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  1. Club Cameron 2021 kit. All 5 items unopened, Black Hydroflask $150 shipped Scotty Cameron Mardi Gras Headcover Used but excellent condition. SOLD
  2. 2020 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. Bought this putter about 6 months ago but have decided to part ways after not being able to give up the Spider X. There are a few scuffs on club from prior owner but club is in overall good condition. Club is standard 35 inches and plays at 3.5 degrees. Comes with standard special select Headcover. Asking price is $315.00 shipped
  3. Well said, appreciate the feedback.
  4. My question is even if fake, how bad could they be?
  5. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. The question I ask myself always is its a piece of rubber, how much technology can really go into a piece of rubber?
  6. Hey guys I am looking to buy new grips and not excited about spending 150 for 13 Golf prides. On ebay multiple sellers seem to sell the set for around 50-60 bucks, has anyone had luck going this route? Trouble with getting fake grips? Last year I bought some “ knockoff” champkey grips on amazon that were total garbage. Open to any suggestions. Thanks
  7. Yea its a challenging predicament and well said with the grind issue. But I guess for the price it is hard to question their lack of customization.
  8. I have my friends buy the strata set when starting off nice and cheap and gets the job done, then from here I personally think its good to buy a nice decent hybrid as they are quite versatile and find that most new golfers have a lot of success getting hybrid up in the air. Just my 2 cents, good luck
  9. Ive heard great things and these would make a great starter set for the intermediate golfer. Would be nice if there was shaft customization available.
  10. I like this will have to consider in future luckily just started gaming srixons and im in love so wont need irons for a bit.
  11. 100% agree, its just unfortunate there isnt really a way to take the clubs out on real grass to give them a test spin first.
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