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  1. I went from standard, Tour Velvet grips to Lamkin Crossline Oversize grips and if the swing weight changed, I couldn’t feel the difference in weight. I just know how much better the grips feel in my hands.
  2. Your local golf courses don’t have any practice greens you can chip to? All the courses in my area have practice greens you can use for free. Not all allow chipping but most have at least one.
  3. I took off at least 3 times the amount of time you took off and I’m back at it. Depending on how much time you have, hit the range, and the practice greens. Besides learning how to hit the ball again, getting the feel for the short game will take some time too. Most of all, at first, don’t keep score. Just hit the ball, find it, hit it again. Don’t be concerned about getting pars. Just have fun, relax, try to make the best shot you can. Good hits or bad, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll soon remember everything you loved about the game. Keep it relaxed, just have fun.
  4. Played Whitehawk in Crown Point IN today, black and silver nines. First time there. Just showed up with a friend at 10am no reservation. They were booked up through noon on the red/grey nines, but there was almost nobody on the black/silver course. I didn’t know anything about any of the 4 nines and asked why nobody was on the silver side. The woman at the counter said nobody likes to play that 9! I thought it was fine. I don’t mind holes that take the driver out of your hand. The pins on the black 9 were often on mounds where no matter which direction you putted from, the ball would break aw
  5. I’m sure there are thousands and thousands of old clubs like those in peoples attics, basements and garages all over the country. It’s just too hard to throw them away. Golf is special to a lot of people and the clubs represent the history of the game. I have my old persimmon Power Bilt woods from the 70’s. I actually played a couple of rounds with them earlier this year. Getting rid of them is unthinkable. Even if they are just decorations in my man cave, with no monetary value, I like having them around. I’ll let the people who sell off my estate when I’m gone figure out what to do with them
  6. I’m 6’3” and have the same problem. Kohls Croft and Barrow polo shirts come in tall sizes. They only come in solid colors, but they always seem to be on sale and can be bought for as low as $10 each. The quality isn’t bad either.
  7. I seriously doubt there are many golfers who would put in the hard work emulating Bryson who didn’t also understand that you need a short game in order to score.
  8. It’s best not to let fellow competitors know that slow play can get you off your game.
  9. The penalty for being long and in the rough is less than the reward for being short and in the fairway. Trees are the biggest hazards these guys face. I don’t care how far you can hit it, or how deep the rough is, trying to hit over or around a big tree or even small trees will cost you. Plant more trees 300 yards off the tee to penalize errant shots.
  10. Another vote for the Pioneer. I’m sure the Sun Mountain is a good bag but I bought the Pioneer and couldn’t be happier. Lots of little features I didn’t expect besides the main ones. Like the hook to hold your keys so they don’t fall down in the pocket. Or even the little pocket for your sharpie. They even give you a way to access the bottom of the club slots if you drop something down there. The designer thought of everything
  11. There are an awful lot of people who play golf just for the fun of it. They don’t carry a handicap, they don’t enter tournaments and are very happy to accept when a playing partner says “pick it up”. They might even take a mulligan now and again and don’t give a rats a** what they shoot or if they are going to burn in hell for breaking the almighty RULES OF GOLF! I’m glad nobody I play with takes the game so seriously.
  12. Cant say exactly when it happened, but I didn’t play much or any golf after 1990 until a couple of months ago. That’s when I saw how much I’d lost. I’m 65 now. I tried every trick I could find on YouTube but none of them brought back the yardage I lost. New irons are going to help a bit. That, plus the invention of senior tees is what is keeping the game fun and a challenge.
  13. I’ve seen people use the term “Mickey Mouse” golf before but I don’t know what that means. Can you explain?
  14. I had my Ping Anser extended 1” to 36” when I put on a new oversize Lamkin grip. I’ve never putted better with this club that I’ve had for almost 50 years.
  15. Back in the days before I got old, I always walked and carried my bag with all 14 clubs. I have seen many who don’t carry the bag properly which makes it harder than it has to be.
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