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  1. LOL. I have never played in the rain before. I didn't know the amount of rain until I find out it's only 0.02" per hour which is so little. I like the idea of a beautiful comfort caddie but I probably can't afford it.
  2. Good news is that the light rain is only 0.01 inch to 0.02 inch per hour. So it isn't too bad. Will see what the Course Manager says tomorrow.
  3. Hey everyone, thanks for your advice. The lead tape works. I hope it is not a fluke but suddenly my drives are straight and longer 5 to 8 yards longer. Before I average about 240 at home on Skytrak. It feels more solid at impact too. A reminder that my shaft is around 47 grams because I cut down a 50 grams shaft to 43.5 inches. Moving weights to the front really keep the ball flight down. Some how my club head speed in Skytrak is wrong. My radar unit says swing speed is around 98 mph while Skytrak says 91 mph. Distance in Skytrak is slightly shorter than on course numbers. I am going to sell my Titleist TSi4 driver. I bought it in an attempt to have a lower trajectory driver. But the TSi4 is damn hard to hit.
  4. Saving PAR. For some reasons it feels better than a birdie for me.
  5. We have a 2-day 32 player tournament this Thursday and Sunday in Irvine, CA. The forecast is that there will be light rain or showers on Thursday for most of the day. Our organizer is having a hard time moving the Thursday round to Thursday of next week. The golf course Manager says light rain is playable. They said they will wait for Wednesday's morning weather report to make a final decision. It's not cheap either, it is a $100 per person per round. What has been your experience playing in the rain and regarding cancellation due to rain? I don't want to spend 5 miserable hours in the cold and wet. I have purchased a light rain suit just in case.
  6. If he wins the Masters in 2022 it would be a miracle, 1-1000 odds. I don't think anyone should bet at 1-100. 1-25 is just insane.
  7. I gave up on using a golf coach and challenged myself to become a single digit handicap golfer on my own. I think the best I can do is get down to a 5 handicap on my own and this is my big hairy audacious goal. May be when I get to 5 with 1 or 2 years I can think about aiming to become a scratch golfer I was at 21 index last year. Currently I am at 13 and with using a preshot routine for the first time ever it seems like I am ready to make a big jump to 10 index within 1 or 2 months. I am still not completely comfortable with using a preshot routine but I get better and better. It helps me to focus on the process rather than the score. Here are what I am doing to get down to 5, and possibly scratch later: I had a golf simulator built at home 9 months ago - this is the biggest help Subscribed at George Gankas online website course - the course is so detailed it gives me so much more understanding of the golf swing - I am only 5 weeks into the class Swing change is so hard, I am doing hundreds of slow motion swing everyday Two weeks ago, I developed a preshot routine and use visualization for full swing, chipping and putting - it is amazing - I have so much clarity and calmness on the golf course now Fitness Strength training - golf specific Stretching Balance exercises Overspeed Training with Superspeed Sticks - driver speed went from 92 to 99 mph after 2 months - goal is 105 mph Better golf course management Aim at fat part of greens Avoid sucker pin locations Know my misses Better practice No more mindless pounding of balls with the same club Doing drills Use video camera Real course simulation
  8. If I put the 3rd weight at the draw position ball flight may be high again. Launch angle was 18* to 19* with the weights back in the max draw position. Now it is about 14* to 15* with the weights forward. My shaft is only 48 grams ( a shortened 50 g shaft).
  9. I have an M5 9*. I have to move the 2 weights to the front because ball flight is too high so I am not able to put a weight in the draw position. Can I add 10 to 20 grams on the heel to reduce fade bias? My fade is around 10 to 15 yards.
  10. He can wait but she can't. After 3 years of dating it's long enough to decide. Collin is not going to follow DJ steps.
  11. I have $50 for 12/1 on Morikawa, I got this better odds very early before it went down to 8/1. I was counting my money for a new 2022 driver. I have to stick with my M5 LOL.
  12. Morikawa is faltering under pressure. Sam Burns is surging. So much for 80% odds.
  13. What is wrong with Jordan Spieth? +7 through 12?
  14. Data golf has Collin at 80% to win, next is BK with 4.4%.
  15. Morikawa is too steady to blow a lead like this. Someone has to score -9 to have a chance.
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