. The OG Feels are pretty great, because they're somewhat wide and are a loose enough knit that they accommodate the weird parts of my feet. The OG Premiums are too small with the extra-padded insole they shipped, but when I put the OG Feels' insole in them, they fit well -- so True Linkswear is shipping me an additional thin insole for the OG Premiums for free. (Side note, their customer service is exceptional. Seriously, SUPER helpful. That alone makes them a company I want to keep buying from.) I'm a little worried about the zero drop aspect and how my feet will hold up walking six or seven miles that way. I have some insoles that support the middle of my mid-foot that I think I'm going to throw in the golf bag, and just have them on hand just in case I find myself 12 holes in and struggling, the first few times I wear these out on the course. I do normally wear shoes with a lot of support -- I've already mentioned New Balance and Ultraboosts. But I also have a pair of New Balance Minimus (they're older ones ... 20v4 maybe?) that I wear from time to time, too. I like them -- they help prevent me from walking on the outsides of my feet. I've long had a problem with shoes that have supportive arches causing me to walk on the outsides of my feet. Maybe it's just because of my ridiculously wide midfoot, but they feel like they're tipping me out that way. If there's going to be support, I need it to be not on the inside of my arch, but rather under the middle of my foot, which is what I get from insoles like these. I like to play early in the morning while dew is still on the ground. So I've been thinking the OG Sports -- which are supposed to be waterproof, but also a knit material that should have some give to help out my midfoot -- might be the perfect pair for me. I'd also been thinking about the Lux Sports, but if they're not as wide, I'm just concerned they wouldn't work for me. I suppose I could always return them, though.
  11. I’m hoping to get some feedback from folks who have had True Linkswears. How do the shapes of their shoes with a slight drop from heel to toe compare to the zero-drop shoes? True Knit II vs. OG Feel, for instance. Do the transitional drop shoes have the same width, same wide toebox? Would you recommend the same size in both? Also, comfort-wise, how would you compare them? And to take it a step further, how would you compare the Trues with Wanderlux and a transitional drop like the Knits to, for example, Adidas Boost? Is it similarly cloud-like, or firmer, or softer…?
  12. Sim/Sim2 Max weren’t adjustable but we’re pretty upright. I assume Stealth is too.
  13. Epic Super Hybrid might be what you’re looking for. Other than that I’m not sure you’ll find many bigger and more forgiving than the G425s. They’re pretty darn forgiving.
  14. The sales figures aren’t going to be close, even though both of those points are true.
  15. Really interested in this as well. I think the Rogue ST Max LS is shorter front to back, in between last year’s Epic Max LS and Epic Speed. Would really like to see a comparison.
  16. I haven’t even watched this video yet but I have seen this guy’s channel plenty and for what it’s worth, he pretty much always wears Mizuno gear. He probably shouldn’t have done that in a video comparing a Mizuno product to a different brand, but I don’t think I’d necessarily dismiss anything because of that, since it seems to just be what he always wears.
  17. eric61


    145 pages in and counting on the Stealth over in the Tour and Pre-release forum.
  18. Callaway is going to get hammered by TM this year in sales, no doubt. But I really, really like the way the way the Rogue ST drivers look. I love the matte. Simple and clean is exactly what I’m looking for, and they’ve delivered it. Take the gold half-circle off the back, and they’d be perfect. They seem to have addressed my only real cosmetic complaints with last year’s Epic lineup, and the Epic Max LS was incredible for me. My interest has been piqued by the reviews so far. Distance has been comparable. And what’s most notable to me is that reviewers are hitting the Max version — not the lower-spin versions. And a lot of them are finding launch and spin numbers that are comparable, if not even lower, than the Stealth Plus. Some of those reviewers have been mentioned already. That kind of performance plus a 26g weight at the back? Not having to go to the less-forgiving Max LS and TD models to keep spin in a reasonable range? Sign me up. (…But who am I kidding, I’m a WRXer and am buying both.)
  19. A catalogue that showed the details was up briefly yesterday in the thread speculating about whether Ventus iron shafts are coming -- taken down quickly after someone posted a link here in a thread that @Fujikura Golf was active in. It was called the Ventus TR in that catalogue. Assuming that's the right product, it looks like this'll have a stiffer butt than Ventus Blue. But the E.I. profiles weren't plotted on the same graph in the catalogue so it was hard for me to know exactly what to make of it. It seems like a reasonable big-picture guess that this is basically a Ventus Blue plus the 90-ton carbon fiber from the Speeder TR. If so, that'd be a shaft I'd be extremely interested in. That's purely my guess, though, and I have no real information other than the teaser Fuji posted and a quick glance at that catalogue, so don't take any of this as any more than just my own speculation. Johnny Wunder was asked about it in his Instagram Q&A last night and his response was something along the lines of "ask me again next week." Mike from TXG also refused to answer a recent question about it. So it seems like the embargo is lifting sometime within the next few days and we'll know much more very soon!
  20. Whose video was that? It’s down now. Didn’t get a chance to see it.
  21. Have you heard what Mizuno’s quoting folks on those shafts right now in terms of timing? Because that’s what I pre-ordered.
  22. Right. I expected about half, maybe 3/4 of a club, not a full club. But the combo of lower spin and the loft difference, plus a more forgiving face, seems to do it.
  23. Dude those numbers are screaming 4 wood. Considering your ball speed and carry distance, your launch is low, your peak height is low, and you're hitting it too far. The 16.5 degree head ought to be perfect for you.
  24. I posted this this morning, and just now watched the Sim vs. Sim2 vs. Stealth Plus video. I have to give Ian and Mike credit where it's due. In that video, you could see Ian making more of an effort to bring Mike in -- asking Mike to share his observations before Ian offered his own. That seemed to help Mike settle in and play a larger role, and also let Ian build on what Mike had said without taking the whole thing over. Look, it wasn't perfect. Far from it. But it seemed obvious they're trying, and I do give them credit for that.
  25. Obviously impossible to tell what the overall look will be based on that picture, but it looks like the finish might be similar to the Speeder NX?
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