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  1. Awesome input third-times-a-charm...thank you... Any other ideas?
  2. I'm a single digit player and recently got a fitting at TrueSpec in Scottsdale and bought Callaway's Mavrik Driver w/Graphite Design Tour AD TP-7 with 45.5 length and their Mavrik 3-Wood w/Fujikura ATMOS TS Blue 7 and std length. Good news the 3-wood is performing unbelievably good, I hit it really straight and carry 265 easily. The connection between the 3 wood head and Fujikura shaft is seamless just by holding the club, it's obvious to the feel. I can easily feel the groove either taking it back or coming down and the club/shaft releases firm and unbelievably good. The Mavrik dr
  3. Anyone know where one of these can be bought quickly..not in China.
  4. Anyone have a current update to this list? I'm moving to the Sac EDH area in the near future? Thanks.
  5. Any other Sacramento areas golf coaches out there to discuss?
  6. Moving to the Sacramento area soon and was looking for a great instructor who works with more experienced players one on one..an easy going..positive attitude would be awesome!
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