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  1. Good price, glws. I'm still smarting after having been 'shafted' by my local shop who decided to charge me $1000 for one of these, only telling me the upcharge after it came in.
  2. These are the best gps watches imo...I have the 6 and wear it all the time. Glws.
  3. Four items for sale... First up is my Piretti original 2009 Cottonwood putter with a bunch of extras. I spoke with the company, and this is one of their original Cottonwood putters milled in Spring Texas in 2009 before they moved their machining to the west coast. Only 50 made according to the company. Very soft feel, stainless head with unique cutouts in the sole. Excellent, near mint condition. The putter is 34 inches and comes with several other items---original cover in meh shape, an almost new tour only cover, shafted with an almost new kbs shaft, almost new superstroke grip. Also included is another Piretti grip that is new (pictured). Included but not pictured is the original shaft and red Piretti grip. I bought it because it was so unique and in such good shape, gamed it a couple of times but it was too soft feeling for me. Asking $580 shipped for the package. Second is a Club Cameron 2019 Headcover, new in plastic...Asking $70 shipped Third is a Club Cameron 2017 Camo Bagtag, new in plastic...Asking $50 shipped Fourth is a 2016 Club Cameron Cali Sunny and 72 cover...gamed a bit but in excellent shape....Asking $105 shipped
  4. The putter is still for sale, but I'm going to end this ad and start a new post with some other stuff (putters and Cameron covers/bag tag) in 24 hours....
  5. The question for me might be X or XF....I guess I have to decide quickly, the sale ends tomorrow.
  6. I'm curious what people are thinking now with PXG prices having come down so much....Proto drivers $249 and Gen 4 $299....I'm currently playing a sim max, thinking it might be fun to try the gen4 xf...only available in 9 degree now, I'd have to loft it up a bit as I currently play my sim max at 10.
  7. I have been emailing him recently, so I'd say he still is operating.
  8. I just bought a Nordberg Haldvan CU with insert when he put them on sale about a week ago. Just waiting for the grip before he ships it to me. I have an old Piretti Cottonwood for sale on here, if that sells I'll likely buy another putter maybe from Xenon.
  9. What size is the grip (I like a bigger grip)...beautiful putter.
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