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  1. Have heard tremendous things about the pxg woods/hybrids.
  2. 745s are great sticks
  3. Can vouch for the 785s here as well beautiful irons.
  4. Thats what i was thinking, thank you.
  5. I apologize Im not quite sure what you mean. Are you saying that these shafts are too much? Thanks
  6. Thanks thats a good point, might have to consider if they are feeling that way. I have a feeling they will be.
  7. Driver sits around 115 not sure of irons at the moment
  8. Yea thats what im a bit nervous of but hoping the less spin is alright and i can launch the longer irons okay.
  9. Lol im not saying i expect them to make me any better, just would it be fair to say if i hit it slightly off the toe, it may offer a bit more of a consistent spread as compared to a bladed iron?
  10. Hey guys my buddy just sold me his z745 irons with projectx 6.5x shafts. I was gaming cleveland 588 (s300) combo set prior. I loved the feel of the clevelands but just felt when i slightly miss-hit the spin was crazy and they were costing me strokes. Im curious if anyone has used the srixons and had any feedback on them. I am excited to try them out :).
  11. Sorry I said monday thinking yesterday was monday. Sorry for the misinformation. Yes tuesdays typically.
  12. Head loft/spin flexibility will help, ive been reading into the Ventus shafts, i have heard great things in terms of helping with consistent ballflight.
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