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  1. while you might be technically correct, the pictures of him in 2010-2011 vs 2016 and beyond are not even close; but you can argue technicalities and he started really lifting heavy and advertising it on social media (and getting major criticism about it) right around when he stopped winning it's also a nice coincidence that he and all the other heavy lifters missed the cut (or DNP) at the Masters...although Bryson is T-38
  2. This is Rory - he didn't go to college Brooks doesn't have 12 PGA Tour wins and was never #1 for that long
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/news/rory-mcilroy-put-20-pounds-164500085.html "Rory McIlroy has put on 20 pounds of muscle since he won his first PGA tournament, and he looks completely different"
  4. I agree 100% with this post Brooks' workout seems a bit over the top: he's doing really heavy lifting, and even right before a major tournament, so I just question whether that might be why he is now plagued with injuries
  5. Well that's why the subject of this thread has a question mark at the end - it's obviously not a proven fact. But I think it is worth asking whether working out with heavy weights for hours right before a tournament and adding 40+ lbs like Brooks and Bryson have done makes sense for longevity, if that is even important to people.
  6. https://golf.com/instruction/fitness/brooks-koepka-pga-championship-lifting-workout/ Koepka fired a four-under 66 on Saturday in the sweltering Missouri heat to wrest control of the 2018 PGA Championship. That’s after he rode a stationary bike and completed a lifting session — “back and tri’s for about an hour” — with his trainers in the morning. Koepka says he works out before every round and that he “push[es] it like every other day.” Sunday morning, before trying to win his second major of the year, Koepka is guessing his trainers will have him do a “full body day.”
  7. how about this: 12 PGA Tour wins (and 4 majors) in 5 years, 98 straight weeks World #1, expected to become the next great one start intense weight training, gaining over 20lbs of muscle and criticized/questioned over workout regimen win 0 majors and 5 PGA Tour wins in the next 5 years and counting, 2 weeks World #1
  8. that's an excellent point which is sort of what I was alluding to if a junior golfer who probably won't be making a living playing golf is overdoing it in the weight room trying to copy Bryson/Brooks, there is very little upside vs downside of a lifetime of injuries
  9. other golfers who bulked up and either kept getting injured or were never the same: David Duval Tiger Woods Jason Day Rory McIlroy I'm not saying weight training is bad for golfers - but overemphasizing it could be
  10. he has also injured his wrist, knee and hip - to go along with both knee injuries you mentioned; all in the last 3-4 years, and all causing him to miss multiple tournaments this is not normal for a 60 year old man, let alone someone who's 30
  11. should we take it as a warning sign of what can happen if there's an overemphasis on weight training for junior golfers? seems like this could really shorten his career?
  12. From what I've observed, distance is easier to develop than consistency in ball striking or touch/feel around the greens.
  13. A lot of this will vary based on how quickly a girl matures Might be more useful to check back when she and all her peers/competitors have stopped growing
  14. I believe 230-235yds total is close to D1 women's average and some of the shorter hitters on the LPGA
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