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  1. I loved my MP54s. As a leftie, I didn't have the option of the 919 tours. Not a fan of the 921 tours just because it's only the forged in the 4 and 5 and the rest tours. The 223 makeup is much better. I'm not the greatest ball striker so I like the extra help in long and mid irons.
  2. What's sets have you had recently? I'm a 2 hdcp and had the 919 forged too but never got along with them, but didn't experience flyers like you did. I'm now hitting the T200s which is a little more on distance side in the players distance category. I haven't hit the 223s but it seems like the 4-7 are more in the players distance category.
  3. Not an answer to your question, but it was the same with the Radspeed last year. All I heard was good things when it launched and now it's oh it was never that great and wasn't stable and the LTDx is so much better.
  4. Interesting. Was in GG yesterday and asked to hit the Stealth and he said they couldn't let people hit them until Tuesday in the basic net area and someone was in the trackman bay. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Early release maybe!?
  5. It's just me, but I would stick with the stayed lofts in them, hit them and figure out yardages and then adjust as needed. Just an example, but a 22 degree hybrid will likely go farther than a 22 degree iron.
  6. I think a 115 to 130 gap is alright, but I feel good taking some off of wedges. I got the GW in the T200 which is 48 degrees. I don't use it. I got too bunched up and prefer a vokey. I thought I could go back to 52 vokey, and 48 T200 GW, and 43 T200 PW, but it was too many in that space and my gap between the 6i and my 4 crossover was too much and to add the 5i I had to take out the T200 GW. The 6i is bent a degree strong so it's 27 and my 4 is 23 but the gap was 25-30 yards.
  7. I bent my 52 to 50 degrees and it plays about 115, then I go to a 56 which is about 95.
  8. Trying to get the 7i as strong as possible for fittings is definitely a problem within the industry. It's all about what sells as this doesn't really help the golfer in the long run. I got the T200s this fall and they have a 12 degree gap from 7i to PW, but I actually bent the PW so I now have a 13.5 gap. I've only had a few rounds and range sessions but it seems to be going ok so far. I'm a 2 hdcp, but I've always felt comfortable with short irons and wedges and taking a bit off so I wanted a bit more help on the long end of the bag. This is my first foray into stronger lofts so we'll see how it goes. I've only played rounds with temps in the high 40s so not sure of actual playing yardage yet, but my PW - 7i on GC quad are about 130, 145, 157, 170
  9. Good call. While they both have a 10 degree gap between 8-PW, the different makeups in the 223 certainly is reason to question. Need a report on this from someone who gets the 223s.
  10. It seemed like they had that same amount of gap in the 225s as well but they didn't bring it up like they with the 223s. I think it will be fine at regular mortal speeds.
  11. Been a Mizuno iron guy at heart for the last 20 years, but they've slowly been breaking it with not making all irons in leftie so I finally became a trader and got the new T200s this fall...but, man I like the sounds of the 223s.
  12. This must be it. I ordered mine through my swing instructor and 10 days later tried to make an edit, and they said it's too late as it's already been boxed and ready to ship.
  13. You may just need to tighten it up. I had a rattling on my M2 and I just had to give it a good crank.
  14. Ventus Red 6s w/ velocore $old shipped CONUS. Add $5 east of Mississippi. TaylorMade tip. Measures 44.5". Golf Pride Tour Velvet Regular grip. Cobra Shaft Adapter - LH $15 shipped CONUS.
  15. Checked the Golf Galaxy near my work over lunch today and they're hoping to have them tomorrow. The guy didn't seem to confident in that though.
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