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  1. Gotcha Monte. I appreciate all your help. Still plugging away at close the gap. I think there was some kind of user error on my end. I’m not the most tech savvy person. Or maybe I misunderstood how the platform worked. I am glad I did the online lesson and am pleased with the drills and assistance you gave me. Thank you so much.
  2. I was a pitcher for most of my life and I’ve seen the throw drill before from Pete Cowen. I can never quite seem to grasp it when there’s a ball in front of me. I can do the motion blindfolded. Skipping stones, throwing the submarine ball, throwing the tennis ball into the ground feet in front me. They never seem to translate when I put the club in my hand.
  3. Yup. Unfortunately, Monte explained it as a symptom of my tendency to slide laterally due to early right hip firing and poor sequencing in his written lesson summary. Something that might fix itself or need further drills to fix. But to start with syncing up my arms and lower body and go from there. Is there anything else that stands out to you?
  4. Understood. Good catch. I think it was just a coincidence or a symptom of ridiculously sweaty grip without a break. It was 100+ degrees that day. You can actually see that my shirt is drenched. I have hundreds of videos and this is the only one that I’ve come across me doing that. Appreciate the feedback tho.
  5. I see. It’s good to know that it’s useful. The part I’m weighing is that I would almost certainly never be able to attend a clinic or a live lesson. So the $50 monthly fee wouldn’t really offer me that much savings unless I did more than 2 lessons per month. Granted the unlimited feedback from Monte would have helped in this case but I feel like it was an exception case and not the norm. I think the next step for me is to implement the changes and do a live stream lesson with Monte when I’m ready. This way I can get a more clear idea of what my short and long term goals should be. I
  6. I am aware of Monte’s follow up question policy and think it is a reasonable one. I asked a question the first day which was answered. However, a few days later I asked a couple more questions on the platform and they went unanswered. I think there was some kind of error, or maybe I wasn’t using it correctly. I gave Monte a couple days to respond, but then the follow up time had lapsed. So I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I emailed Monte last night, explained the situation and he was happy to answer my questions. All in all, I’m glad I reached out. I’m clear on what the
  7. I see. You might be a tad under plane coming thru, but this is less of an issue with driver. I’m assuming you block your mid irons out sometimes as well? Anyway, here is a good drill that worked really well for myself and a few of my friends. At first, it is going to feel ridiculous. Exaggerate the move until your subconscious adjusts. Might take a day, might take a week, might take a few months.
  8. Yeah. Monte’s “Close the Gap” drill is essentially the same as the pump drill. I’ve seen people use the right foot back drill and a left foot step out drill. The step out is where you take a narrow stance and in the downswing step with the left foot out diagonally towards the ball and target, effectively closing the hips in the first downswing move.
  9. You’ve got a huge overswing, my man. You’re on the right track trying to shorten it. I worked on this for years. Monte has a great video on it. Of course, the right way to get yourself sorted out is to book some one on one or online lessons with Monte.
  10. Very true. Thank you very much for the advice. I’ll email him tonight for sure. I just didn’t want him to think I was trying to garner free advice or anything as I wouldn’t be able to schedule another lesson or lesson plan for a while due to the hit on my pockets at the moment.
  11. I’ve been drilling for about 2 weeks now. I’m just having a tough time with them. I do them for a good bit everyday in the net in my back yard. I take video of most of it and feel like I am doing them correctly. They are fairly straightforward and simple as most of Monte’s stuff is. I just thought that maybe the drills weren’t sticking or I was trying to implement them into my swing incorrectly. I only paid for the one online lesson so my chance to ask Monte questions has lapsed. I also don’t want to be a pest as I know he’s busy a lot of the time.
  12. Just looking for some further insight into how I can shallow out my transition. I want to hit straighter shots and compress the ball more regularly. I reached out to Monte via online lesson a few weeks ago and he provided useful information that I was unaware of before. My hips are firing way too much (laterally and rotationally) and way too early. Monte suggested a few drills to help delay my hips and get my arms to start earlier to sync up with my hips. However, whenever I try the drills he recommended (lead with the right elbow, close the gap etc.) I feel wildly out of control no
  13. Keeping your lower body “still” is not going to help you. It will only restrict you. You need to flex your left knee over your left big toe and feel your right shoulder blade face the target. The right hip should feel like it’s replacing the space occupied by your tailbone at address. This is going to feel crazy and like you are leaning massively towards your front side. But video it and look at what the reality is. Good Luck
  14. I don’t really think this is massively inside. There are certain tolerances that are considered optimal for an efficient swing, and this take away seems well within that to me. What are you trying to achieve by taking the club away more to the outside? Do you believe it’s causing an issue or a miss?
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