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  1. I still play a combo set 4-7 Mp-55s with 8-pw mp-5s. This has been my 3rd season with the set. You can't really go wrong with the 55s. Just a simple yet solid MP cavity back.
  2. I'm super excited to learn more about the 223 set. I think they will look great in person.
  3. I actually prefer the Mizuno pro script compared to the MP numbering. The cursive looks real classy and fits the theme of what MP irons are all about.
  4. Please Mizuno give me a classic MP cavity back without a huge slab of titanium in the back. My Mp-55s are getting worn out.
  5. After playing a Mizuno hmb 3 iron for the last year I've officially jumped on the 7 wood train. I got a ping g425 max with a Ventus blue 8x that I'm loving so far. I ordered it an inch short set to 19.5* and it fits my gaps perfectly. The best thing is how low maintenance it is. I've found that driving irons are great when you are practicing all the time but can lead to some pretty ugly shots when you are not completely dialed in. Unless I'm playing a links course the 7 wood is just better for my game.
  6. I have the 3 wood and i'm playing it at 14* with a Ventus blue 7x. I absolutly love the look at address as it sits very square. I primarily use it off the tee but its been solid off the deck as well. However, my favorite thing about it is that it actually has some spin. Many modern 3 woods I've hit recently are way too low spin and are prone to some funky knuckle ball flights on miss hits which isn't the case with the STZ. Safe to say I've been really impressed so far this season.
  7. My STZ 3 wood should be here this week. Got fitted for it about a month ago and it blew me away. Looks, feel, and performance. Total package.
  8. I actually just placed an order for a g425 7 wood yesterday with Ventus blue. Pretty pumped but the 5-6 week wait is going to be torture...
  9. I play a combo set of Mizuno MP-55 4-7 and MP-5 8-PW. I had the 4-7 bent 1 degree weak and the 8-9 irons bent 1 degree strong to make good gaps. Love this combo and plan on playing till the grooves wear out.
  10. Really interested in these fairways as well. Haven't had a chance to hit them yet but held one in the store and it sets up slightly open which is perfect to my eye. The carbon weave also looks pretty slick in person and gives it a unique look.
  11. I play the sim ti 5w lofted down to 17* with an even flow blue 85x. This thing is long. I originally demoed the 3 wood but it was way to close distance wise to my driver. The 5w goes the same distance as my old 3w but with a shorter shaft which has given me a bit more control and confidence.
  12. Looks like Tyrrell Hatton has a G425 driver and fairways in the bag this week.
  13. I still play a Titleist 909f2 3 wood. It certainly doesn't compete with modern fairways for distance, but it gives me good yardage gapping and is extremely workable.
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