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  1. I have never been so happy for someone I don't know personally. Just watched his interview, he reaffirmed what a great guy he is. I'm rooting for him over one of my other hometown favorites Xander. I really hope he pulls this off.
  2. He mentioned at the end of his last show that the show was over, it aired(at least I saw it) 3 or 4 months ago.
  3. This is old news.
  4. Would my Big Tour 3 wood shaft fit this? I'd get the proper shaft down the road but for the time being.....
  5. The face looks like a holographic gunsight on a cheesy video game.
  6. Heck I might even watch some of the cheesy stuff on Wednesday!
  7. I have a Mevo sitting in Doraville GA right now that is due on my doorstep Monday the 4th.
  8. From lesson, book, TV, internet, friend etc.? Since I've been back swinging the clubs so far what seems to be working well for me is simply keeping my elbows tight to my body and rotating my shoulders so my lead shoulder is pointing down at the ball at the top of my backswing. Saw it on a Tom Saguto vid referred to as stack and tilt method I think. I'm at the point of setting money aside for some lessons. The question with that is, what is the minimum amount I should take to make it really worthwhile?
  9. A drive where you say "man I would give my left *** to be able to do that all the time." Within 5 yards off center line? 15? What is "Wish I would have done better but it's down there and I can recover" 15 - 25 yards off center?
  10. Yes Magic, I sit here at work off in 28 minutes and go home to sleep then come back and do it again tonight. No kids, no magic for me. Many times in the last few hours I have wondered how many children are waking up the most excited they have all year and rushed to a dark living room and turned the lights on to see the magic. What a time huh?
  11. I've always told people that my attraction to this game is that as bad as I am, I always get a few shots/holes where I play very well, remember those and it's what keeps me coming back. Every round I crush a few off the tee down the middle of the fairway, put one on the green from 100-110 and 140-150 out, chip out of a bunker to 5-6 feet of the hole, drop 8-10 foot putts. The problem is those are scattered throughout the round, not put together on every hole. That's my point. I have honestly had more than one experienced golfer tell me I have a nice swing. I just can't get it together for a f
  12. I suck and haven't even broken 100. If I videoed every shot and edited together the all best I could look like a pro.
  13. If you have to proclaim yourself a winner, you're not. LOL
  14. Actually I should have added, "as long as they think about him". You've heard the saying "just spell my name right"?
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