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  1. I think as early as 1970(had I been alive). I would have been looking for used clubs after seeing these offerings. That said I do like some of the 80s Macs and Wilsons.
  2. My grandfather retired in the the mid 80s and was in too poor of health to golf. But the company he worked for gifted him a set of Eye 2s with the woods. He gave them to my father who then died young and they sat in my moms basement. She claims a pop bottle exploded and she had to throw the bag away. Thank god she saved the clubs. Any way from the best of my knowledge the bag they came with looked exactly like this. With the double pouches in the bottom. One day I’ll get a replacement!
  3. Silly question. How long ago was this? If you were able to return the Persimmon it had to be awhile ago? Maybe range balls have gotten better or at some ranges they are better? I’ll find old range balls in bags I buy that just say “range” and they are like rocks compared to the branded balls they have at my local range. The only other place I’ve seen none branded “range” balls, in recent days is the indoor place with the machine that places the ball on the matt after every swing. But I’d rather go play my guitar or watch a movie with my wife then do that. Lol.
  4. Is that the same as the ones that say Kirkland “signature”? Every time I find one and play it with other balls the Kirkland usually gets to the hole quicker.
  5. Many of you know I haven't been at this for long so take my advice with a grain of salt. I read online how dangerous range balls were for persimmons so I bought some beat up laminates to practice with. Problem was they felt VERY different than the ones I would use with only Wilson Duo Softs when I played. As I played more this year I'd find random golf balls on courses(as we all do) and I had buckets full in my garage. One day I said "screw it" and just filled my bag with those balls. No damage to my persimmons or vintage irons. So I got braver and started using my Persimmons at the range. No damage yet. But I do go to a range that I use an actual tee on real grass. No matts and rubber tees. So far so good. I do have some Persimmons that the finish has worn off. I would be afraid to hit those with a Duo Soft.
  6. This is great to hear and honestly encouragement to continue this "only vintage" for another year. Keep it up!
  7. @rwc356 @NRJyzr @scomac2002 @BIG STU Thanks for all the encouragement gents! Looks like I might need to get a loft and lie machine.
  8. LOL. I've probably reflipped/sold double that amount in the past year. Luckily there are a lot out there!
  9. I have 8 sets of FC 4000s from 1961-1964. I played one of those sets 21 times year and they don’t show any noticeable added wear to the faces from when I got them. Last winter. I have 2 sets that are almost in “new” condition and the others I would consider very good to near excellent. So I will report back as I play them more. That said, having so many sets I will never wear any to the point of non playability. They are rather cheap on the used marked so picking up an extra set should be easy for the foreseeable future. I do have a slightly more beat up set of 1963s that I use when it’s cold, or in in ridding cart, or I know I’ll be in sloppy conditions. I do the same with my Wilson Staffs.
  10. Monday marked the closing of most of the courses around me. I started this thread in Oct 2020 so here we are 13 months later. I did it. One entire golf season. March 13 to November 10th all vintage for 137 rounds. Many at my local par 3 so 137 should have an * I've met some great people here and played a few hickory events and tried to play with other vintage enthusiasts which to me is the height of fun golf. I have a spreadsheet that marks each trip with about 30 different sets of irons, 13 putters, and an assortment of various persimmon/laminate drivers, 2 woods, and 3 woods. I'm looking forward to going through that this winter and seeing exactly what I used the most. What have I learned? I'll never be a great golfer. I'm 6'2 and playing short vintage sets, but I'm having the time of my life. I can keep up with my buddies who have been golfing their entire lives and it's kinda fun to beat them every once in a while and say that was with a 55 year old set of clubs. The most modern sets I played were 1988 Fluid Feels and 1981 Muirfields. They were longer in length than my 60s irons but I scored about the same. The biggest thing I learned and it was from an older hickory player this summer was the value of a Brassie. I've swapped all my 60s drivers for 2 woods and that made the most improvement for me from the tee boxes.
  11. I still consider myself new to golf, July 2020 is when I started at the age of 38. Sure I golfed a few times as a kid with clubs my dad bought got me at Sportmart but it wasn't until the pandemic messed my life up and I took up golf. Many of you know from my posts I try to keep 100 percent vintage. Gear, instruction, etc. Some of the storeline stuff looks REALLY cool. But I have to say being able to pickup FC4000s for nothing, because as Joe S said nobody really wants those is pretty cool to me still. The idea that I can basically have the same clubs everyone on the old clips of Shell's Wonderful World of Golf was playing for a small amount of $$ is really cool. I also don't have room to add storeline to my collection. Unless I build a wing on the house!
  12. MacGregor DX from 1964-65. They have more offset that the M Tourneys and other brand prolines such as the Wilson Dynapowers of that era.
  13. Isn’t one companies S different than an other? As to there is no standardization? It’s hard to find X shafts in vintage. But I have trouble telling the difference between my Dynapowers with R or S shafts. And those are from the same maker!
  14. Went back to the same course this afternoon and yesterday and changed a few things up in the bag. Didn’t play as well today. 1961 Tommy Armour A2TW 2w. 1960-61 Wilson Dyna Powered 1i 1960-61 Wilson Dyna Powered 3,5,7,8,9, pw. 1964 MacGregor FC4000 Sand Iron 1930s Tommy Armour Iron Master’s.
  15. 1960 Wilson Strata Block 4300 2w. I should probably seal it with something 1960-61 Wilson Dyna Powered 1i (beater set)1962-63 Wilson Dynapower 3,5,7,8,9, pw. 1964 MacGregor FC4000 Sand Iron 1930s Tommy Armour Iron Master’s.
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