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  1. Would you be willing to separate head and shaft? Would love to purchase head but have no use for the shaft.
  2. My brother has been looking for a newer set of these exact irons, has been playing MP-32s with S300 for almost 10 years... will pass this along to him.
  3. First post... sorry if this is in the wrong sub forum. I got fitted a few months ago for new irons. I ended up with t100 with True Temper Black s300. I was previously playing some older MP-32 with project X rifle 6.0. My Ball flight has Definitely gone up which is nice but I really feel that I have lost distance. It is not so bad in my shorter irons but I used to be able to carry the mp32 5 iron around 205 and now I struggle to get it to 195. I love the Titleist t100 head and the extra forgiveness in the long clubs has made a huge difference with ball striking but this loss in distance is real
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