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  1. The biggest difference is going to be for high spin players, both off the driver and irons. I played the LD the second half of last season, and really didn't notice that much difference in sound or firmness between the LD and the Prov1. What I did notice is the LD flew a lot higher than the ProV1 and about 20-30 feet further. with more run. But then again, I'm a high spin 3 HCP player.
  2. I don't think there is anything low launching about the Left Dash. It flies a lot higher than the Prov1 I was playing early last season. Lower than the ProV1X, perhaps.
  3. The perfect ball for a Pro means that its most likely an imperfect ball for an amateur
  4. For high spin players off the tee and long irons, the Left Dash is a god send.
  5. Bought a dozen LD a few days ago on the recommendation of the manger at my local Golfers Warehouse. Played them yesterday and I've got to say I didn't really sense any difference off the irons versus my usual Prov1. Spin around the green was about the same. Love the putting feel though with my Odyssey putter. Off my Maverick driver though, quite a difference from the V1. Much higher launch with a carry that seems to go on forever. At my 97 mph driver swingspeed, I'm getting another 10-15 yards due to the much lower spin. I was able to loft down a degree on the driver to get a more
  6. I understand with COVID and all that manufacturers are trying to catch up on sending out product. But why is Ping taking over two months to ship custom orders to dealers. I've been told by more than one dealer that Ping is much slower than the other major manufacturers (Titleist, TM). Anyone have any insight?
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