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  1. I play 1 inch over in irons and hybrids and currently use the Titleist TS2 21 and 19's. I also play my PXG Gen 3P irons 2 degrees up. So factoring all of that it I find it hard to get the lie of the hybrids to blend well with my 5 iron even with the Titleist adjustable hosel. I really like the performance of the Titleist hybrids but I notice I have to really squat and lower my hands a bit more for solid contact and sometimes have a tendency for it to leak a little left..I normally hit a draw with most everything else. Anyone have a cleaver idea on how to get the lie blend between the 5 iron an
  2. Ordered the Titleist TSi4 (low spin) 9 degree driver with a Tensei Raw White shaft. The combo of the forward CG in the club head and the shaft with low launch and low spin should make this a bullet launcher!! We'll see, delivery expected in a couple of weeks.
  3. We've already checked my impact position which is near the bottom of the face.
  4. Seems like the Cobra Radspeed with its low spin (low center of gravity) and adjustability might be a solution..never owned one. I do like their stock shaft offerings.
  5. The Callaway's are a no go for me as their face is too numb for me to feel where I'm making impact. It's a personal preference thing.
  6. I'm 6'4 and I have a steep swing which produces a high driver under normal situations. I'm looking for a head that has adjustability (front and back) to help control trajectory (with the help of the right shaft of course). I'm a solid 6GHIN and a pretty consistent ball striker but the driver is my next area to improve. I currently play a 9 degree Titleist TSi2 which is fantastic however still higher than desired. Any suggestions?
  7. Update: I now have a followup appointment to check out what the issue is with the new ($1100) Ping driver. The fitter told me they will go over the Trackman data from the original fitting and we'll then hit balls again with both my current Titleist driver and the new Ping. I hit both clubs again outside at the range again yesterday and there's clearly an issue. Not sure why I was fit for a 10.5 driver when I've always previously hit a 9 loft. Anyway, I've been thinking through the Perfect Fit Guarantee. Those words should mean something when Club Champion uses them so clearly in th
  8. I recently got fitted for a new driver with a custom shaft ($1100) and quickly found out on the course it was soaring on me and consistently shorter than my current driver. I have an email to the fitter to discuss. Before that convo I wanted to be a bit more prepared on what their Perfect Fit Guarantee actually means..I've went through their website but didn't locate any specifics to this implied benefit. Does anyone know what this guarantee actually means? Can you start over with a new club and shaft and no cost? Are you limited to adjustments with the initially purchased club and shaft?
  9. I actually used a labelmaker with my phone # and applied this to the bottom of the Bushnell where the model.serial number are located. I then placed a thin clear tape over that to keep everything in pace.
  10. Anyone have a clever idea on how to label a Bushnell rangefinder? They are pricey and I'd hate to lose it!
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