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  1. I think a break is really healthy and probably beneficial; kids need to want to play and have passion for the game - hard if constantly grinding
  2. My kids are a little older (middle and high school) and between just golf and school and being a normal kid (having a life) they have almost no time for "other sports" COVID also really put a lot of their other activities (not just sports) on hold, so they've kind of already specialized in golf out of necessity
  3. Good TED talk So Epstein (I think the book is "Range") actually seems to say at 6:12 in the TED talk that for golf there is advantage in early specialization because it's a "Kind" learning environment
  4. I've played < 20 rounds this year, much less than normal (average ~80 rounds). I had a torn calf muscle after I took up running when COVID broke out, and then a chronic shoulder injury that I'm still recovering from. OTOH my kids have played over 600 rounds this year between the 3 of them; basically golf everyday, since a lot of the other sports and activities they participate in have been cancelled or significantly reduced
  5. would second TPC Potomac - great track and outstanding practice facilities
  6. All 3 of my kids used US Kids (ultralight, then tour series) until they had club speed to hit with adult heads. They make a fantastic product and take the trouble and hassle out of shopping for junior golf clubs. The only thing missing is a thriving used/second-hand market for US Kids clubs, esp for those on a very tight budget.
  7. That is discouraging. Did the coach give a reason? A week before signing day - at what point can you feel comfortable that it's a done deal?
  8. Interesting How often do those end up working out in the end? And are the 2021 verbal commits at this point probably a done deal, since NLI is less than a month away?
  9. I noticed that some highly ranked junior golfers in the class of 2023 (sophomores) have verbally committed to schools. How does this work exactly, since the new rules state that coaches can only contact players starting June 15 after their sophomore year?
  10. thanks - I read the article when it was posted here earlier there seems to be a misunderstanding in the responses (including maybe this one), since no one is refuting the data: bigger, stronger kids and women are going to have higher clubhead speed; that doesn't tell us anything about how we should be training for speed, which was the original question you asked in the first place
  11. I think you are right that most have weaker upper bodies relative to legs/core. I am guessing those who have stronger chests are just stronger overall and the swing speed is therefore higher. Correlation not causation. I've never seen a golf training program focused on working the chest. Always core, balance, flex/mobility.
  12. so (just thinking out loud)...the correlations for "chest and upper body strength" being the biggest determinant factor for club head speed might be due to the fact that those measurements (shot put and seated chest pass in particular) are going to be directly correlated with bigger, stronger juniors in general, including kids who just physically matured earlier unless they are adjusting for junior golfer's size (height/weight) I would think that those correlations are going to be misleading; the biggest red flag is that you specifically state "it is not the number 1 predictor for
  13. Thinking more along the lines of, the muscles used to increase sprinting speed/power are are the ones used to generate clubhead speed
  14. Can definitely confirm that D3 (esp the richer schools) gives tons of non-athletic "merit" aid to attract the most attractive students (including athletes)
  15. So if 2021 NCAA spring golf season gets cancelled (likely?), am I correct in my understanding that current college players would have 2 additional years of eligibility left? A current college senior could play until 2023 (since they gained a year of eligibility from last spring's season plus next spring)?
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