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  1. Or maybe do something like this: https://imgur.com/a/XtFcPJo#DREM55t
  2. Not totally clear on this. I have a SS Pistol GT 1.0 grip and bought the SS Arccos sensor and it obviously doesn't fit. Are you saying I can buy a weight from Tour Lock and that sensor will fit? Which weight is the one that works? And if I don't really want a counter-weight, can i just use the system but not add the weight?
  3. Hi, I'm a 20 handicap and fairly new to the game. I love the feel of my Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2, but I do struggle with occasional mis-hits because of unnecessary wrist movements. I also have a Ping Floki, but I really don't like the feel of the solid, machined face anymore--gives me lots of trouble with distance. My coach has seen me putt with both and thinks a mallet would be better for me. Any suggestions on what would be good to try? Maybe a Squareback 2 or Flowback 5.5? Or one of the Phantom X putters (I like the 5.5 which gives that blade-type feel)? I hear a lot about Evnroll (ER/V series) and Bettinardi (Queen B?). Only problem is that I have nowhere to try out the Evnroll or Bettinardi. I've tried the TM Spider and didn't like it. Other putters I can probably find to try are the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten and the new Ping 2021 putters, too. Thanks!
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