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  1. Yeah I don't really think it was all that backed up, although he did skip the previous threesome as well as he was behind us originally. I think we had to wait no more than 5 minutes for the twosome to hit their 2nd shot. I guess I was assuming the twosome ahead would have let him play through as well. I just play a lot worse when people are watching let alone playing with them, but i'm understanding that I need to build that mental fortitude. Thanks for your reply!
  2. If it matters, we had about 1.5hrs of daylight left and were trying to play as many holes as we could and we're both high handicappers(30-40) and steadily improving, also had to skip hole 3 because a threesome was painstakingly delaying the pace. Around the 7th hole we were starting to get a 'little' backed up, in hindsight, the order was: foursome, single, twosome, twosome(us), and a single. At hole 8, a par 3, I suggested to my friend that we let him play through as he was already on the green at hole 7 and we didn't even tee off yet and I also still don't like people watching me tee off or
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